post department Fraud Case

Ulhas S. Naik,
C/o.Gunaji Naik,
Retired Post Man,
Bhoma, Marcel, Goa.

Date: 10/05/2018

Shri Manoj Sinha Ji
Hon’ble Minister of Communication & I.T
Govt. of India
New Delhi – 110 001

Sub: Regarding my RD A/c No. 2175857 Standing at Mapusa (Goa) Post Office and fraud committed to the tune of Rs. 1,40,000/-and plus.
I have received a reply from PG Portal given by SSPO’S Goa Division Maharashtra Circle that my case is closed and hence claim is not genuine.
I wish to bring to your notice that I have not received single rupee from my above referred RD A/c. I doubt that ASPH.Q and SSPO’S are both in collusion are responsible for giving bogus report saying that my case is closed and not being genuine.
Sir, in these regard I would like to raise certain questions before Postal authorities, they are as follows:- 1. How APM Parab got my R.D. book?
2. Who was counter P.A on the day of closure of my R.D. Book? 3. On which date my R.D. book was closed?
4. Who has signed the withdrawal slip for R.D. Closure?
5. Who has deleted my R.D. A/c. from the system?
6. Who has removed ledger page from ledger book?

Unless my above questions are answered by postal authorities I am not ready to accept that my A/c is closed.
Sir, both A.S.P.H.Q and SSPO’S are trying to protect the persons who have committed scandal by giving false report, misguiding the higher authorities for their selfish motive.Therefore I would like to request your goodself to look in the matter and ask for C.B.I. inquiry in whole affairs.
Sir, I am a poor person and no means to protect my family. My hard earning money has been grabed by postal authorities by forging my signature and therefore I once again request that C.B.I inquiry be conducted in order to bring the truth for which I will be every grateful to you for even.
With reference to my RD A/c fraud case which is acknowledgement by your office and sent to AD (PG) Maharashtra circle Mumbai on 11/10/2017. I wish to inform you that there still not paid to me. So I request you to kindly look into the matter and settle the case at an earliest. Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

(Ulhas S. Naik)
C. C. To: Shri. Shripad Naik,
Hon’ble Minister of State(IC)
Ministry of AYUSH INA, New Delhi.