L T- shirt

Hello comp. Team

I am informed you about the t-shirt brand of Levi’s and size XL its purchased Levi’s Brand outlet at bhagat Singh chowk alwar
So I am used this t-shirt yesterday and after one day washing this t-shirt with surf excel in washing machine after that this t-shirt size increase too much and it’s look like so rafly or too loose ….so I feel that’s untrusted brand for me So please fix this problem and share to sinior merchant for next time don’t face this type of problem anyone..
Thanks & Regards
Abdul waris

RSRTC Conductor allotted seat for extra money

Dear Sir,

This is to bring into your kind attention for the A/c Volvo Bus service of Rajasthan State Roadways Tourism Corporation (R.S.R.T.C.) dated 20 June 2017 for Bus No # RJ14PD5377 route from Manali to Jaipur @ 22:00 P.M. While trying to book remaining three online tickets from RSRTC site, it doesn’t allow us to book for seat number # 17,18 & 41 which is shown as “Available”. With no option left we decided to wait for the bus to check with the conductor on the availability of the seats. As the bus came, I approached to him to know the status of the seats and as usual he replied as “No seat available, all are already booked”. With repetitive talks he said the same line, there are other three guys standing there, waiting to go to Delhi have approached him. Later we found that they all three got the seats. I asked the question to the conductor how did you manage to give the seats if all are already booked? With his rude behavior he told me that VIP seat quota has!
been given to them. Then, I asked him to know the basis of that VIP quota, for which he said it’s already 22:00 P.M. we are leaving now and closed the bus door. Later, I got to know with the person who was standing there that those three guys have paid extra 1000/- rupees to them for the seats.
This complain is to highlight the ongoing corruption in your organization . Hope you will take necessary action on this.

1 Central Base Post Office C/O 56 APO Non delivery of Registered SDS NO 991 dated 08/08/2018

Letter No 201/O1/Sigs dated 06/08/2018 booked from 1797 FPO by 11 Corps Sig Regt to Depot Regt (Corps of Sigs), PIN-901124, c/o 56 APO. The SDS No was 991 dated 08/08/2018. The letter is still not delivered to Depot Regt (Corps of Sigs) till date. You are requested to trace out the letter and delivered at the earliest.

Car Insurance claim

i got an accidentof my car n on 02/06/18 and my car was totaly damaged i have insurance of my car with sbi genera by policy no HSB/00128555.i intimaate to insurance co for my accident and survy was done of my car by insurance co. but after that there in no action take by insurance co till the date means totay 17.8.2018 my insurance claim not settled i called so many times to survair shr govind on phone no 7230000127. he always said your case will sattle by mumbai office pl contact there. sir when insurance sell insuraance policy they never said that theinsurance policy will issue by mumbai office .its around 2 and half month passed but nthing action taken by insurance co . kindly help me in this matter n oblige thanking you

Rajesh Ganeriwal