phed irregularity of water supply in karauli district (rajasthan)

respected sir,

i am belongs to the Karauli district of Rajasthan state. my home is near to the govt, college in the karauli district. we are continuously facing the problem of water for drinking as well as for the other purpose. the water is supply to my home and nearby homes also in a irregular manner. some days water is not come and if come either it will be for few minutes or not on the exact time.

we have to manage water either by taking it from a long distance from the someone else home or by taking water in money from the private service. that was so costly to us.

i hope you will consider my issue and resolve it quickly.

your faithfully
Tushar Garg
contact number – 8239543972

phed जल आपूर्ति लाइन में अबैध छिद्र

प्रार्थी निवेदन करता है क़स्बा खेरली तेह. कठूमर वार्ड नं. 15 में श्रीमान अशोक कुमार जैन ने जल आपूर्ति पाइपलाइन में अपने रसूख का इस्तेमाल करके अबैध तरीके से छिद्र किया हुआ है जिसकी वजह से पानी लाइन में सुचारू रूप से आगे नही बढ़ पाता है प्रार्थी अनुरोध करता है की कृपा जांच कर इस समस्या से निजात दिलाई जाये।

phed no water supply due to very low pressure

ater issue since 2 months
I have been continuously complaining about the water supply at our home and believe this has not been taken very seriously. For then entire month we were buying water from outside and that has cost us money. We were suffering from this situation almost more than a month however no result has been seen. After getting fed up from the situation. All the people are staying around us they get a bill of Rs.250-Rs.400 hope for a positive response.

phed Poor water supply

Poor Water Supply
Dear Sir,
I reside at 1897, manoherpura m.k.b jagatpura, Jaipur Pin 302017.
For the past one week there is hardly any water supply to my house, where as the neighboring houses are getting good supply. My personal requests to the concerned JEN have not produced any response. Kindly have the water supply checked / rectified.
Thanks and regards

Mohd Zuber
1897 manoherpura m.k.b jagatpura
Jaipur 302017
Mob #9529223301

PHED, Jaipur Leakage in the main supply pipeline

Leakage in the main supply pipeline
There is a leakage in the main supply pipeline in front of house No. 192/307, PRATAP NAGAR, SANGANER, JAIPUR. Every morning , at the time of water supply in this area, you can witness water flowing in the main road. Kindly have it repaired in order to avoid wastage of precious water. – Thanks. – RAJ KUMAR JAISWAL, 192/307, PRATAP NAGAR, SANGANER, JAIPUR, MOBILE 9414000254