Hello ,
Some cheating in name of prime business group. They tell u that they will provide ground staff job in cochin international airport(jet airways). They r cheating by collecting ₹.2500/- as registration fee by sending email from company mail and then they collected 3500/- as for interview by conducting interviews by phone and then ₹16000/- &₹21000/- for joining letter. After i paid all the amount they switched off all their mobiles. I paid all the amount through idbi account.

Prime business group
A/c no. – ################
Idbi bank,

Please give me a bettersolution for this….

PRIME BUSINESS GROUP Again A Re-trap Case in the name of INDIGO Airlines for Bhubaneswar Airport

The man is talking very professionally from this number – 9519682215 based at Delhi. Upon my verification question, he told today to navigate about their company – the so called Prime Business Group, on internet and collect whatever knowledge I want to know about them following which I ended up here finally. …… …… ……. …..

Just this moment when I’m drafting this message here, another man just recently called to ask whether I made the payment through the IDBI Bank or not. But when I told them that when I knew nothing about you how you could ask money, he continued pitching that I was selected for the position and why I should talk like that. Then after my denial, he told to browse their website named "", in result of which the page opened showing that the domain has been on sale. When I informed him about this, he blamed me that if I had committed typo error. Then upon my argument, he told that he should email me the website address. Now, I’m waiting for what he is going to send within moments by email.
The man with whom I talked this morning hour replied that the selection letter for interview was sent from the Indigo Airlines itself ([email protected]), so how I could make a doubt on them. So when I asked to send about their company details like website and other online portfolios, he just ended replying to search on google. And that was his final answer, but never cared about that someone was asking the company details to be send by email.
Lot a thanks to this complaint board, I got to know about this trap and the cheater company.
@[email protected]: You can file an online FIR against the mobile number they used to commit a 420 case with you. Then ask on the FIR that the case should be handled in a secret way by which a scam can be caught up. Wish may you get all your money back by this way. Best of luck.