Reliance Digital Not providing services and refund for AMC service contract of water Purifier-Moonbow

Good day Sir/ma’am,

Kindly take a note that we had purchased Hindware Moonbow Water Purifier on 9th July 2017 at Reliance Digital store located at City Center Mall, Nashik, Maharashtra. Along with this water purifier we had also taken Reliance RESQ Plan(Sr No 117181) as advised by the sales executive at Reliance Digital for next 2 years and please note for this ResQ plan we have had additionallly paid fees which also covers consumables like all filters.

During last month of July, we observed same water purifier is not working upto the mark and getting dirty water so we complained to Reliance Digital tollfree number and requested them to send the technician at the earliest. We first complained to your helpline number about the issue on 24th July 2019 but instead of providing service it was automatically cancelled by Relaince Digital. We had again registered our complain on your helpline number but it was not addressed and cancelled without providing any service.(Request no-22053514). Now issue is pending past more than a month (Present request/complain number-8031287338) and still there is no positive assurance from your service team.

We have made a numerous calls to Reliance Digital tollfree helpline, nashik Reliance Digital showroom, Nashik Reliance Service Center and talked to senior managers as well but we were only false promised that our purifier will be operational within 24 or 48 hours and now 1.5 months has been passed since our first complaint.

We had also visited Reliance Digital Nashik Store and they provided us the number of local service center incharge Mr Nagesh Dighe and that person kept on assuring false promises that filters are on order and purifier will be repaired in 1 or 2 days. Same story we heard for another 10 days. One technician Mr Aniket had visited our home on 20th August to check the system and as per him all 4 fileters need to be replaced to make water purifier fully operational and Reliance Digital supposed to arrange for these filters as per terms and conditions of AMC with Reliance Digital ResQ Plan.

We also numerous complanits on Reliance Digital’s Tollfree helpline and also on both of their Graviance Redressal System(Level 1 & level 2).

Now after 40 days , after wasting out lot of time and efforts Reliance Digital have reliased that the required spare parts including filters are not available in the market but as per Hindware Moonbow company , these parts are very much available in the market. Reliance Digital doesn’t want to outsource them from original company and provide necessary service to us. Instead they promised us to refund our money paid for AMC services which also not getting refund. On 28th August(13 days passed form now) we received mail from Reliance Digital’s Graviance Redressal that they will refund our AMC charges paid (complaint numbers – 700480199) but untill today no action has been taken by Reliance Digital to initiate the refund money.

This is total fraud case and falsification of information given by Reliance Digital about the spare parts availability , also by providing fake contract of AMC at the time of purchase promising that filetrs would be changes on yeraly basis and now not refunding AMC charges to us despite of repeated requests to them. Now their Graviance Redressal email system(Level 1 & level 2) is not responding to our repeated queries about service and refund.

Thank you for patience in reading our email and Hope you hear from you. Please help us and Appreciate necessary promp action against Relaince Digital.

Eesha Nitin Phatangare

Reliance Digital Lies from sales staff

Reliance Digital is a big cheat. Trupti from Prabhadevi store lies about offers, asks you to buy products and once you buy products says the company has cancelled the offer.

I was told that there is a small fridge free with Reconnect AC, installation is free and after paying money said that there are no offers and no free installation.

Please help me refund my money. I will make sure to take it ahead on social media and relevant authorities about my case.

You cant take your customers for granted and fool around with their hard earned money.

Reliance Digital Bad service

Hi ,
My brother bought an AC of LG from Reliance Digital ( Logix city center mall – Sec 32 Noida ) in Jan 2019 .. this is the first summer of the AC and it stops working in May when the heat was on peak. we bought this AC for around 41000/- , this shows how good quality AC LG is producing.
Now as AC was been purchased from Reliance at the time of issue my brother called up Reliance Digital and their highly professional team came and collect the AC for repair . After a few days they came back with dismental AC and said that this product will be repaired by LG team only .
Now LG team came and said that as its already been dismental by someone we will take a full charge to repair this AC and no warranty will be applicable to the product.
Hope you able to understand the issue and position of my brother that he has been cheated by both the companies.
Now please explain who and when this issue will be resolved…. in winters ??? when AC will not be needed or should we throw this 1.5 ton LG product to garbage.
Reliance Digital is selling LG product / getting profit / doing it dismental .. now how come the customer is responsible for this mess between you two parties.
From last 2 months we are suffering now Consumer court and social media are now only 2 options we are left with.

Custoner detail –
Name- himanshu rawat
Phone no.9871076730
[email protected]

Reliance Digital AC repairing (under Extended warrantee) not done properly

I purchased a Voltas (1.5 t) from your shop at Lake Mall 0n 25.04.2016 and advised to get extended warranty expending Rs 10,000.
Upto April 2019 there was no problem and no repairing/services needed. Problem starts from April 2019. Main Problem was Cooling problem. The Outer unit of the AC stopped functioning for 3/4 hours at Noon. Your technicians 3/4 times but did not solve the problem. But it appears to me that there may be some problem in compressor of insufficient Gas. From last two months I am suffering from this problem. It is requested to send a good technician immediately to solve the problem.

Purnendu Saha.
Rameswara Water View
Block 10, Flat-4G
Kolkata 700135

Registered Mobile-9073628125

Reliance Digital, Borivali West Not upto their word of sales pitch

I had purchased a Samsung washing machine from Reliance Digital store in Borivali west and during the sales pitch we were told we would get Rs 1000/- in exchange of our old washing machine. I even told the condition of the old machine n was told no matter what is the condition they consider it as a scrap only. It is since 06April I’m still waiting for the old machine to be taken away.
I even walked up to customer service team and was promised that the old machine will be collected and Rs 800/- will be given. Have also called abt 4-5 times asking for the update but still no response yet.

hemanshu kannada

Reliance Digital Worst Customer service-False information provided about Payment offers-Cheating customers

We have purchased a Lenovo Laptop on April-19 at Reliance Digital , Navalur. The Customer service is really worst where we were given a lot of false information about the payment offers. Finally , we decided to use a Citi bank CC and made the payment via paytm. We have opted for a EMI Pay mode of 6 months with a an assured interest of around 1300/- Rupees. But the CSR was not aware of the info that if we make payment through paytm, the EMI process will not be successful. He did not informed as well. Finally , the payment was done and we have received the full amount to be paid in single shot in our Current month CC statement,

The CSR is so lethargic that he is not aware of the payment offers in their own store and he is so ignorant that he did not informed us during our payment through Paytm , that no offers are available for this mode of transaction. we have contacted the store multiple times , but there is no proper response. we visited the store directly , but the manager response was so irritating that he said nothing can be done from their end.

This fraudulent activity from reliance digital Navalur is so embarrassing that we missed the valuable offers at other good stores like CROMA,Viveks, Vasanth &co etc. I seriously recommend not to visit this store of reliance digital for buying any products and get cheated like us.

The store Manager Mr.parthiban, CSR Ayyanar are responsible for this Worst management and cheating the customers with false information. this is the worst store i have visited ever and waste of money and time.

Reliance Digital Refund for defect product

Dear Mr. BM Bade & Bade’s colleagues,

I trust things are going fine at your end,

This is my 2nd mail to you and this time, I would except if you really think that any grienvce system exist in reliance then you should consider this and resolve the matter ASAP,

I really feel like cheated and really really worried about my hard-earned money, and i feel i took worst decision to enter and buy something from Reliance digital,

Please read sequence of event,

1 — I purchased a Samsung 465L refrigerator, from Reliance Digital Kammanhalli Branch and my nightmare started from 4th April, 2019 onwards, Mr. Dharmendra : please educate your sales person for not keep calling customer that too for Selling Faulty Product, it will only degrade Reliance Image

2 — Problem no # 1 : I was told it will be delivered within 24 hours , but my bad, i didn’t know it means i need to be keep following with reliance for next 24 hours to get it delivered, so after so many calls and follow-up it got delivered by 8th April – 2019 , Please check on your website its 24 hours delivery and in reality you expect customer to follow for next 24 hours after payment and then deliver it in minimum next 72 hours , WTF is that.

3 — Problem No #3 : So after delivering, again follow-up started for Installation , Mr. Dharmendra : check the call log with your cs assisntance, even once she said "Sir our record shows your installation completed" and the product itself not arrived at my home, do you guys really follow any genuine practices in business, sometime i really prefer to avoid big brand, where big brands supposed to be synonyms for better customer experience and satisfaction and sales after service, No way ,

4 — Yes finally i can sense my door bell ringing with the installation engineer and my family excited with the unboxing experience after lot of hurdle, now we are talking about 10th April, Mr. Dharmendra do you realise installations going to start after 6 days that too with thorough follow-up, come-on,

5 — Now we are talking nightmare season 2nd : the time we un-boxed the product, we realised we are not fortunate enough to have right product and got to know its damaged one, Now the installation person left our premises and we got more worried what next,

6 — Now i lost my patience and thought of lets escalate this matter with correct channel,

7 — Now This is first time i got chance to interact with Mr. Dharmendra , i do understand my case may be exceptional and tries to keep my patience upto max and really look forward to resolve this with win-win situation,

8 — Mr. Dharmendra try to conveyed me with some other alternative option as the one that i choose , wasn’t any more in reliance stock, and just to cross verify i personally went reliance digital indira nagar store and another sales engineer ready to sell me , Please sir, false promises , bad practices is really Norm in reliance ?

9 — So day keep passing and damaged product still lying at my home and i am keep bugging Mr. Dharmendra, the best Funny part is You people are hurry to pick the damaged product from my home but you people don’t have any information about When i will get replacement product.

10 — but i kept my self and my eagerness under control and keep believing reliance is trustworthy and hoping to have happy ending

10 — 20th April – 2019 ( more then 15 days ) Now i will get added into the conference call by Mr. Dharmendra perhaps with the logistics in-charge , where he said Sir by Month end we will get some delivery in Bangalore so your problem will sort out,

11 — I just asked one Simple question in the Conf call, please let me know by when i can run the product in my home ? and what if Reliance digital failed to deliver ? i am not inetersted when it will arrive at Bangalore , now the funny part is, Reliance is confident that by Month end it will be available, but when i asked by when it can be delivered and installed, Both reliance digital executive were clueless and i was told that "Sir, we will update you within 1/2 hour", ### off. / SHAME Mr. Bade SHAME Dharmendra, looks like you missed some session during your academics

12 — So after 1 hour i am getting call again from Mr. dharmendra saying Sir we will initiate your reversal process, ( Which it self contradicting #11, Mr. Dharmendra were you not confident initially , if Yes, why you are asking me and if No then why YOU ASKED to start reversal process )

13 — we are 22nd April : and all of sudden i got a call from someone regarding pick-up of damaged stock lying at my home, YOU GUYS don’t even have a faith on common man ,

14 — Considering my overall experience and wanted to keep my self on safer side so i said i will not allow return unless i won’t get my money,

15 — 24-April-2019 : Now this time i get introduced by Mr. Manu , he showed me screenshot by seeing i am expected to believe that reversal of money started and i should get money in my credit card back, with that i was told it will take Max 7 days to be precise Max 7 working day,

16 — Now today is 6th May , more then 10 calendar days past and more then 7 working days happen , i have not heard anything from anyone of you,

17 – whenever I called Reliance customer care : they don’t have any information and keep telling me says : we will give you callback with half an hour, but I really not aware of when half an hour will get over,

Sir, if you really wants to cheat customer and fill your pocket there are many alternative ways Robbery , Business cheating , etc… , why you open reliance digital there are many other ways to cheat and make money, i don’t think anyone can stop Reliance brand.

Attaching all relavent screen-shot & mail for your refrence.