oyo Hotel booking was confirmed but rooms were not issued

We had booked 4 rooms from OYO.
When we reached the hotel the property said they have had fire accident due to which they can’t issue rooms , befor teaching hotel he had called and was saying his rooms are far and hence he was asking us to cancel the bookings. We had to wait for 2 to 3 hours calling customer care and get refund initiated message.
Note : there was nothing happened for the hotel no fire accident or nothig he had got another good deal and he rejected us.
I sincerely request you to take action against the property or OYO or they keep doing this and cheat customers The Booking ID for Hotel is NTOB3240
Hotel name: Primes Residency
Address: opposite pims 2nd gate periyakalapet, Pondicherry

oyo Cheating by OYO

I booked room through OYO ,i paid 10k on 11 june 2019 for 4 july to 8 july 2019 at O 29342 blu resort and i received confirmed booking message . On 1st july is received message"Due to unavoidable circumstances we need change your booking to another hotel . This change done by OYO WITHOUT by PERMISSION.
I call 7 time to OYO customer care , each time they Misguide.(for each call i have recording )
i contact directly(out of OYO system ) Blu resort management team they confirmed room are available (find below attached screenshot )

for O 29342 blue resort cost is -10116 booking cost (current cost is 20,000) Rs. & New Hotel Booked by OYO Cost -7840 current cost

This was cheating By OYO

oyo Cheated us by high rates

We have listed our property with oyo in April 2019.
But till now we have not received a single booking from oyo.

In this period of more than 02 months that too in a peak season receiving not even a single booking is a huge loss for me.

Not only this, I recommended my personal references to book my property through oyo.
Whoever guest reached there first refuses to stay in the property because of overprice of the rooms quoted by OYO.
Secondly guest complaint of no OYO boards in the property, which arises trust issue in them.

Mr. Pawan who is handling this property and he only registered our property in OYO. At the time of listing our property in OYO he uses to answer all my calls.
But once the property was listed he started making excuses whenever I used to call him regarding my property no booking issues.

I have called 20 times to the executive of OYO to see these matters. But every time I called him, he used to say I am in a meeting , I will call you later.

Due to such irresponsible behavior from OYO, I going through a huge loss in this season period. We are authorized to charge Rs. 1500/- for room for per night. But OYO has marked a price of Rs. 3500/- to 4500/- for one room for one night.

Due to such high rates no bookings were made and I have to suffer a huge loss in this season period.

I approximately losses 1.5L

oyo Denial of room for which advance booking made

Sir, I booked a hotel room at Kodaikkanal on. 3-6-19 for my stay on 12/6 and 13/6 vide
OYO 1363 Woody’s, Booking No. YIGA5394 .On 12/6/19 after seven hours of journey, I took a taxi to the hotel asking for my room. I experienced the rudest shock when the receptionist told me that the contract between Oyo and hotel lapsed and they can not honour the advance booking. I contacted the customer care. They initially promised me alternative accommodation but after two hours informed me due to technical issues Oyo is cancelling the booking and ready to refund the amount. I was left on the road with my sick wife(due hill journey). With great difficulty I found a room in a worthless hotel at an exorbitant cost of Rs.1800/. For two days I paid Rs.3600/. I am not the only victim as other tourists also were shown the door by the hotel. OYO have painted the entire town red with advertising but due to its incompetence I was put in such mental agony. On that day I ran from pillar to post to find a room. I spent Rs800/ for taxi. OYOs slipshod attitude cost me Rs5000/extr!
a. Regarding this issue OYO did not take any action to address my grievance ll am left with no other option of approaching you.


oyo Money not transfer

I have booked bellow oyo room and paid 800/-.through net banking. But suddenly oyo cancel my booking and transfer to a different oyo hotel which is far away form my office. So that i cancel my booking and re booking in a oyo another hotel. cancel amount still not transfer in to my account..

Booking ID:ZRJU6731
BOOKED ON: JUNE 01, 2019

I have raised many ticket but still no action taken by oyo.

oyo Fraud by OYO

I had recieved this package of Ooty, coorg and Kodaikanal on 13th of April from Mr. Bragta Hemant and the package cost as mentioned in the attached file is of 46,000/- INR. So I paid the 25% amount of total package cost, i.e. Rs 11,500 to confirm my booking(Booking Id – XYFT7940). Later on I got a call from Mr. Akhil Sharma that the package provided by Mr. Bragta Hemant was wrong and it was a mistake from his end, and hence the amount will be increased. Later again I got a call from Mr. Rajat and although asking him for the final amount for multiple times and continuos follow-up from 4 to 5 days there is no response from OYO’s end, rather day by day they are increasing the package amount as of 54,000 Rs 5 days ago, then 66,000 Rs a day ago and 69,000 Rs today and I am not the responsible person for the wrong package from OYO.

Also, due to lack of trustworthiness I do not want to book any kind of package or room with OYO anymore and now I want the complete refund of the payment of 11,500/- Rs that I have made to OYO.

I do not have anymore patience to wait for my refund so in any case where I will not get a satisfactory reply to this mail or the refund of the complete amount that I have made I will go ahead to file a cyber crime complaint in Delhi Police against OYO and Mr. Bragta Hemant for the cheating that has been done with me from OYO’s end.

oyo Looted at hotel by staff and Oyo captain

I have done a booking today at OYO Under BMCK4903 at Bhopal’s grand regency hotel, the cost of the room is 699 rupees, at the time of check in the rooms were not clean, walls are dirty, hair are all over the bedsheet, television was not working and the bathroom was stinking, I complained about it to the hotel staff, on this they said other rooms are not available you have to stay in this room only, somehow we adjusted it but still the time of checkout they charged me 1200 rupees extra for a bedsheet as they were saying it’s cause of your fault it became dirty, I was ready to pay an appropriate amount but they started talking rudely and tried to threaten me if I don’t pay the amount I can’t leave the hotel by any means, first they charged the amount for room where their services are shit and secondly they charged me 1200 for a bedsheet, I want my money back or I need to know how to file an online case against them and one more thing their online customer c!
are services are shit, they are cutting my call purposely after listening my query I called them 15-20 times and the same lady named -diksha picked my call as soon as I explained my issue she put me on hold and just after that she disconnected my call.

oyo False service

I booked room as I was getting very good discount in this famous hotel which is situated in Main tourist attraction. When I reached there with my wife hotel denied check in reason they gave me is that they have no longer tie up with OYO from last 2 months I told them that I had already paid full booking amount they assured me with that they will refund it within 7-14 days as per OYO Policies and also they can help me with transferring my booking to nearby destination. Till now it’s been 17 days I haven’t heard back from OYO I called them so many times. There customer service centre they always repeats one thing you will get your refund soon within 7/14 days. Do the needful things to process my refund fast. Thank You