RCOM port code error

my mother had applied for porting of her Reliance No 9316017482 on 15 Nov to Airtel…all pending bill have already been cleared….Airtel had tried to port the No twice but each time error of "Error in port code" been intimated in auto genertation…. she has already misplace her reliance SIM as Airtel rep told her that its was a normal procedure..
We want to get the port code from reliance to assit in porting of same no to any other service provider

RCOM Message from 53738

My number is 9361177061(postpaid). Last month I ported this number from rcom to Jio(prepaid). The porting was successful. Today (29/11/2017). I recieved a message from 53738 saying that I have to pay rs. 143 before 2/12/2017 to continue the service . I really don’t know why I got this message. I have already ported to Jio and also paid the last bill amount with the rcom service. I also checked with Jio customer care , but they told that they can do nothing with this absurd message. Please take necessary action. I don’t want any absurd messages like this in future. Thank you.

RCOM RCOM send MTS bill when service was not used

My mts dongle 8104453301 is not working from 1/11/2017 due to merger of mts to rcom. On 18/12/2017 rcom send me monthly bill of 1886/- with penalty but i not used rcom service also not port my number to rcom. All the customer care number of mts and rcom not working also not given reply of mail. So please trai check this matter and instruct to rcom to roll back all bills also delete the account

RCOM Bill Generated for RCOM (MTS) for non operational datacard

Since November 2017 start my connection was down intermittently till 15th and stopped working after that. I have been charged again in this bill cycle. I have sent out several emails to MTS and RCOM with no response either via email or phone.
Please disconnect the connection as i have switched over to a different service provider, tried to inform this via several forums and emails with no success. RCOM would continue to charge without any grounds which i will not pay, immediate action on RCOM would be appreciated.
MTS Number – 8459079270
Account Number – 1100562477
Bill Due Amount – 2062 as of the bill received today