polycab ELZA 25 L Geyser

I had purchased aforesaid geyser on 28.10.2018 for 6000/-.
After some time water output from geyser became negl igibl e. I compl ained and service man asked me to repl ace PVC connections (A pair for inpl et and outl et). After that I repl aced 3 more PVC connections in course of months on asking by service person costing me money on each repl acement. Final l y, in simil ar compl aint , service man asked me to repl ave STEEL connections (worth 500/-) which I paid and asked them to repl ace and were repl aced on 26.11.2019 and they wrote the d ate on geyser which you can see in the
picture saying that this time connection wil l no choke. He came again on 10.01.2020 (about 1.5 month) service person came again and cl eaned the pipe with a
steel rod and put them back saying that call him if I needed "cleaning".
Today is 25.1.20 and I again registered complain for pvc connector choking. I think pol ycab have no experience in making geyser and technol ogical l y backward . They are not abl e to sol ve the probl em. I l ive in apartment compl ex where there are 24 fl ats and around 15-16 fl ats has geyser having no probl em with water what so ever. Their PVC connections are not getting repl aced every 1 or 2 months. I have become sick with probl em because this year warranty wil l become void this year (2 yr warranty) and they wil l charge against their compl aints l eaving me d esperate. I have so far spent about 1000/- on connections and not to mention my l oss of professionl time in attend ing their repairs. I want refund of my money 6000 geyser cost+1000 on
connections= 7000 + cost of l oss of my time 10000= 17000.