PVR Cinemas Unnecessarily adding food combos in tickets for couples. Chraging more than online prices

The ticket price was just a 71 rs per seat. We were 2 peoples so technically total is 142 rs but the charged me 250 rs and unnecessarily added the food combos. When i refused to take the combo they told me that you have to take the combo or else we cant get the tickets. And this only happens with the couples not with group of friends or a family or a single person. They only sell their food combos unnecessarily to the couples. And also its been like a monopoly of their they didn’t shows the seats available on their online bookings. And later when i went their to watch the movie the whole theater was empty there were hardly 30 40 people. This have to be stop

PVR Cinemas Seats Blocked by Cinema

PVR Shalimar Bagh always blocked the show tickets for last 2 rows, when I asked the manager why would they block the tickets, he said for there family and friends or last minute booking
This time they blocked 5 rows of Avengers end game all the shows from friday to Monday.
This is not fair, everyone has the right to book the seats of their choices, if available. But cinema is already blocked top row seats for their friends and families. These seats are available but they are not ready to give to the customers.

PVR Cinemas technical issue while booking

I booked tickets for avengers end game for avengers end game benguluru kormangala forum mall , first time it showed me transaction failed message after payment , but money deducted from my account i thought tickets not booked i will get refund from bank and again i booked another seats , but tickets booked for 2 times now i want to cancel first booked tickets but in the app it is showing 75% refund . As it is not my mistake why should i pay extra 25% , money is not coming for free to anyone already we are paying high amount 700 rs per each ticket , for enjoyment anyone can spend money but without my mistake why should i pay 300 rs for cancellation . I don’t want to pay extra for what i am not going to enjoy . Quickly resolve this issue , because of your technical issue why should we pay money hope you understand the situation .

PVR Cinemas Song was deleted from movie KESARI

Today we went to watch Movie KESARI in PVR Cinemas at RAJNAGAR EXTENSION, Ghaziabad.
We were curious to see song ‘SANU KEHNDI’ from this movie but for our surprise song scene was not shown. We have paid such high cost to see the movie but why it was deleted from show?

Really this is pathetic & unprofessional behaviour from PVR Cinemas, I am just feeling cheated ?

Need strict action against this..

Mohit Pandey

PVR Cinemas Status of my tickets

I have booked FOUR TICKETS for SARKAR(TAMIL) movie in Chennai VR MALL XL screen 7.10pm show for NOVEMBER 6th 2018. I booked the tickets via PVR MOBILE APP, after making successful payment the app redirected to the main page, while redirecting to main page I got a notification on the screen "SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE" after that the app crashed. After that I recieved a msg frm my bank stating that the amount of Rs.966 was debited, But when I opened the app again and checked My bookings page and it said I had to recent bookings.!!!!
I wanted to know whether my tickets where booked or not. I kindly request you to sort out the problem as soon as possible!!!