Flat 1102 F3 Almost past 1 yr of paying the full amount possession not granted

Sir/ Madam
I bought a flat from Barnala builders in the month of Oct 16. Amount was paid in full to the builder but after one yr of paying the amount the possession of the flat no 1102 Block F3 has not been given to me dispite of repeated reminders to the builders. I am copying the content of latest email that was mailed by me to Barnala builders on 06th Nov 2017. Main culprit is the man Mr Harvinder who is over smart for his chair and is fairly uneducated to talk to decent people. It is because of him the delay is happening. So if anyone is planning to buy flat from maya garden city think twice and think of how to deal with Mr Harvinder. Content if the latest email

1. It is to put on record that other than service tax ( which was illegal demand) the full payment was made to you in the last week of Nov 2016, whilst the possession date given to me in writing by your company was 31 oct 2016.
2. It is also to put on record that sum of Rs. 2,10,375 against the illegal demand of service tax was transferred to you on 04th September 2017.
3. It is also to put on record that despite of repeated reminders to Mr Harvinder, Mr Rajiv Kumar and Mr Balvinder no correspondence of any kind has been made to me for offering the possession of my flat no 1102 Block F3.
4. It is also to put on record that during the telephonic conversion on 24 Oct 2017 at 1625 hrs with Mr Balbir I was made aware of the fact that Paint, Air Conditioners and Gysers are not available at present and it is not clear how long it will take to give me the possession of the flat.
5. It is again reiterated that despite making the full payment of the flat and also despite of fulfilling the illegal service tax demand of Rs 2,10,375 the possession of my flat no 1102 Block F3 has not been offered to me in any form which amounts to harassment and financial loss to me @Rs15000 house rent per month after 31 oct 2016.
6. It is again reiterated that possession of my flat may be given to me at the earliest.
7. Sir the same mail was fwded to you on 28 Oct 2017 also but there has been nil correspondence from your side about handing over of my legal flat to me or reasons for not handing over my flat to me.
8. It is again reiterated that my flat be handed over to me as it is amounting to be illegal possession by you of my flat and is also causing me financial loss at the rate mentioned above which your company is liable to pay me in full.

Please guide the correct action as I am also planning to file a case against the company and Mr Harvinder

Fastway Cable New connection

I have applied for new connection 2 weeks ago no response till date .everyday i call there customer care no 3 or 4 time everytome they put my on hold for 7 to 10 minutes erveryday i spent 30 to40.rs for calling them but no rsponse till date.poor cutomer care service.they repeat there few repeated words app ka connection 48 jours main activate ho jyga from my side 48 hours mean 2 days bit for them its more them its more than 15 days mahaaaa bakwas cutomer care service from there s

RPO Chandigarh Delay in passport issue

My file number is CH2062416581018
I have applied for passport on 30/05/2018
After almost 15 days a received a sms that police has submitted clear report for your application After that portal says that your passport is under review at RPO SO i raised an enquiry at RPO CHANDIGARH on 17/07/2018
Then the officials said that’s t we will clear your passport shortly But till 19/07/2018 there is bo update
Pls help me in this issue
Gagandeep Singh
[email protected]

Whirpool Unsatisfied AC service

To whom it may concern

I am writing as my problem has not been resolved yet and I am highly disappointed by the service. As we talk about the background, the AC has been bought three years ago and the problem started to occur after two months from purchase. The A/C when turned on at 22 degrees temperature or below then the blower does not work due to which the air conditioner is not making the room cool or useless. We bought three A/C and other items as well in the last three years and the old A/C was also of your company. We bought it from the Simar electronics in Amritsar Punjab. When we addressed the issue to the shopkeeper then he managed to arrange the service person from the whirlpool company and they do their thing and charge us couple of bucks but after sometime the issue still persists and is not resolved. I have spend like double the cost that I spent to buy one unit.
It is quite disheartening knowing that the service of such a prestige company is not reliable. We have stick with whirlpool since 15 years but our problem is not getting resolved and it is really frustrating at this time when we need this damn equipment quite often in such heat. I am tired of paying heaps of bucks and nothing is promising.
It is my humble request to you, if some person can be arranged urgently at my site address below to fix the issue permanently. I will be very grateful to you.

Vodafone India Wrong information about 343 recharge!

On November 13, I recharge mobile number 9988419611 of 343 rupee after getting information massage on the balance massage..In the massage Vodafone has shown that on the recharge of 343 I will get UL local STD with data pack for 58 days but I realized that My balance is deducting after the end of every call so I called customer care but they ask to wait for half an hour or four hours..after four hours I called again at around 10pm this evening..now Mr Akash told me that massage was not for you and because of that reason my balance is deducting…I want 343 recharge in which I would get all the benefits..please do the needful
Thank you

PGIMER Management Negligence

I am writing this from US with heavy heart mourning the loss of my friends mother due to the negligence from the management. I would like to get the answers why would they decide to be "Yamraj" by them self and decide the fate of the patient’s life. I added review about my friends mother earlier getting discharged on the basis if she stays here at the hospital she might get infection. If the hospitals are not meant to prevent the infection then may be this ass holes should get the locks and lock down the hospital. As only thing they are good for is ass kissing of the people who the know directly or indirectly, All of the facts points towards they needed the bed for some other patient they had been kissing ass of or vice versa and she was sent back home. After getting home with the feeder and partial consciousness she merely survived for less than 24 hours and succumbed to the injuries she suffered due to the accident. If she had been not immaturely discharged !
by those dick heads the chances of her survival would have been increased and her family would not have to suffer this huge loss when they needed her the most. I am not sure if this would make any difference to them, because I am well aware of the saying if the dog’s tail is kept in the straight pipe for 10 years it’s still going to be curled. It would be shame for me to compare these arrogant idiots to the dogs because dogs are more loyal than these negligent dirty heartless inhumane individuals

Indian Railway Multiple delay

We were suppose to board a train from amritsar to Delhi @ 4:55pm today, train no 12030( swarn shatabdi express) however since its scheduled departure time it has been rescheduled twice( 9:45pm and now 0:00hrs) when enquired about the reason, we have been told "it’s due to fog" now my question is : HOW COME OTHER TRAINS ARE RUNNING IN FOG IF THAT Is THE REAL CAUSE OF THIS MULTIPLE DELAY…
Very poor service by Indian railways. We now wish we never would have booked a train ticket. My details :
Deepak Panicker
Ph: 9983864992