bright solution O my god more people's calling me

Hai friends I have already posted some complaint about bright solution..and I said if u have any questions please contact me,and also I gave my number…
After posting that complaint and my number, I have got more calls in this month… daily atleast 2 calls,I don’t how many people’s are cheated by them…
Friends first u have to know one thing,that is in India no one can send u Canada, there is no consulantany to send us to Canada, without writing exams u can’t go Canada…
Please first collect all details about an consultant before u going..they cheated me so only iam helping you guys…if u guys are from Punjab then please go to police station and complaint about bright solution…
Please don’t get cheated by bright solution bitches…don’t believe that Jasmine bitch words…

Punjab State Power Corp ltd No power supply since morning

We are suffering with short supply of electricity power in sector 116, Sante Majra, Kharar. Whenever there is little rain or slightly strong wind department cuts the power supply for unexpected time period which may be minimum of 10 hours.
Please make proper arrangements for electric supply. People are suffering a lot here and responsible JE of our area is not taking care neither he attends any complaints . Please screw him too. Hope to get prompt reply.


Street dogs become dangerous

My Self Suresh Bansal ,I am resident of 74 S, Vikas Nagar , Ludhiana
there is 1 dog walking in anytime. Its very dangerous for kids and residents. also this dog sits in front of our gates and when we open the gate it starts barking and attacks, it has become difficult for us to come out of our houses.
Pls help to get sorted out asap.

My mobile no is 9465537770

Reliance Communications Already paid payment by cash of mobile no 8699422421

I m really fed up again and again intimation of your legal notice for bill payment which is already paid for mobile no 8699422421 in time on 22/8/2016. And reciept for bill paid in cash is attached it.I HAVE ALREADY COMPLAINT YOUR RELIANCE CUSTOMER CARE SO MANY TIME TO RESOLVE THIS PROBLEM BUT TILL NOW NO ACTION AS BEEN TAKEN YET So if I again get this email against the legal notice for bill payment.i will be doing case against harrassment of customer for bill payment.So please resolve your this issue as soon as possible within today period.
Mohit Goyal

Municipal Committee of Rajpura, Punjab Cleanliness

I am citizen of Kanika gardens Rajpura town. The condition of roads in our colony and state of cleanliness has worsened. I am seeing that our town’s Condition is worsening day by day. Where are the politicians now who came for the vote. You sent a 20 year old on 15th August for survey. When would you actually implement the "Safai abhiyan" you people always talk about.