Water Supply Department, Jaipur (Rajasthan) Very less or no water supply in Anand Nagar New Lohamandi Road Near Vijay Central school (Hindi Medium)

Address: Plot No 66,67 Anand Nagar New Lohamandi Road, Road No 14, Macheda, Jaipur

We are not receiving water supply for over 4 weeks now. No time for water supply late night we are waiting for water. You Know that water is very impotent for us.
We are suffering a lot of difficulty due to very less or no water supply for so many days. Please help.

Jaipur jal board Water Leakage in Main Line

From: A-27, Nityanand Nagar, Queens Road, Jaipur

Hello Sir/Madam,

We have a huge water leakage outside our house in main line. This might be due to crossing of heavy vehical on the road.
Resulting the water is wasting a lot and moreover it spread out at other places too. Request you to get this corrected As soon as possible.

Ravindra Singh Maurya

Phone Pe 5000 transaction failed and bank se debit Ho gye

Humne phone pe se 5000 thousands rupes SBI Bank account -20275172783 se phone pe 9782282771 pr send Kiya tha jo ki mere account se balance debit Ho gya but transaction failed bta rha h ,name- RAMCHANDRA MEENA,mob- 9887141291, date-02/02/2019 time 12:33 pm transaction ID- P1902021233366040662712 and UPR – ############ ha jo ki meri camplen ka Samadhan kro or mere pese waps refund karne ki krpa kro

Stray Dogs stray dogs causing damage to expensive assets

we have been suffering from a problem of growing number of stray dogs in our streets. Earlier it was fine but now the dogs have started damaging our expensive assets. they often climb the house walls and damage the things kept outside like chairs, door mats, seats of bikes and at times potted plants too. now they have crossed limits , as during night time they climb over cars kept outside . in morning we can clearly see the scratches made by them on our car. they climb on the car top. we have even found their urine on the car roof. they jump and cause major damage to the roof. they bark and howl too much during night making it difficult to sleep and even study at night.
they also make it difficult to the trespassers by barking excessively on them and following them.
i request the authorities to please sterlise them so that their population will not grow . we also fear that they might start biting people any time as they have already crossed the major boundaries. please take action as soon as possible making the damage to the minimum.

Bharat Gas not delivered gas cylinder by last 6 days and payment is done online

Dear Sir
I have booked gas cylinder online bharat gas booking ref. no.- 146639 in anay bharat gas agnecy on dated- 09.02.2019 and payment also done online but cylinder is not delivered yet.
yesterday on dated- 12.02.2019 i got messge in my mobile which is attached here also that Ref. your booking no 146639 LPG cylinder was delivered on dated- 12.02.2019 but i did not get the cylinder till now what is this ????? Kindly provide us satisfaction as top priority.


Kuldeep singh shekhawat
Cell: 9462811919 (Ragistered mobile in Bharat Gas Agency)
Jhotwara, Jaipur

Gas agenecy details :
Anay Bahat gas agency
Address: 101-103,
Ramnathpuri Colony Behind Sahid Mangej Singh Petrol Pump Jhotwara, Kalwar Rd,
Jaipur, Rajasthan 302012
Phone: 0141 234 8572


Phone: 0141-4901660
MOBILE NO. : 9829582337

The Official Liquidator,
Prudential Capital Markets Ltd.,
9 old Post Office Street,
5th Floor,
Kolkatta 700 001.

Respected Sir,

Sub:- Request for payment of Deposit amounts belonging to M/s.PRUDENTIAL CAPITAL MARKETS LTD., KOLKATTA-1.
We/I have deposited our amounts as Fixed deposits with the above company The above company has failed to pay jour deposit amounts on DUE DATES. Some of our deposits went to company Law Board, Kolkatta and company Law Board passed an order dt.27-5-98 regarding payment of deposit amounts. The company failed to refund the deposit amounts as per company Law Board orders. One creditor went to High Court and as a result we came to know that you are appointed as official liquidator. We, the undersigned are suffering with old age problems like BP/Sugar and suffering to meet the medical expenses due to non-refund of deposits or interest. We are unable to perform our daughter√Ęs marriage due to non-receipt of deposit amount on due dates. We/I request you to take necessary steps for early auction of properties of the company and for early distribution of available funds to depositors. We hereunder furnish the particulars of FDRs deposited with the company. Name of the depositor : MADHU DADU
Date of Deposit Amount : 15000/-
Deposit Number : JJP0022000472
Deposit Date : 09/02/1997
Due date : 09/02/1998
I request you to do the needful at an early date.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

RAJASTHAN PATRIKA Flat Purchase but not received

All the money was given by loan, but the house was not found for a full year, interest of 4000 rupees per month has to be paid but the house has not yet received Pradhan Mantri Jan Awas Yojna.

I had given an agreement to give the house-2018-oct but I have not got it yet if speaks for giving home then threatens. How to complain

Please Help Me..

Sbi upi app Money not refunded after failed transaction

I transfered 2660 rps from account no 20098464062 by UPI sbi anywhere app into account no 20086451794 and but amount has not yet been credited into beneficiary account and I raised despite also on Jan 23 ,2019 itself but my despute status also showing status is closed whereas my money has neither refunded back into my account 20098464062 nor beneficiary account yet Despute Ticket no 576451
customer ref no ############
Plz help me out to get money as soon as possible