United spirit ltd Over charge rate

Dear sir ,
निवेदन ये है कि हमारी बेटी की शादी थी , लड़के वालों ने हमसे शराब की मांग की ,मजबूरी मैं हमें खरीदनी पड़ी हमें वाइन शॉप वालो ने बुरी तरह लूटा ,हमारी कोई बात नहीं सुनी , antiquity blue , mrp rs 994/- , rate charged 1200/- per bottle , 72 bootle purchaged , no bill .
ठेके वालो ने पूल किया हुआ है कोई बिल नहीं देते , misbehave करते है , bouncer रखें हुए है ,police and excise department मिली हुई है , कहते हैं बाहर से लाने नहीं देंगे , तुम्हे बुरी तरह टॉर्चर करेंगे , हम गरीब आदमी क्या करे ,लड़की की शादी मजबूरी है ,हम खुद तो ड्रिंक नहीं करते , अफसर और पुलिस गरीबो का खून चूसते है ,हम गरीब लोग उधार लेकर लड़कीओ की शादी करते है ,क्यों हमारे देश के अफसरों की जमीर मर गई है ,
आपसे निवेदन है की आप हमारी फरियाद सुने ताकि लोग लूटने से बच सके , आप. को गरीबो ,मजबूरो की दुआ मिलेगी थैंक्स
Vinod kumar
Mob no 9876582061

INVESTMENT INTERMEDI Deduction Money from my Saving account

INVESTMENT INTERMEDIAR Debited 2 times Total Rs 590.00 on dated (07.02.2019) and 2nd time on dated (12/02/2019) from my SBI A/C No.55160807681. Please tell me when my installments (2634+1917) is deduct from my account on (02/02/2019) on as always right time, so what is the logic of another deductions ( SBI charg for failed mandate txnBajaj Fi Transfer To INVESTMENT INTERMEDIAR) as above.
Kindly give me clarification of my deduction (295+295=590) and please refund my money as soon as possible in my account. Name :- Mrs. Kiran Bala
SBI A/c No. 55160807681. IFSC Code – SBIN0050505 Rainak Bazar Branch, Jalandhar (Punjab)

Kiran Bala
Mobile No- 8968464852

Birth certificate delay issue Piceme number issue

Hi my son born 7th januvery 2019 in corporation hospital they did not give the piceme number i ask her so many times but they fight with me in my delivery hospital everything clear . On corporation they respond .
So i want piceme number to collect birth certificate.

Kindly give respond to complaint

Date of birth:07-01-2019

Tamizh selvan


My PLI policy no is APS-867666-A.I am unable to pay my PLI policy premium after retirement.civil post office shows status as my premium paid up to July 2018.I have pay slip up to jun.pl send me premium paid statement through email. UTTAM KUMAR THAKUR
Amount 1616/-Rs monthly
DOB 29dec 1978
Mob no 8900478371

Pushpinder Charged two times tolltax for single journey

We were going sangrur to bathinda via barnala in punjab. On the tolltax collection center near badbar, distt. Sangrur (punjab)wrong pratice of tolltax is excercise here. On 8/feb/2019 fastag is not working on tolltax. They was charged toll tax with MICR device. But they charged 80+80=160 rs two time of toll for single journey from my fast tag. When I ask him why they charged twice, they refused to solve it and said "yahan to aise hi chalta hai". Are govt give legal right to tolltax for looted of people. Pic proof are attached herewith two time of toll for single journey.

Online carders Cheating in the name of telegram groups like carders

Some online members creating groups like carders in telegram and adding people in those groups and offering some electronic products from Amazon for cheaper costs. Taking money from the people and showing wrong screen shots of the products and they are removing people from the groups and enjoying with the money. @ofteamcarders_admin this is the person who cheated me in a telegram group. Please take action on this person. I paid 10000/- on behalf of mobile phone.
His account number : ############ this is Paytm account to which I transferred amount