JVVNL Replace angle and locate a pole.

Dear sir,
There have problem the electricity flow in the home wall because of rain the angle is connected with the home wall and my family is in danger because of electric flow.
We give the application many times to the power house and they didn’t take any action they are waiting some accident I think after then they solve this problem. In every rainy season this is happened and the power is flow in the home wall.
So please look this matter and take action and locate a pole by replace of power angle. K no- ############

jaipur low floor bus Not stoping at stop

This is regarding ac2 bus no.7153 . I am waiting for bus at jecc sitapur jaipur bus stop. There were two busses not stopped at the by the bus driver. I forgot to remember the first bus no. But the second time when the driver didn’t stopped the bus . I want to only know where they will stop the bus. They don’t have proper tickets .

hero hf delux Service Related

My bike have front noise, Tail light fitting not proper, Average also low & chain sprocket noise issue since long time. Many time visited at Hero workshop but problem not resolved till now.
i am not satisfied with this, as per advertise your company claim that you are number one in India in Two wheeler but service is below average so if problem not solved by your company then write down to me. i will do further process.
It’s shame full work for your company so please review your authorized dealer service and customer problems. now i am waiting for your positive response on urgent basis.

UIT Alwar Lack of cleanness, bad road and no lights in our colony

Dear Sir/Mam

I m living in daya nagar colony near angels, 60 feet road alwar. It is worst ever colony in alwar as there is no lights in pillar, road is very bad and no drainage system in result waste water and rain water stored in front of our houses and many diseases caused.
Please take some serious steps towards this problems


Tata magic express Problems in hub and break pads

Good morning,
We purchased a new Tata magic express vehicle from Khandelwal motors pvt ltd on 3rd july 2018. It’s causing problems starting and repetitively.We send the vehicle on 12th august 2018 for rectifying the problem but there is no avail and you send us a bill of Rupees 1326/-
We send the vehicle again for the same problem on 6th September 2018 but you send us bill again Rupees 1708/- and the problem still remains the same.
You are requested please inform me why a new vehicle is causing so much problems and after how many repairs you can rectify the problem. Thanks
Academic heights public school
Hindaun city, Rajasthan

BSNL rajasthan Wrong charging

Today, on 9th September, 2018, the balance of Samanting ₹ 30 has been deducted from the date of my call, so if I do not call the company, then I am not giving any satisfying answer or giving any information. And you are saying that your service is active and I am not giving any information about the service, so I request you that you have my balance swapAnd no, I have not activated any service only forcibly I am going to impose that Sir you activate the service