Kothari hyundai cars Pvt. Ltd. , Pune Pathetic customer service

I had given my car for repair to kothari Hyundai kharadi pune and the GM told me that it wasn’t worth getting the car repaired and told me he will get that sold in their junk and give me the amount received. This was back in Jan 2014. I told him I was leaving the country in a months time he agreed that he will get back to me soon. Noone ever got back to me and Everytime I contacted them about it they hung up and finally the service center was closed for renovation. They still have my car with them for 3 yrs now and still they are hanging up the calls on me and are trying to charge me parking charges for 3 yrs when it’s their fault that they never got back to me. Not only this they did not even bother to drop my car back home and now have no records of my address and details. They are forcing me to pay parking charges and are not ready to speak and hanging up the calls on me.

Berger paint, Pune Using substandard paints/ not doing proper painting of house

I give contract of painting my house to Berger paint. Painting done in the month of August 2017. Payment of RS 64000.00 done. Due to poor quality of paint, colour getting removed by slight touch. When cello tape is used on wall, when removing that cello tape paint I’d removed. I registered complaint to The Berger paint. Their representative visited the site but denied any fault in paint or procedure in painting. It I’d abnormal, and not satisfied with company reply. Berger paint had cheated me.
I wish help from CNBC .


Dashrath dabade
Nanded city, Pune
[email protected]

Tranzsolution Consultancy, Khadki, Pune Wrong information about Tranzsolution

Dear Ms Rohini R,
Have u ever attended a drive at Tranzsolutions ? Did u receive any offer letter from Tranzsolutions ….
i m very sure your answer will be NO.. Because u had attended a drive at someone elses office and recieved the offer from them so u should complain to them about it,,, just because u cannot find their website ,,,,
it is not right to write a complain about our firm. The drive that u had attended was at some one else office. so would request you please write whatever u want to about them. Thank You

Post Office, NSH, Pune Undelivered Parcel

My consignment number: EM043485615IN . It shows that my consignment reached NSH Pune on 16th March, It is 20th March today and the item still hasn’t been delivered to me (in Magarpatta, Hadapsar). Can I know when can my parcel be delivered to me. I have been contacting all customer care numbers but unfortunately haven’t been able to reach anybody.
Please help.

Mob No: 7276570790

Country Club , Pune Country vacations

Totally Fraud Fake Promises .
Please file a case i am with you guys.
This is Sony Kumari, having member id CVPU37V5LB251673 . This membership taken at 29/April/2018,
I would like to request for the cancellation of my membership from the country club. I am forced to cancel the membership due to some false promise given by the sales/marketing team Mr. Rizwan & Subhagi and i am not interested to use any club activities in the future.
I have taken this scheme on 28/April/2018, so i want my full amount (Paid rs 66500/-) to be refunded at the earliest.
Cancellation reasons are given below:-

Given false promises as
1) life time, monthly food coupon for 2 Adult and 2 kids once in a month. 2) per member, discount on shopping malls 30-40% (Like big bazar.. Etc) 3) 10 vacation , every year 7 days /6 nights voucher with zero maintained cost 4) event pass with free food for each vacation
5) zero fee summer camp for my children
6) 0%, rate of interest on emi conversion charges (But tts not free) 7) Two Movie Ticket for lifetime.
8) No club card

I have purchased this scheme with 66500 rs.


Sony Kumari

Shri petrol pump opposite e square, ganeshkhind road, pune Cheated of petrol , when asked denied and gave wrong complaint number by manager

On 28th march 2018 at around 5 pm , I filled petrol of rs 100 in my wego. However the amount of petrol for the money paid was so low that , the petrol barwent up just by 1 stick, when i realised this i went back in like 5 minutes and complained about it to the dealer he refused of any such thing and even talked rudely that u should pay more attention. Also the manager of the station said that there is no such thing when i explained her about what happened. I asked her for complaint numbet . She gave me the wrong number.

Edvise, Pune PTE Academic Speaking module

Technical issue in Speaking module in Edvise, Pune
Dear Sir/Madam,

I had taken PTE English test on 09th April 2018 bearing register no: 332499208, Test taken ID: PTE000504543.
I received my results today and was shocked to see such low scores, especially in the Speaking and Reading modules.
Honestly, I did very well in speaking. I strongly feel that there were some technical glitch while speaking because of which my voice might not have been recorded properly and I got just 42 in Speaking.
I have studied and communicated in English all my life.
Considering this, I feel, it’s impossible to get just 36 and 18 in pronunciation and oral fluency!
How can anybody get so low scores in pronunciation and oral fluency, if the test went well?
I kindly request you to investigate this issue, consider this as a noteworthy case and provide me a chance to re-attempt PTE test without any additional payment.
I would definitely not want to lose money and moreover lose my confidence, with absolutely no fault of mine.
Eagerly awaiting for your positive response.

Thanks and Regards,
Shilpa Agrawal

UTS Pune (Universal Training Solutions, Pune) Cheating by offering online Executive MBA

My name is Rajeev R. Nair presently working in abroad. During my enquiry to get an online Executive MBA from UGC approved University, I was contacted from Universal Training Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (UTS) Pune, Maharshtra-411021 by their course counselors Mr. Venkatesh Murugan (Mobile no.+91-7709665169 email: [email protected]) and Mrs. Viji Nair (Mobile no.9028397984 e-mail: viji. [email protected]) and subsequently they have offered me UGC approved online Executive MBA course.
These people convinced me that a lot of NRIs are their students and they are getting their course completed on time from the UGC approved university. Mr. Venkatesh Murugan and Mrs. Viji Nair contacted me several times through e-mail and whatsup. As advised by the above course counselors from uts, on July 20, 2015 along with my application and i have remitted Rs. 32,500 (Rupees thirty two thousand five hundred only) through online transfer to the sb account of Universal Training Solutions (UTS), pune (Axis bank kothrud (Pune) branch account) from my account as the full payment of course fee. Initially they have collected my application and course fee for the admission to online EMBA in infrastructure and construction management from Venkateswara open university and after a couple of days they informed that there is some difficulty in getting admission to the Venkateswara open university and therefore they have transferred my application to the online executive MBA from Karnataka state open university (KSOU) with specialization in operations management.
After that i received course materials (Text books) to my home address in Kerala and I completed all my online assignments during 2015 and early 2016. My student registration number is 2015000738. The website provided by UTS team for my online assignment was url: lms. Ksouodl.com.
I deeply regret to inform you that during my enquiry with UTS for the online examination date from Karnataka State Open University, they have no satisfactory answer to my queries and their contact persons replied that they are no more working with UTS. Upon my continuous communication with UTS it was realized that i have been trapped by them and they are neither going to continue my course nor return my money. Mr. Venkatesh Murugan provided me another contact number of UTS Support Manager Mr. Arvind (Mob. 8806895408) who can help me to get my refund. I was contacting Mr. Arvind regularly through telephone, email and whatsup but I did not get any favorable reply. During august 2017 one of the student coordinator from UTS contacted me to send my course fee refund request and accordingly i submitted my course fee refund request to them on 07th Aug. 2017 and until now I did not get my money.
Finally I realized that I was cheated by the UTS team. Sometimes the telephone calls are attended by new people and they are not aware of my case.
We can see similar case where students trapped by UTS. It is noted that their online study website lms.Ksouodl.com is no longer existing.
Clearly, this has been not just a waste of time, but a lot of efforts, pain and money and not to mention all the mental stress this whole disaster has caused me. It has also forced me to delay my higher education and i lost my promotion in my current job in abroad.
[email protected]