PUBG Paid money to Uc pubg

This is a reference of captioned subject that, my name is Birendra Khatiwada, account no is 31367908527, I made a payment of Rs 799 from internet banking, may 22, 2020. Transaction I’d is ################IGAIQSKUE7. My PUBG I’d is 565788441

I purchased 660 UC for â¹799 at may22, 2020, my bank balance deducted but I didnât got my UC. And amount credited to inb times of money limited.I want to refund my money,

I would request you to kindly look into this matter,

Thanking you
Birendra K hatiwada

PUBG Save the future of world from PubG game

I hope the founder of PUBg has already been millionaire by creating complexity to their users, mainly the youths…future of the world.

Present government of each countries should take serious action to get rid of the terror out from our own nation. This ban will genrate world beautiful and lively to all. Every one will focuse on their dreams to achieve. People will get more involve in family matters. Mentally people will be organised. We can promote and make better future if we take correct decision today.

Observing pubG players I really feel pity on them, they become so addictive that they forgot about today’s world and mainly the families, relations etc..they can’t concentrate on themselves, studies, work, task..

Parents, family, friends, relationship are getting into trouble.. ignorance has been occured. Positivity is vanishing.

This is a one kind of terror which is affecting world and every country should understand that we should not allowed such terror to our nation country and save our future.

I hope you will understand the concerned and will take necessary actions on this…

Thanking you

Yours sincerely
Today and future world human.