MYNTRA Fake product sold

They aren’t even posting my review. They supplied fake product and looting people. I would like to sue the seller. Have some ground check before introducing people to sell stuff here. People beware. These people are stealing from us. They don’t even have the return policy in this as they know it’s FAKE. Unethical behaviour. I am also going to post a copy of this on social media platforms. Added pictures of the product. Have a look. Also have a video of the whole unblocking of the fake product sold by Myntra.

MYNTRA Wrong Product sent

The Management

This is with reference to my Order No. 1112793-0547773-2354203 dated 19th June 2019. The product I received was a different style, clearly an error from your side.
I received the product on 21st June and put a return request on 22nd June selecting – WRONG PRODUCT RECEIVED option

The product was supposed to be picked up on 24th June with Return no. 4041785001 by your associate (Ph. no. +91 8047093268)

The agent didnt collect the return on 24th June after QC

After which I have made numerous calls & sent mails.
Till now nothing is being done about it. Above that, I receive a mail stating that the correct product was sent from your warehouse with proper quality check & nothing will be done about it.
If thatâs the case â then I would like you to compare the product ordered & the product received.

I am shocked to the core. For absolutely no fault of mine and in a display of utter incompetence on your behalf, I am being made to suffer. I am starting to think that I have been a victim of a fraud from and I am planning to take this to the competent authorities for a redressal.

And because I do not want others to suffer my fate, I would also be putting this issue of cheating on various social media platforms and ask my friends and influencers to forward to as many as they can reach.

I have never experienced such incompetence on any of the online shopping portals and being such an old & loyal customer to Myntra.

Rest assured, I would never even think of using your portal in the future. NEVER AGAIN!

I do not know if there will be action on my this email as well, as I seriously doubt you are even capable enough.

This is the 5th time I am writing the same mail.

I have written the 1st mail on 24th June with images attached of the wrong product.

Also its a Men’s Shoe that I have received, wherein I had ordered womens shoe.

You can check the BAR CODE of the product I have received.

Your QC dept has made a mistake & you need to accept that.

I am attaching herewith again the pictures of the ordered product & the product received by me.


Khushbu Aggarwal

MYNTRA Order delayed

Dear team,
Order no 1112962-6759818-2620601 has two products to be deliverdled on 2/7/19 but not delivered also no update on delivery date. The customer care executives are so careless they say wait for 24hrs to get an update daily but i never got any. They dont knw the status atall and say they dont have any solution. No cancellation option also. No time frame also. Plz look into it and resolve the issue asap. Among the products one of the product is automatically cancelled by myntra itself. They are cheating people like anything.

MYNTRA Wrong Item Delivered, No Return

I have been using Myntra for the past 5 years and never faced any problems with my order. But last month I ordered a necklace, but when it was delivered, there was a hair cream inside instead! Surprisingly, the transparent package it came in, had the sticker with the necklace details and bard code. I placed a request for exchange but the delivery guy refused to collect it since the item did not match the picture of the order he had with him (of course!) I had ordered this item during the Myntra EOR Sale and now regret it. For some unimaginable reason, Myntra does not have email support and when I tried their phone lines, I could never get through to anyone in the last 7 days!!!
If there is anyone reading this from Myntra who can help me, please get in touch. Order no.: 1113866-1117503-2732301.

MYNTRA Delay in delivery

I have ordered 13 products on 21st june. Till now i have received 7 products. For 6 more products they have given me 29th June as a delivery date. However they didn’t deliver til now. I have raised complaint on 3rd july til now it wasnt resolved. I have spoke to so many customer care members & mangers as well but they have failed to deliver. Till today they didn’t even gave me any update and every time they say you will receive an update shortly. When will that "shortly" come. Someone was saying that my products were misdelivered to bangalore, another says that there is an issue with the courier partner and is in ghaziabad. Not a single reliable response is coming from them. Day before yesterday one of escalation manager spoke to me she has promised that your products gonna deliver within 24 hours. Yesterday one of the manager promised that their executive wil make a call to us in a day but no call till now. This is ridiculous service. Nobody knows wh!
ere are my products they simply say that both products got shipped to delivery centre. Even I can see that status in Myntra app both the products reached delivery centre on 26th June. If both products are in delivery centre what is the problem for you to deliver. It’s been 20 days.
Why you people take order if your are unable to deliver. Not even able to take responsibility for the delay. No respect and sensibility towards customers time and money. Worst service ever received. I’m going to put this issue in every where.

MYNTRA Order Not Delivered

I have an order placed more than 10 days back in Myntra and have 2 out of 4 items not delivered yet. It was supposed to be delivered 4 days back (at the time of writing this message). For reference, ORDER NO: 1113615-9363353-2647803.

I have called Myntra multiple times asking about this order, when it is going to be delivered as I am not even getting any updates on my contact no. as expected. Everytime I call Myntra customer care, they say that are having a system issue and tell me to call 4 hours later. This is a lie and seems like a scripted reply because I did call multiple times, even 24 hours later and I got the same reply from them. They are unable or maybe unwilling to help on this. I want appropriate and stern steps to be taken on this matter. This is clearly harassing customers at this day and age which is highly undesirable for their brand.

Souvik Basu
Contact: 9836487105

MYNTRA Item not delivered but customer care said it was delivered properly

On 27/6/19 I placed orders for 4 items with complete payment.They are navy solid hooded sweat..
.2men green & charcoal colour sweat..3.girl cream colour &pink 4.women grey solid hooded sweat

On 2nd july i received one packet containining one item(men green & charcoal sweat shirt) but in myntra app i saw 2 items (no1&2) delivered .At once i complained at customet care (ref no..IN19070211242841578815) they advised me to wait until 5th july.but today when i contact them they said they have nothing to do.The tracking no for the two items 2511740374..please solve the matter

Sandip Bhaumik
[email protected]