paytm Payment not received

I sended rs35 paytm cash to my sister on 27th june at12:05 am but still she have not recieved any money yet her balance is not updated yet i have queryed it with paytm and they have send me a success message but still my sisters wallet is showing old balance…..i request paytm to recheck my sisters wallet as money has been deducted from my wallet but not added in her wallet

paytm Amount not added paytm wallet

I was trying to book movie tickets on 03 Dec 2016 by paytm app but it was getting failed by several times.
For the first time transaction was successful from my bank account and money got deducted from my account but status was showing ‘Payment Denied’ and I didn’t get tickets But I got 50% cashback on paytm account.
In second attempt transaction got successful , money got debited from my bank account but status was showing ‘Payment Denied. Paytm Contact Customer Care – 9102670170 #Any time busy Call Back
On other attempts, Payment was getting Failed again and again.
On 5th Dec I checked paytm account ,it was showing booking confirmed for two of the transactions. I didn’t receive any message/mail regarding this confirmed tickets.Hows it possible ?
Please deduct the cashback that was credited to my account and return my amount that has been deducted from my bank account.
Below are the details of order :
1. 23125435

paytm Account is getting blocked frequently

My paytm account has been blocked twice in 15 days. I requested to unblock my paytm account on 6th July and sent all the required documents along with my contact details and paytm account details. But I have got a pathetic response from their team. Despite exchanging so many emails with my documents and transaction details attached in every email, they are still asking to send documents and paytm linked no.??
As per the conversation I had with their customer care team on 8th july, they acknowledged that they have got all the documents and my paytm account will be unblocked within 24-48 hours.
Surprisingly, I’m getting another email today, 10th July, that ‘pls send your documents and paytm linked no.’
Have attached the screenshot for reference.

Need an immediate action on this as these are taming their customers and making them fool since long. I can’t afford to lose my paytm account as this is my business professional account. These guys are mischievous and playing with the sentiments of people. The big fraud, as many of contacts have complained that they block their accounts as well without any reason and say it’s due to security reason???
My money is lying with them and when I request then to transfer the amount in my account, they deny. The customer care people disconnect the call and pretend as they are not able to hear us. It has happened many times and can’t be understood.
Pls take action against this torture and worst service they provide you their customers.

paytm Payment uploaded but not refelcting


I have uploaded 5000.00 to paytm account. My Transaction no is 85215227163723387690143 and the authorization code is 012542.
I have done this on June 12th 2017 and till date i am not getting my money either in the wallet nor on Paytm.
These is no one answering my query. I have made this payment towards the Uber but neither Uber is reverting nor Paytm.
Pls help and suggest how do i get my money back.



paytm mall payment

Their system shows :- Rs. 1259 has been refunded to your bank on 2017-06-03.
but I only have received 821 rs in my account in two different transaction from paytm. I tried to contact several times to Paytm customer service executive but they only misguided me that money has been refunded.
I also sent several mail to them but on every mail they revert me that we are looking into it and will resolve soon.
Please help me
contact nn 9102670170

paytm R wallet recharge fail but amount deducted in my bank account

मैंने 19 जुलाई को r wallet में 100 रुपया का रिचार्ज किया मेरे बैंक के खाते से 100 रुपए कट गए और r wallet.का बैलेंस 0 दिखा रहा है कृपया मेरे बैंक खाते में 100 रुपए वापस भेजिए या r wallet में जल्दी से जल्दी भेजे मेरा id व मोबाइल नंबर-9911889829