NDMC Mismanagement Parking

Dear Sir,
I would like to bring to your attention the complete lack of inadequate space at the parking area in front of SAIRA tower. The parking management is misusing this parking space. If there is any accident or unforeseen incident, the fire vehicle or Ambulance will not be able to reach the entrance to assist the people. We have been sent numerous complaints in last few months as attached, and we are hopeful that you could help to resolve the issue.
The parking management allows vehicle parking illegally in the middle of the street or in front of driveways. There is absolutely no space even for a single person to walk through these cars.
We are also providing you the pictures of parking area for your reference and a signature campaign of occupant in SAIRA Tower so that you can take the necessary action.
Alliance for Energy Efficient Economy
SAIRA TOWER, 4th Floor
N 161A
Goldmohur Enclave, Yusuf Sarai
New Delhi â 110049
Tel: 011-40567344/46635600


Greeting of the day

I want to aware you about the garbage dump by MCD department in the colony and I was trying to file the complaint for the problem last 3-4 months but nobody is responding for that. I have also requested to the local ward head of the ruling party but he didn’t respond for that. This garbage is collected due to some religious event(Bhagwat Gita) by MCD but know they are not even interested to do their work. I just want to request the MCD department to collect this garbage because my house’s wall is getting moisture and paint is getting out of the wall. So please try solve this problem as soon as possible Thankyou
MOB:- 8552818213

NDMC Rockland staff n menegement

Pls note that i’m resident of najafgarh. Ur dwarka branch didn’t pay seriousness towards any govt. Panel for their admission. Today when we went there for emergencies in very serious condition their 1st ques ws do u hv any panel? I said yes and suddenly they dnt hv bed available and at the same time they provide bed for tpa patient. I m comeing their 1.30 pm but no body careing in emergency i told him again n again after that 5 o clock they r active n enter my patient in emergency . I’ll send the same complaint to ministry of health. My request to u is only pls properly write in front of ur hospital that this hospital is only for tpa patients. So next time patient like us didn’t go their in the hope of good medical services.
Thank you