Videocon d2h satellite box Customer care number is always busy and service is poor

My satellite box does not work properly . We can hear sound but picture is not available it shows picture when we press ok button if we does not press ok button then it shows your account balance is low plz solve my problem. My customer id is 82187187.

Road Maintainance_Bhabat Road Zirakpur Road Maintainance_Bhabat Road Zirakpur

Please check the road and path holes and patches onbear astha appartment and riverdale appartments.

It’s getting worst driving on this road, day on day cars are getting into service station for repair.

Please do something.

Rahul Chugh

Municipal Corporation Ludhiana Street dogs

Hellow! I am a resident of Mandeep Nagar near rishi nagar Ludhiana.
Please take away the street dogs, as they are creating many problems for children when they are normaly walking & they follow and bite them without any reason, send a dog catcher team so that they can take them away from the area, many cases of dog bites rises in our area since last 6 months

Kindly take prompt action at earliest as this is very serious issue and need immediate action

153 B mandeep Nagar

CBSE Board Examinations 2019 One of the question was out of syllabus

I want to say that I am appearing for the CBSE Board examinations 2019 and we had our English Exam today (2 March 2019) . One of the question (to be specific – question no. 11) was out of syllabus. It was of six (6) marks and was from another novel . Many of us were not able to attempt that question but it wasn’t our mistake. The question was out of syllabus and we can’t afford a loss of 6 marks that to uselessly. Kindly pay attention towards it and give us the grace marking . I would’ve have otherwise got above 95 but this single question is depressing me up …. I would also like to say that the invigilators told us to skip the question and the examinations board will look after it and would give you the grace marking.

I hope you will hear my problems.

Thanking you
Akanksha Sharma
Class 12 Medical
School – JNV Farour , Fatehgarh Sahib