1 CBPO NEW DELHI ,110010 Non delivered of consignment No RE 902246655IN

My consignment No is RE 902246655IN. This consignment posted on 27 Jun 2017 to AGIF IHQ of MOD Army New Delhi but not delivered till date 10 Jul 2017. It is very urgent. It reaches 1 CBPO on 28 Jun 2017. You are requested to forward the said dak/letter to AGIF, IHQ of MoD Army New Delhi. After deliver the letter Pl inform me to this No 9424737505 Pl.

Aquaguard Prime UV+uf Water Purifier Not Working

This is draw your kind attention that I have logged a complain for Aqua guard water purifier on 4th July 2017. Problem in my water purifier. I have also contacted many times at your toll free number. My mobile number is 8802030101. Still this call is pending. and i have also talk with your representatives Mr. Debapratim Charaborty on 07.07.17; Ms Sarmistha Mondal on 08.07.17; Mr Tusher Gowala on 10.07.17. They had assured me to to resolve the issue till the day of evening, but sorry to say that till now my issue has not resolved.
Kindly look into this matter and resolve my issue today positively.
Sangeeta Verma


I Puneet Verma purchased IBALL COMPBOOK-EXCELANCE NOTEBOOK via snapdeal but after 1 and half month of purchase it started problem while shutting down so i visited there center on 6 Dec 2016 and they took more than a month to repair and said they changed the motherboard and give me in january 2017.
It worked well and in May 2017 again the same problem arrived so i emailed them stating that either give me refund or new compbook excelance because the warranty is going to over in Oct 2017 and after that i will have to pay.I also contact snapdel and they said they cannot help me if iball is not listening.
It has been 9 months and it has the same problem again and again so there is no point carrying this compbook after warranty. Also find attached Invoice and repair receipt of Dec 2016.

I kindly request you to please intervene and resolve the matter. Regards,
Puneet Verma
Email id- [email protected]

punjab national bank head office new delhi My debit card not linked with1 months

Dear team,

Kindly help me

I have visit the pnb branch near bhota distt.
Hamirpur himachal Pradesh


I am Nishant Patyal.

I am a visit from you brach previous years for new card purchase because my card no is miss from my debit card after than your employees say fill the form .I have fill the from properly after than he said you can go to home ,your card delivery your address with in 1 months but they are not delivered
After 7 moths I am visit again your brach and I am tell your employees previous years I have apply for new card you have to tell me ,your card is delivered in one month but their is 7 months but you not delivered after than your employees says me sir is mistake .after than you employees is also again miss take .
This is the very irresponsible employees from your branch.
Sir/mam i am very disappointed from your service.
Again I am visit your brach previous months
My account card is expired after than a purchase a new card from your branch.
Your branch employees said me ,your account activated with in 7 days after than I am communicated with customers care centre,your card is not activated how can this irresponsible person from your brach and who is sitting in front your brach tell me the name from you employees. and my previous card is showing is open. Beacuse I have purchase the new card your employees said me your account is activated.you can go to home .after one month I have check their not activated in till last months. So I am very glad from your service. 7 years I am attached your brach ,this is first time your account brach employees is not working properly. I am waiting for your response as soon as possible it’s emergency

Nishant Patyal
And I am say from your branch employees
Sir if any slip provide me but your employees say sir their no slip.
You can go to home your account card linked with in 7 days .and also say your number is linked with adahar card with in 7 days
But their is no linked my number and account card so kindly help me it’s very urgent

Nishant Patyal
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Hi team ,

No reply for my mail

So you have not interested in this case
Ok their is no issue I have complain with customers court


Nishant patyal

SBI Credit Card Reimbursement of payment

Hello my name is Darshpreet singh . I had got sbi simple save pro credit card . I had choose auto debit facility in this card how much money I used will we auto debit from my savings account . I used the all credit card money in my purchasing after 25 days i had less balance in my account so that√Ęs why the amount is not debited after few days I pay all remaining money which I used but next month they again debited my money . I visted bank they said call at helpline no your problem is sorted but when I call at helpline no my problem is not sorted I again visted bank they give me contact no of Gaurav which sit in patiala branch which deals in credit card problems. I call her they simply said come to patiala branch I will sort your problem how should I go to patiala branch . So I requested u kindly look into my problem and resort as soon as possible and reimbursement my payment which is debited by you which I already paid earlier. My contact no is 8088700007. I attached my payment which I made as below.

Bathla Medical Store Compalint against medical store

complaint is against a chemist shop, the owner of the shop calls himself a doctor without any degree , he sells drugs without any prescription, there is no Bpharmcy person. There is so many medicine are expired and so many medicine are duplicate which is used for alternate for prescribe medicine to take high margin. He also sel fake and baned medicine to drug addicted person.kindly take a suitable action against him ,pls check physical his documents and store.