Wrong information by 139 Wrong info by 139

My friend Arunima called thrice on 139 to confirm whether waitlisted ticket for which chart is already prepared can be cancelled at any nearest station. Mr Gaurishankar who was on line on 139 said that it can only be cancelled from boarding station. Due to this wrong information I lost Rs 4200. I need it’s refund. It is a big amount for me. Kindly credit the amount to Arunima’s IRCTC wallet. Her user ID is Arunima_. I don’t have any IRCTC account. My PNR No is 8104009321 in train 12809. Date of journey being 13th April, 2018. She called from 8291293292.


Dear CEO at Samsung Electronics and CEO of Samsung India.This is in regards to the complaint number 3715303097 of my samsung model no-UA32FH4003RXML, Being Serial numberCOA2F32NC306585,I Biswaranjan Mishra.Qr No-BA/40,Atharbanki Paradeep.Jagatsinghpur754142 Family member,had brought Samsung LED TV 32"on14/04/2017 at T D TRADERS PARADEEP.Myself was not satisfied to your service point of view.

Google *Octro Inc. Fraud Transaction by GOOGLE *Octro INC. on SBI Debit Card Fraud Transaction by GOOGLE *Octro INC. on SBI Debit Card

On date 16-04-2018 on my account balance deducted Rs.50 then Rs50 Then Rs 3999 then Rs.3999 by debit card OTHPG ############GOOGLE *Octro Inc g.co/helpp the card no is################ named Sunil Kumar Das after deduction I blocked my card ,Please refund the balance on the ac no 11457825012 named Sunil Kumar Das branch 8088.I allso do FIR for this.
Please please take action and refund the amount .

Land Mutation Delay Delay in Land Mutation

Respected Sir, We had bought land At Dhakadol Village Mahipur District Nayagarh. It has been 2 years since then and still we have not got mutation for the land. We had paid stamp duty to R.I Shankaran Mohapatra and he retired after some time, even then he has not given us our stamp duty back. We had already told about this matter in the office but nothing was ever done to resolve the situation. So, In November 2017 we had to pay the stamp duty again to the newly appointed R.I. as there was no any other way to get the mutation, even after 8 months we still have not got the mutation. we had been to the office many a times but there is always a cold response from the authorized person and they tell us to come later. The department is also not giving the receipt for mutation and people are trying to sell the land illegally which is really a matter of concern now . I am also including a list of REGISTRY NUMBERS. We have already suffered too much loss of money and time . Therefore! I request you to look into the matter and do the proper follow ups. AAKASH SHARMA
[email protected]

1. 1371500265
2. 1371500266
3. 1371500267
4. 1371500557
5. 1371500558
6. 1371500560
7. 1371500562
8. 1371500564
9. 1371500566
10. 1371500567
11. 1371500569
12. 1371500606
13. 1371500652
14. 1371501014
15. 1371501023
16. 1371501025
17. 1371501026
18. 1371501031
19. 1371501032
20. 1371501034
21. 1371501035
22. 1371501045
23. 1371501077
24. 1371501092
25. 1371501098
26. 1371501100
27. 1371501102
28. 1371501370
29. 1371501372
30. 1371501375
31. 1371501385
32. 1371501401
33. 1371501408
34. 1371501409
35. 1371501727
36. 1371501728
37. 1371501863
38. 1371501967
39. 1371503505
40. 1371503507
41. 1371503508
42. 1371503518
43. 1371503520
44. 1371503521
45. 1371500221
46. 1371500257
47. 1371500258
48. 1371500261
49. 1371500262
50. 1371500264

LIC P&GS Department,Velle parle Unit, Mumbai – 54 Non Receipt of Monthly Annuity

Annuity No. – 091M0331056725

Not received the annuity amount through my SBI account for last two Months ( 16/03/18 and 16/04/18 )
Please regularize it. If any compliance required from me please let me know.
Thanks / Regards:

Prasant Rath
Annuity No. 091M0331056725
mbl: 8895226883
[email protected]

Activa 125 servicing issue

sir…i have the issue with accelerator wire, brake problem,milege problem with my scooty activa 125.so i want to give to khimji honda servicing centre for servicing and then i go to khimji honda which is 10-15km from my location and hand over it to them.They listed all my problem and told me that your accelerator wire have to change and it wll cost you about rs.200.I said ok and go ahead.they take my scooty and when i go for my scooty in the evening,they give my scooty and when i check is everything is ok or nt,then i found that they didnt change my accelerator wire even keeping my scooty whole day.i was frustrated and told them about this.they just said sorry sir. please bring your scooty any other day and stand in the queue.after this we will fix this.today we forgot to do this.i was like what the hell is going on.my house is nt nearer to your servicing centre.i am a student.how can i come to your place and spend money by fueling to this much distance and then stand in the queue.they told they cant do anything.please sir..do something..they jst wste my whole day and my money.even 100rs is a matter to me.they did nt understand that.they jst give my scooty a very worst service.i hope u ll help me about this