PRTC PUNJAB bad behaviour of conductor

bus no 5422… conductor’s behaviour is not good. He used to talk in a vry rough voice with passengers. Instead he took half ticket from a man for his luggage lying on the floor. It seems to be wheat in it. Whole bus had a lot of luggage , but he took ticket from only that person. i think that person was exploited according to consumer norms. please take strict actions towards such conductors.

PRTC PUNJAB Bad behaviour of bus staf

At Fatehgarh sahib. The PRTC bus not stop for the students having bus pass. Most of the students having bus pass wait for bus but when bus come and see that all the passengers are the students having bus pass they don’t stop bus and speed up the PRTC bus for aside of road. Sometimes the bus stop at the long distance from bus Stop so that we are able to get into the PRTC bus. I request you to pay attention on this problem and change the bus staf. Thankyou.

PRTC PUNJAB Conductor not return my balance

My complaint is regarding the 9.00pm PRTC Volvo bus conductor from Ludhiana to Delhi on dated 04.04.2017. Bus no.- PB02CR 9695
It is the matter of great sorrow that. Your staff conductor not refund my balance. I had travelled on 04 april, 2017 from Ludhiana to Delhi. The cost of which is rs 705 but I had given rs 2005. When I call conductor to give me balance but he told me that I am not give ticket to you, because ticket give me other one. when I call to him, he denied. This is very disappointing. Bus no. – PB02CR 9695. Please do the needful this is not fair with service class people as we have hard earned money.
Parveen kumar
[email protected]

PRTC PUNJAB Patiala to Delhi volvo time wastage

Hi Sir/Maam,

I am a resident of patiala,working in gurgaon. I am very frequent traveller from patiala to delhi and vice versa. I take volvo at 5 am from patiala bus stand to delhi. Earlier this bus used to reach delhi karnal bypass around 9:15 am.
But today it reached around 10:05 am. This bus started from patiala 10 minutes late, boarded the passengers even for ambala and karnal which leads to time wastage. The major concern is the interval time. The interval time which is supposed to be of 15-20 minutes is extended to 40-45 minutes which causes the delay in reaching. Because of this we reach our office late. Please consider this as request and inform the drivers of the bus to be on time for the convenience of the travellers.

PRTC PUNJAB stop bus by driver at any dhabà

sir bus no. PB10FV 6518 going to delhi from ludhiana
no. of passengers from ambala cantt to shahabad markanda this distance only 18 km. but conductor and driver not tell passengers the bus is stop at dhaba between this stands and they take 30 minuts break at dhaba. in rain passengers are in problem time 8.15pm from ambala 30/7/2017 please take action.

PRTC PUNJAB Rout confirmation mandigobindgarh

Dear sir , I want confirm rout of AC bus 8.00pm Patiala to Amritsar that this bus rout is not included Mandi gobindgarh . This bus is not stop in Mandi gobindgarh any stop bus is pass the Mandi gobindgarh city through briz . I already verbally contact in prtc Patiala bus stop office and inquiry office but not any sufficent ans received from your employe and not attend me proper way. Your conductor says that bus is not stop in mandi gobindgarh u r conductor is all time stop bus in Mandi gobindgarh on briz and all mandigobindgarh passengers are out in the bus on briz with senior citizen passengers. I want only this if this bus route is include Mandi gobindgarh plz permanent resolve this problem with bus is going below briz and stop bus in Mandi gobindgarh All stops . If route is not include Mandi gobindgarh plz confirm then I approach with high authority for route including.

PRTC PUNJAB Bus time service for Sharp morning

I am citizen of samana i would complaint regarding. The bus service in samana. The bus service start from samana is 5:10am but The service is not available at this Time the service starts onwards from 5:40am Or may be 6:00am
So I request to prtc pls start. The service Samana to Patiala from5:00am The people’s of samana are very much suffering so again I requested to you change the Time from First bus service from samana to Patiala is5.00am……

PRTC PUNJAB Mis-Behavior of bus conductor

I am a student and i took bus from jalandhar ISBT TO LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY and the bus conductor mis behaved with me and push me and asked me to sit on the back seat and said that take your rent back and get out of my bus when i asked about a proper seat.It was the worst behavior by a bus conductor i have ever seen in my life so far. I want that a proper action should be taken against these kind of people also he took extra 5 Rs. extra charges from me also he did not give me the receipt of my fare.
Bus no.- PB-10DA-5763

PRTC PUNJAB Hit & Run by PRTC bus

I am resident of Zirakpur. Yesterday (05-03-2018) i was going to my office in my car Alto. I was at light point (Delhi-Chandigarh) of Zirakpur and waiting for green light, suddenly a PRTC bus (PB 65 AA 7946) rammed up in my car and my car got damaged. when i talk with driver about it then he replied he don’t see left side of bus whats going on. in his wording (assi taan agge wal dekh ke chalaunde, sanu nai dikhda ki left side ki hai). he try to run bus, then i stood in front of bus, then he start bus to run over me. Then go aside to save my life and he run away. i think drivers of PRTC are criminals, department should take action against them.