Municipal Corporation Zirakpur Road makers have destroyed pipe lines of few residents . Who will bear the expenses???

Hello sir/mam

I am resident of city Enclave phase 3 Zirakpur. A new road is constructing in our area. A good step taken by the authorities as it needs to be repaired. But the residents are bearing some uncalled expenses because of this ,like because of carelessness of road maker the water pipe lines of two houses are destroyed. Now the question is WHO IS GOING TO BEAR THIS UNCALLED EXPENSE. Also all the ramps are destroyed , when road maker was tried to stop for the ramps. He showed agression that first we will destroy these ramps and make road then you yourself have to make these ramps again. Now the question is IF THESE RAMPS ARE GOING TO BE BUILD IN SAME WAY AS EARLIER , THAN WHAT IS THE USAGE TO DESTROY THEM FIRST . AND WHO WILL BEAR THIS EXPENSE ALSO. making of road is a good idea but not at the loss of local public.
The road maker has destroyed all the ramps because he is private contractor and he will get funds from departments according to square feet. By destroying ramp area the square feet on which he has fittied tiles will be more that’s he is going this . This is calimed by him by his own mouth.

It’s the high time to take corrective action against this.

Municipal Corporation Zirakpur Dumping of garbage

I am a resident of Maya Garden Phase 2, VIP Road. There is a vacant piece of land adjoining the boundary of the society. This is being used to dump garbage and debris by neighbouring societies. It has become a nuisance for the residents due to foul smell and smoke generated by burning of garbage. Also this has become an eyesore for the residents. Kindly look into the matter in case the land is being put to unauthorised use.

Municipal Corporation Zirakpur comapliany against stray dogs kept by residents of house no.12, Mamta Enclave, Dhakoli

Dear Sir / Mam

This is in reference to the above stated subject it is submitted that in our society Residents of House no.-12, Mamta Enclave welfare residential society, Dhakoli-160104, had kept a stray dog in his/ her house..
The said dog used to attack people roaming in streets. Last night that dog attacked one of the resident of same society and bite her in leg.
Request you to please take immediate action to avoid such type of incidents that may occur in future & may cause serious health issues.
Please take immediate action and resolve the matter as soon as possible.

Municipal Corporation Zirakpur unauthorized Construction

I am resident of Shivalik Vihar , H.No 452, in my street plot no 457 is constructing shop. But the plot is for residential purpose.
It makes the road block on later stage. I fedup with The MC office never take any action or allow the construction.
Would you take action? Can we expect any action from your side.

My mobile number is 9216955608