PVR Cinemas Disturbance during movie

Yesterday on 25th Feb 2020 I went to Watch Bhoot Part one in PVR Ujjain with my family. The show time was 6:55PM, Audi No. 3. We were sitting on the top row and just 2 rows below us was sitting a couple who brought there 5-6 year old child who was continuously watching youtube videos in loud voice in the whole movie and thus completely ruining our movie experience. I sincerely request you to please restrict bringing small children in movies or to just ask them to leave if they are making noise. The PVR Manager was informed about the issue during the interval but he just ignored it and did nothing about it.

PVR Cinemas PVR – amount debited but ticket not booked

Hi PVR team,

I booked 2 tickets for Bhoot – part one haunted ship for Feb 21 in PVR forum mall kormanagala Bangalore through PVR app .
The amount has been debited from my account,however I don’t see any tickets being booked under bookings section in my PVR app. Please look into this issue

Parash R

PVR Cinemas Transaction failure on discounted transactions

This incident happened 3 times. as per PVR we get buy one get one offer with Kotak debit card. I tried booking the tickets but each time the money gets deducted and no tickets are issued. then i have to call them for refund for days.
When I Call them, they say that issue has been resolved but have not received any refund back. This week they did the same. I booked the tickets online from 2 different cards and both of them failed, money deducted and no tickets were booked. they doing it on purpose. 1st transaction failed
Location – PVR Citi Mall
Movie – Love aaj Kal, Date- 15th feb

2nd transaction failed
Location – PVR Citi Mall
Movie – subh mangal savdhaan, Date- 15th feb

3rd transaction failed
Location – PVR Citi Mall
Movie – subh mangal savdhaan, Date- 15th feb


I got a message on 10th jan 2020 for free popcorn from PVR CINEMAS if I make a transaction of minimum Rs. 100/-. I made a transaction of Rs. 700/- on 11th jan 2020 for 3seats for the movie Chhapak at Pvr Avani Kolkata. When i asked the counter for free popcorn. I was debied of it and the manager mr. Arindam told me they I would get the popcorn only on the next transaction and it is not his concern. After few minutes, he send one of his employee and asked for my number and made an illegal transaction from my pvr account of Rs. 340/- and when i confronted him, he denied. This is unfair trade and practice.

PVR Cinemas Lack of facility

I have a serious complain regarding PVR cinemas facility infrastructure.
In case these people don’t allow bagpacks, helmet etc ..they should atleast provide a facility to keep them as storage for visitors who are coming by public transport.
I have visited PVR Shalimar bagh today and due to security issues I had my helmet with me but PVR didn’t allow it and I had to Go all way back to my bike to keep it which was not even safe and I have lost my time as well. As per govt norms you should be having helmet on while driving, shouldn’t big and famous brands like PVR be supporting this by providing facility so that people can easily follow it. It’s little disappointing to not having a single room for all these types of request

PVR Cinemas Not Returning Gift Card Money.

Dear Sir,

I have purchase PVR Cinemas gift Card worth Rs.500/- on April 19. when I tried to booked tickets with this gift card then I found it got expired. I contacted PVR customer care to help me. But they are not ready to listen because as per them this gift card expired before 2 months back and they are not going to re-activate this gift card. My concern is that I purchase their gift card to use any time in future. why they are holding my money. I want my money back. and I will never use or buy gift card form PVR again. Kindly do the needful. I will be highly obliged. My PVR Gift Card no.################.


PVR Cinemas Unnecessarily adding food combos in tickets for couples. Chraging more than online prices

The ticket price was just a 71 rs per seat. We were 2 peoples so technically total is 142 rs but the charged me 250 rs and unnecessarily added the food combos. When i refused to take the combo they told me that you have to take the combo or else we cant get the tickets. And this only happens with the couples not with group of friends or a family or a single person. They only sell their food combos unnecessarily to the couples. And also its been like a monopoly of their they didn’t shows the seats available on their online bookings. And later when i went their to watch the movie the whole theater was empty there were hardly 30 40 people. This have to be stop

PVR Cinemas Seats Blocked by Cinema

PVR Shalimar Bagh always blocked the show tickets for last 2 rows, when I asked the manager why would they block the tickets, he said for there family and friends or last minute booking
This time they blocked 5 rows of Avengers end game all the shows from friday to Monday.
This is not fair, everyone has the right to book the seats of their choices, if available. But cinema is already blocked top row seats for their friends and families. These seats are available but they are not ready to give to the customers.