oyo Hotel room booked and payed the amount but the hotel says they don't have any relationship with Oyo

I booked a room for single at hotel dev dwarkadhish also designated as spoton 43858 dev dwarkadhish in oyo website. I also made the payment online for stay of five nights. But once I reached the hotel at night 11:50 pm, the hotel staff said to me that they don’t have any relationship with oyo anymore and they denied to give me a room without cash payment, that too double the cost mentioned in oyo website. On contacting oyo, their executive booked a hotel for me which was very far away from that place and there was no vehicle also at that time in such a remote location. It was literally a mental torture and costed me a lot putting a huge burden on my pocket. On asking for a refund the customer care executive hung up the phone without asking me. Oyo is a big scam and it’s sad that famous people like Dr. Vivek bindra is also promoting such a fraud company.

oyo Cheating

I booked my stay at OYO-Sri Chandana Haotel, Kothapet, Hyderabad. It was my worst experience with hotel as well as with OYO.
First of all we greeted with very bad smell, hotel was so dirty, dirty bed sheets, pillow covers
Hotel do not follow check-in timings, you have to wait hours together to check-in TV do not work.
Even not provided with towel and other toiletries.
So many complaints made to OYO, all in vain. It’s a cheating business by OYO. Request you all not to book under OYO.

oyo Hotel Booking issue

I had worst experience with OYO (YJOQ2048) hotel Veera Residency,Andheri East, Mumbai . They refused me to provide the room even i paid 17+ thousands rupees in advance and I have got reconfirmation call from OYO multiple times.

Hotel assigned to me doesn’t have oyo room, after reaching at hotel, Hotel management was saying "OYE IS FRAUD, OUR HOTEL DON’T PROVIDE ROOMS TO OYO, THEY ARE USING OUR NAME". I called oyo team 10-15 time but all the staff were very unhelpful, some people disconnecting my call or putting it on hold for long interval & then no response, even some people transferring my call from one person to other without my confirmation.

One person from oyo CS team gave me a phone number of Hotel owner but when i called him he said his hotel is not live yet how can oyo do the booking if hotel is not live..

i can not express my feelings here but literally i was very upset at that time, because my family was with me and one of the person was so ill & she was continuously vomiting & she was in pain. I was in a unknown city. I was calling continuously to OYO but no positive response. How i passed that night i can not express ever that to anyone.
I asked OYO escalation team to give me the RCA of this issue but they didn’t provide it to me.

Hotel complete details:
Veera Residency 54/A, 2nd Floor, Elite Auto House, Chakala, Hanuman Nagar, Andherikurla Road, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400093, Near Bank Of Baroda

oyo You Lost Your Loyal Customer And Promoter Who Was With You From The Time When It Was All Started.

What a pathetic stay !

I have been your customer when it was all started and the no of times that i have stayed with you is more then 100, I have been keep on promoting about you in all my circle, But now i can say that you lost your loyal customer.

Dear OYO Team,

This is regarding the booking ID: AHUX7589,
As recently i made a booking through your app with updating my company GST No. the booking was dated from 14/11/2019 to 16/11/2019 at the time of check-in even i mentioned the guy at hotel that i need GST Invoice and he said sure the invoice will be given by OYO Team, which still i have not received. Also am writing to you is my stay was hell pathetic as:

1. The Hotel was equal to an horror place that no one will feel secure at the time of stay, it was totally different from the pictures that are uploaded on your application. Also their was no one to assist for luggage not even for showing the room. The hotel guy just gave the key to me and told the floor, I mean what the hell ! Add of the property is (OYO 37248 Hotel Prince Residency, Gurugram).

2. Still i managed somehow but when i entered the room no appliance were working as TV speakers were damaged no audio was coming out, bedsheets were untidy even the pillows.

3. Also I added my breakfast at the time of booking and what i came to know after visiting at the property that they don’t have their kitchen active for dinner or any food. This is so disgrace and shameful that one side on your app you booked my breakfast and added it to my bill, and on another hand the person doesn’t get the promised commitment for which he is being charged
like If someone by mistake relay their trust on you then for sure you will make him die from starving. Is it so???

4. And the final issue for which i have been escalating more then ten times and having a word parallelly with your experience manager for getting my GST Invoice as the details were added on your app regarding my GST No. and I was fool that i trusted you again under the mentioned tag line on your app " Add you GST No. anytime for getting Gst invoice bill at the time of checkout and experience an hassle free stay.
Wooowwww ! such fake commitments, I mean i have an question for myself that was this the chain i was staying from so long & kept on promoting ? Is everything fake about you and we may believe that OYO has right to misdeal in market with people emotions with fake commitments ?

Here is an simple advice for you that Rather then dumping hotels everywhere first keep a check on quality standards that you are dealing in.

Also the people of today’s era don’t need ur cheap rooms, firstly they need is quality and fulfilling of commitments made to them that’s what will enhance their experience and give you an chance of making them frequent users of your service.

Such bad hospitality service in my experience !!!


Kindly provide my GST invoice with my GST no. on it asap,
As per Govt. no one can deny providing gst Invoice to the party having registered gst no.

I will put this out and escalate it on each and every social media platform & showcase that how OYO is dealing behind the scenes.

You lost your loyal customer & let me tell you, many more down to go !

oyo Confirm booking cancelled without any prior intimation

I booked 3 rooms at Hotel Aavaas at Puri for 3 nights in December ’19. I booked those rooms on 23rd July. The confirmation email was generated. I arranged the train tickets, car hire, other arrangements all are done. Now they are telling me that my booking was cancelled due to some technical problem and I have to book freshly. The charges for the rooms are raised now 5 times. 1) How can they do this breach of trust?
2) Aren’t they supposed to offer me a substitute staying option before cancellation? 3) Why I should suffer for the internal problems of OYO?

My booking ID was YFJK 3297.

oyo money not refunded

I booked a hotel with booking id YGJW5376 through oyo app at season grand, pitampura.I was denied to check in because my app the amount payable was 613 rupees and the floor manager asked 1500 rupees.I called oyo helpline number and they suggested to pay and they will refund the extra amount 887 rupees to my bank account.

I collected the bill at the time of checkout and raise a complaint to refund my money (Case id -22812503).
i was told that i will get a mail to update my bank account details in 24-48 hrs but i didn’t get and the executive asked me to wait ….i called several times regarding this issue and when 14 days got over their reply was due to technical error refund got cancelled and the guest manager initiated again …..and again the same story and its been a complete month i called and talked to the guest manager and his reply was same .

I already mailed the bill receipt i got from the hotel . They just send the attached mail every time .And the person i talked today doesn’t have any answer he just asked me to wait.

oyo Non refunding of cancellation amount against hotel booking

Respected sir/ madam

I had booked a room at Goa and the was cancelled by me through oyo app ( Booked date 05 Oct 2019 and cancellation date 06 Oct 209). Furthermore, OYO customer service was confirmed to me that refund amount RS 762/- will be credited to my account within 7 to 14 days. Till date I haven’t received my refund amount after expiring their standard timing. Hence, I want my refund money with interest as max applicable and also want my calling charges conduct on 01 Nov 2019.

With warm regards
Bitupan Saikia