Reliance Communications Want to discontinue my Wi-Pod 4G LTE No: 9325566798

Dear Concern,

I want to closed my Wi-Pod Connection No: 9325566798with Immediate effect, As am trying to reach your CC number but it was not reachable since 3 Months
Please do the needful at the earliest. until and unless I will not get any confirmation on the De-Activation of my Wi-Pod No: 9325566798
I will not pay bills from my end. as I want to have final settlement on or before my next bill generation date (i,e 1st Jan 2018).
Vijay Tripathi

Reliance Communications Money Deduction

I was recharging my jio with 303 plan after many attempts I was able to recharge it, on my third attempt it was successfully done, but when I checked my balance in my account their was a deduction of rs 909.. The rest two times it was deducted unnecessarily…. I want my money back or else it will not be good for Mr. MUKESH AMBANI.
Refund my money back (rs 606)

Reliance Communications Not resolving my complaint

I have Reliance Communications internet service subscribed which is not working from 31st March, 2017. I complaint on 1st April, 2017 but still they have not resolved issue. I am calling customer service everyday and they tells same story everyday that "your complaint taken and we are trying to resolve issue, issue will be fixed within 24 hours of complaint" but still after 11 days they didn’t fixed the issue. When I called the local person from whom I get connection, he cut my phone after hearing issue and blocked my number. Pathetic service from Reliance Communication. This is really very frustrating. Reliance Subscriber ID: 331192817801

Reliance Communications Threatening calls for bill payment

Time after time I’m been threatened with calls for excess bill payments.
I’ve purchased a 3G dongle, then a 4G dongle then all of a sudden my plan is changed without prior intimation.
I’ve agreed to pay the correct bill and get the connection terminated.
But I’m getting the calls from lawyer and police.

If the same thing repeats, I’m gonna commit suicide and Reliance Communications will be responsible for it.

Reliance Communications Network unavailable indoors

Mobile No. 9041250555
Subscriber Name: Nitin Grover

Network is unavailable indoors. I have been complaining to the company for past several but no response from the company. even they closed the complaint no.256160605 at their end citing technician has visited the premises & matter has been sorted out but nobody came to solve the issue. If the matter doesn’t sorted out i will port to some other company. I have raise another complaint no. 256198222 on 29th April 2017.Please do the needful at the earliest.

Reliance Communications Delay in Rent Payment

Delay in Rent Payment


I have a Plot in my father’s name in Town Kemri, District Rampur in which there is a tower of Reliance Communication. It has been almost two and a half year and I haven’t received the rent from Reliance Communication. We are unable to contact any resource person as the staff who was dealing regarding this rent payment was fired by this communication and now they are not responding to us as they are no longer responsible. Please Look into this matter and try to solve this issue. I will be highly obliged to you.

Thank You.

Mohd Faisal S/o Mohd Aslam
Contact Detail: 7417264386
Town Kemri, District Rampur UP

Reliance Communications Mobile Bill/Disconnection

Respected Forum,
I had ported my Air-tel Connection in Reliance Communications (RCom) in November 2016. At that time I had paid rupees 300 as security money. Then it was told that this amount will be adjusted in consecutive bills after connection.
After one month of connection i had contacted Reliance Communications customer care many times regarding this issue and it was then told that bill will be adjusted after 3 months. But after 5 months my security amount not adjusted in bill. I had noticed RCom to disconnect my connection in month of April 2017 but RCom did not. I had written Rcom on April 23, April 26, April 28, April 29, May 1. May 3, May 4 and May 13, but RCom had not disconnect my connection. RCom have not told my due amount (if it) after adjusting my security money (300) till today (May 14). I had paid all my bills, only rupees 300 i had not paid because Rcom had taken rupees 300 by me as security money. I am not using RCom connection from end of April 2017. I have been saying from first day if RCom will tell my due amount till April (if it) after adjusting security money, i will instant deposit it but RCom did not till today.
After that RCom has sending me bill and bills, They Phoned me many times. I have submitted my all details but RCom is constantly harassing me. Kindly take action and look into this as soon as possible.

Name -Vinay Kumar Rai
My RCom Mob. No (was). 8800334514
Security Amount Receipt No.- 13832

My current Contact number 9718224003

Thanks & Regards

Reliance Communications Un informed – Sevice Barring

My Reliance postpaid number is 9323688833(not jio) which I have taken in the month of April.
I haven’t received any bill so far via any means(text/ call/ email) and received a message that my out going barred. When asked the coustmer care guy about what happened he said that outgoing service on my mobile (including messaging) barred because of Bill over limit and said that Bill is generated today and it will take 72 hours to reflect. He also said that the limit is 1000 and I have exceeded it by 100. He said he cannot help me getting it done now. I am on a unlimited plan of 499 per month. How can anyone get over by 200% of the bill( I have no value added services attached) in not even a month. This is ridiculous as I am out of station and want to speak with my family. This is so bad and I really felt bad to move my self from Airtel to Reliance I am more disturbed because of no intimation given in any means and so suddenly barred the outgoing. I request an immediate retrieval of my service. I am bringing in this because someone else should not face the same problem.