Personal loan Wrongly amount of cheque bouncing charged

I am yogendra Kumar upadhyay.I would like to inform that I have taken personal loan my loan a/c no. is EMI due date was 5th August. As there is a problem facing Aditya Birla having some technical issues occurred to deduct amount of EMI from yes bank .as I had sufficient amount in my bank account.So they call me and said they having some technical issues and as said pay us through the paytm by following steps as per I paid and given a mail to same date and attached a screenshot of the payment regarding the same.. but amount charged of cheque bouncing not removed in my statement nor given a single reply . mentally harassing by Aditya Birla customer care service.
Please kindly remove the amount of cheque bouncing in my account of Aditya Birla. I have no capability payment of extra charge. Again I attach the screenshot of payment


My Agreement No.. WB3054UT0005610
Customer Id 7153685
Model Crosssell Pl
Disbursement Date 29 June 2019
Tenure 24
Emi 9160
First Emi Date 7 Aug 2019

E-mail Id [email protected]

Dear Sir, I am Mamta Mandal from Thakurpukur, Kolkata, West Bengal. I have taken a personal loan from your Finance Company. This is my Topup Loan. My Installment amount is Rs. 9160.00.
But surprisingly in this month, your company did not deducted the money from my SBI account as on dates 7 Aug 2019. Also received a massage where you have mentioned my Bank Acc last digit no 7141 which is not my account no. This is my top up loan thats mean you already have all the documents or details of mine. How you can do this type of things? I have sufficient balance in my acc but your some careless things will be destroy my cibil score or my goodwill.

also reflected in my loan statement with bounce charges .I will not pay these type of amount which was created by your employee mistakes. I need a call from you with correction my bank acc details.

Please look at this matter
With Regards,
Mamta Mandal
Contact No. 9903376417

Personal loan Fraud Loan Company ( Manglam Finanace Services, Jaipur)

Manglam Finance Services, Jaipur have very lengthy and time consuming personal loan Services. I have applied for Rs. 7 Lacs personal loan. Once you applied they told you to deposit the amount in advance for processing the file. Their sales persons or consultant will call you till your advance payments of loan processing received to them after that no one call you. We have to follow up with them till our loan file is cancelled purposely. Please find the below my experience and friends please don’t apply for loan to this type of stupid companies where no one is taken care after advance file processing payment is done.

1. Applied for personal loan on 10-05-2019, co-ordination with Ms. Gitika Takur, Cell Number- 09358813165.
2. After discussing with Gitika, transferred online Rs.1500 for processing the loan file on 11-05-2019 in Manglam Finance Account. She was insisting for Rs. 3000 but when I refuse then she told to transfer Rs. 1500 only & rest Rs. 1500 will be after processing the file. Below are their account details.

Account Name: Manglam Finance Services, Jaipur
Account Number: 918020096509467
IFSC Code: UTIB0000433

3. On 11-05-2019, she emailed the Login form. I filled up the form and emailed her back.
4. On 13-05-2019, she asked me to transfer pending Rs. 1500 for further processing the file. 5. I have transfer Rs.1500 on 13-05-2019 in Manglam Finance Services Account.
6. They immediately sent the sanction letter of Rs. 7 Lacs to impress us for further payment. 7. After that Ms. Gitika was out from the picture.
8. When I call her she transfer the phone to her Senior Ms. Kavita Cell No.- 09828158111. Now from 13-05-2019 Ms. Kavita is in co-ordination with me. She sent an email of my sanction letter & told me to pay Rs. 33618 for Insurance amount & for further processing.
9. I told her that I have no money that’s why I am applying for personal loan, please give me back my Rs. 3000, I did not required any loan from you.
10. Then she suggest me an option that you can apply loan for Rs. 1 Lac and pay Rs. 6000 after that after 5 days apply for remaining Rs. 6Lacs Rupees as a top up loan. 11. I again deposited Rs. 6000 in Manglam Finance Account.
12. After that Ms. Kavita is also out of this. She given me her legal Officer number Mr. Ravi Yadav cell No.- 09358813171, who himself actually does not know properly about the documentation. Please find the below document list they required for your kind reference. a. Affidavit copy on Rs. 100 stamp paper with notary.
b. Rules & regulation copy on Rs. 100 stamp paper with notary. c. Guarantee Bond on Rs. 100 stamp paper with notary.
d. Guarantee Bond2 on Rs. 100 stamp paper with notary.
e. Power of Attorney on Rs. 100 stamp paper with notary.
f. Solvency Certificate required from the bank where you have the account. Some stupid points purposely written as a note on the end of the Solvency Certificate which is not acceptable from any bank.
g. Finally due to solvency not given by the bank my loan file is cancelled by Manglam.
Last contact person from Manglam Finance Services is Mr. Navin Sharma, Cell No. 09982505152, who is always busy and replies for your call after so many follow ups.
Total I have paid them Rs. 9000. So friends I request you please don’t apply for personal loan in Manglam Finance Services, Jaipur.

Personal loan Nobuddy reply


Hdfc loan no 62864112

Hi Good afternoon I am Devdutt Sharma,

Dear team I have taken a loan from your bank regarding to the balance transfer but your bank wrote a wrong spelling on cheque I have submitted that check for balance transfer but the cheque has been returned to me from that Bank now the cheque belongs to me I have tried a lot of the time to communicate with your bank and your Hdfc RM Mr. Vivek Singh 9560284777 & Mrs 8512005892 but nobody is cooperating nobody want to listen I have to paid 4 EMIs of your loan and that Bank’s loan which I wanted to do the balance transfer.

Kindly revert me as soon as possible I am unable to utilise the amount while paying the EMI.


Personal loan In regards to Loan Number:- 66442365

In regards to Loan Number:- 66442365 CMH Road, Bangalore

This is in regards to personal loan. Loan Number:-66442365
I have taken personal loan from HDFC bank and everything I got with the wrong commitment.

What the agent (Ashwini) have committed me and I got something else. Really very disappointed from the bank mean to say you guys are taking benefit from the people just to complete your targets!!!! And it doesn’t matter about the commitment the matter is they want to complete their targets with miss selling.. As per the commitment and Miss selling of personal loan!!!!!!

1: Processing fees told me 3600 however it was deducted more than that is 9331 don’t know why!!

2: It was committed 12 rate of interest and I got the rate of interest 13.99

And that Executive Ashwini now Creating a drama that she had been terminated from work so she cant help in this regards

Personal loan Non Receipt of Loan Letter

1. My name is Rajender Kumar, Regd Mobile No. is 9560499992, Correct Email Id is [email protected]
2. PL A/c No. is ABFLNDPL0000142113 for Rs 6 Lakhs. Disbursed (Rs 582370/-) on 28 Jan 2019. 3. Loan Agreement papers NOT received till date.
4. On calling ABFL customer care, am informed that my Email ID has been wrongly indicated as [email protected] and that I should send an email to ABFL and then they will send me a form for filling to correct my email ID and submission. It will then take 48 hrs for correction of the mistake and then only Loan Agreement documents will be sent to me. My registered address seems to be correct as per customer care AND still no Loan Agreement Papers have been sent to me. WHY ????

My submission is that ABFL data entry operator makes a mistake and customer suffers for it. Is it a good customer handling policy.
Supposing I had not called ABFL customer care then what…..would ABFL never send me the signed loan letter.

Will someone please take some corrective action and revert back to me.

Warm Regards