Ola cab driver is very arrogant

Initially the driver did not come to the location to pick ,when i callled to ask where are you he asked me to walk for 2 minutes
to catch up the cab .i told this is not the location to pick ,he told in map it is showing here only,
but that was wrong because in map it was showing pick up point is still one min away from the location where he was standing.
while dropping to my location he ascked me to get out before the destination.when i ascked why so he told i wants to go to other drop and the drop location road is convenient from this point thats why.
he fought with me for 4 to 5 minuts very arrogantly.take serious action on drivers if this thing happens oftenly definitely you will loose bussiness one day .

the cab number is 1070 osn 1159230201

driver name :mohammed ishaq

date 9/11/2017 time 10:16 am

Ola cab Ola driver's ruthless behavior

From when ola has started the service I am using it and till yesterday I had good experience and service from that .. But after what happened today I think ola has close its service and sit in home .. Today I hired ola cab its number is 6391and his name is Krishnamurthi and this f-king fellow sorry to use this type of language but I have to .. This f-king driver does not no how to behave with the customer and he stopped the car in middle of the road and started to fight with me , with me my parents were there and they were so tired of having a whole day journey and this fellow started a fight after telling him to stop speaking let our bags out , he is not letting us to have our luggage.. I have not seen such a driver in my life.. Why ola is hiring these type of cab driver .. I hope he should be sued from his job and huge penalty should be put on him …

Ola cab Over charging, cancellation charges unnecessarily charged

Today I booked an Ola cab wherein charges reflected were Rs 79/-, but when I reached my destination it reflected Rs 155/- including cancellation charges of Rs 75/- I did not cancel the cab, today or in the past. Rather, the driver reached in about 15 minutes, though it came that he will come within 2 minutes. I had to telephone him 3-3 times to confirm whether he is coming or not Hence, these charges of Rs 76/- is totally uncalled for and needs to be waived. Invoice no CRN: 2142346882

Ola cab Regarding pickup

I am from Bbsr,odisha.I wanted to inform that i booked an ola cab through ola app.Indeed i received a confirmation message regarding my ride.Later when i called the driver he says there wasn’t any info about my ride.This was realy dissapointing .Kindly look into the details.Moreover when i use the app and when i apply coupons there doesn’t seem to have any discount on my ride.