RRB ALLAHABAD re upload of photo

sir my application number is 1390006397
i have applied for the post CEN 02/2018 group d my form was rejected because of invalid photo .. but three days time was given to re upload the correct photo but , still when i m loggin in i am not able to find the reupload option.. today is tha last day , in morning i was able to see the option but link didnt open and showed error msg soon after clicking on to the option …plz help me sir

Airtel Balance for Hello Tune

Balance of 280/- was deducted for hello tune subscription yesterday around 1 pm. I didn’t wished to start the service and was activated on its own. Around 10 pm I called the customer care and requested to stop the service and refund the money but they refused and connected to the senior person. Then senior person refunded 200/- only. I don’t know how and why was amount deducted and later not even refunded even if the complaint was within 12 hours!! I think I should switch to other network.

Seagate Recovery of data

I bought a hard drive from seagate. Suddenly the drive malfunctioned for no reason. I couldn’t access my important data, photos. It is in Warrety. And also when I searched Web for seagate call center, all given numbers were wrong. I am not able to recover my data due to your bad. This is highly unlikely for such a company. If my data is not recovered, I would never recomend anyone to buy a seagate. Please the data is very precious, I am waiting for quick help! Thank you.

Banasthali University worst food of mess of vatika hostel

MY Child is studying in Banasthali University, Jaipur and she complaints about the food quality daily ..She is Of Vatika Hostel as most of the children of the hostel don’t even take mess food and eat outside. ..so what are they taking money for mess? Sometimes they even don’t eat and sleep hungry … Please see the issue of mess as possible. Its a reqst from evry parents.

jdvvnl jodhpur Road lights not working

(In my previous complaint lodged just an hour earlier some personal matter was pasted erroneously. Please ignore. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

I am Om Kumar Bohra residing at Arihant Adita, feel too much TROUBLE when I do come or go from my residence after 6.00 pm or 7.00pm in the evening in the absence of lights on the road on my Auto Tricycle made on Honda Activa.
I find all the road lights off, when I come to my residence, after the school – our lady of pillars convent school. There are more or equal to a dozen tubelights and other bulbs etc. from school to Arihant Adita destination.
Request you to please look into the matter urgently.
Thanks and regards
-Om Kumar Bohra

RSRTC Take extra ticket price of bus ticket from balotra to Jodhpur now I m in bus and ticket price is 90₹ but conductor take me 125₹

I m sit in bus conductor takeing from me ticket rate is 125₹ and actually ticket price is 90₹ why he take 30₹ extra I have proof I give my ticket pic date is 8/11/2017.and see site can’t take my ticket pic bcoz the size of ticket pic is large.