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I am very disappointed with the services at initial level . I am worried how your team will give me internet services in future. I believe your speed is extremely fast in form filling and payment collection and except this your services is pathetic. Your representative is not ready to take responsibility to install the connection and it’s has been 5 days to chasing him but situation is again at the same zero level. I have payment receipt and I can escalate this matter at extreme level to make you understand that what is consumer. It’s wondor for me that how you are claiming that you have fast services. Please revert.


Nextra Pathetic service from nextra

Customer ID 2106333

I have been using nextra from just 45 days, and faced pathetic service from them. There Internet doesn’t work every now and then and doesn’t work for 2-3 hours and some day it doesn’t work for whole day. For past 13 days my Internet is not working I have complained to then 10-12 times but they didn’t resolve the issue they didn’t even visited or called to know the issue. Request everybody not to do the same mistake i did and Please search for better service provider in your area, if you opt for nextra they will make your life hell.

Nextra Poorest service ever

Even if we write to the appalete officer this is the response that even after 10 days you dont get a reply
My complaint to them:-


This started from the month of June when I went for Nextra. It has been less than 3 months and I have complained to the local vendor for more than 100 times and in the customer care for 3 times. My issue has not been resolved.
1. I was charged 500 INR for shifting my connection from one place to another though initially I was told that only 300 INR will be charged and no acknowledgement of it was provided to me.
2. The speed is so inconsistent that I can’t even watch a video on Youtube without streaming.
3. I am given a TAT of 6 hours by your customer care agents which is way too much for an internet service provider but still when we get reverts from you guys after 5 days of lodging the complaint, it is like we have forgotten what was the issue for which we reported.
4. Instead of repeated complaints, and all the survey calls, the inconsistent speed issue keeps on coming. I have my official works hampered due to this.
5. If you miss out on the calls from Nextra, they send you messages of issue being resolved. Why? Can’t they ask me for an alternate number or time. Highly unprofessional.
6. Local vendor is the worst, though there was a payment issue initially from my end due to some financial problems but that doesn’t mean you people will harass your customers like this. 7. Too many of fake promises from your local vendors and nothing in return.
If I am writing this big an email so just imagine the level of inconvenience and harassment that has been caused to me.
I am sick and tired of Nextra and will never recommend it anyone. Ignore the previous statement I will defame it to the highest possible extent.
I am also a corporate guy working in customer escalations by thank god our customer service is way better than yours.
Anyways lets see what you have got in you to help me.

Feel free to call me on +91-9205989405.

Frustrated Regards,
Highly disappointed and irritated customer.

Nextra Pathetic customer service

Customer id — > 2001548 | PALLAVI TULI

This is with respect to my Nextra bill due on 24th Nov.
There is a charge under category "Shifting charges" which is equivalent to Rs400. I cannot understand the reason behind this as I myself bought the cable, installed it at the new location and same modem was used for the same.
I have requested the team to wave off this amount and I have been getting the same revert from your customer care team, that "We will get back to you". It has been 48 hours and I HAVE NOT HEARD BACK from your team.
In the meantime you guys have stopped my connection and I am unable to use the internet. I have nothing against paying the bill provided you wave it off.


I have been using Nextra service connections more than 1year, Connections:
1.02090367 – Removal request made
2. 2070945 – REMOVED
3. 2043846 – current

I have been tortured by NEXTRA service team ,I have requested several times for correction of services,
I have made many many complaints on customer care but NO action has been taken against it,and without any rectification i used to get messages "your problem has been resolved" Recent Complaints. :
3 november 2017
25 nov 17
26 nov 17

Rather serviceman who came were intolerable ,rude with family in my absence , as 2090367 connection is installed at my home due to which i have removed one connection and this is the second one.
"Kindly work on your Service team rather than messages"
This time i request you to kindly return my balance Amount.
i dont want to continue with Nextra services at all.Otherwise i will have take necessary harsh step for this humiliation.,
Waiting for prompt reply as i have been waiting for many days,and now its hard to wait more.
Gaurav Bagga