Reliance Jio Worst network in India

I have issues regarding my Jio network. when Reliance Jio first appeared with its Preview Offer, it promised to be the fastest among all internet providers. As it offered free internet, free voice calls, free messages, it was not surprising that customers stood in queues to get hold of one Jio SIM. Reliance Jio was the solution India was looking for, a country where 4 Mbps speed is a big deal but the Advertisement are all crab it has become one the worst network, Dear, Reliance don’t call yourself the fastest network in India I can clearly point out where the network is working and not. you can not call yourself the fastest when you have only set up your network in some particular areas, you may have set up your network in all the States but that doesn’t make you the fastest in the country. there are hundreds of places where you have the worst network strength and tower. even the speed test report is attached to this message. may i suggest you to kindly change your network name from Jio fastest network to Jio slow and economic network for better advertisement.

Reliance Jio Recharged is not done but payment is successful…

Recharge not done successful
Reacharge not done by upi successfully done
Recharge not done successfully
I recharged 349 as monthly plan on 09 October 2018 via my Jio App with paytm UPI as payment mode.The payment was successful to indiaideascici and I was deducted Rs.349 from my bank account. But the monthly pack hasn’t activated. I waited for a 24 hour . They said that it has been declined from their side and yd to contact your third party payment mode for further queries. But UPI payment was successful. This is highly not appreciated. I’motally dissatisfied with your service. I had to recharge my number with different payment mode. So please refund my transaction amount.

Reliance Jio About slow 4g internet connection

I live in birpur village of begusarai, Bihar.
I have an active jio 4g connection with 1.5gb high speed daily 4g data limit.
The internet speed here if so slow that I doesn’t go beyond 30-40kb/s anytime.
I complained several times in jio helpline but they said this problem is temporary. It’s very disappointing and frustrating situation.
Kindly do something remarkable.
Thank you.
Aditya kumar

Reliance Jio NO SERVICE | 1.5 YEARS

have been using Jio from past 1.5 yeasr. Since the beginning, I have been facing low network coverage issues in my area and building. I have raised several complaints but there is has been no action taken. Every time I raise a complaint I have been told to wait for 180 days which I did. But no action has been taken yet.
This is highly disappointing service from Jio and I am looking for an immediate solution along with a compensation.
Kindly look into the same.
I have mentioned the complaint number below.

25 OCT 2017

29 DEC 2017

01 JUNE 2018


I feels very poor internet speed in day from many times even if I don’t completely use of my package. But in night, the speed of Internet is coming high. Only in day, my internet speed is coming low. So, I requested to you or your jio care to solve my problem quickly. If you solve my problem quickly, I will do my work freely and freely stay on jio card. So, I again request to you for solve my problem. I hope you will solve my problem quickly and you will not to break my satisfaction. Now, I am waiting for speed in day and night high speed till my daily package is not completely over.

Reliance Jio Slow Net speed

I kindly inform you that in my locality Area we are facing Slow internet speed.
my jio SIM connection not working I face this problem i find that jio tower is too far from my location area and I received low signals in phone.
The problem is worst between 7 pm to 12 pm sometime 3pm to 5pm at my location the speed is 05kbps to 40 kbps. But here Airtel internet is more stronger
than Jio. now a days we are face this problem with Jio network why we recharged and continue with jio when speed and internet is so poor..
I kindly request you to please improve speed of internet with more tower i think the nearby tower are fully overloaded..
Kindly improve there are thousands of Jio custmer of Jio is suffering from slow internet.. Thanks

Reliance Jio Worst service & support

As expected from Reliance, their service is too bad in my 15 years of experience & they proved that again.
Anyway, I tried to subscribe Jio Prime membership in my mobile number 7978604102, on 27-MAR-2017 14:30:01 via JioMoney android app & your server failed after deduction of amount (Rs.99/-) from my bank account (screenshot attached). I tried to call their provided number viz. 18008919999 but no one picks up. Also I sent support chat TXN Id 721000084202 (via their JioMoney app but bank transaction shows 780736) but mail comes Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 4:33 PM stated as:
"While doing the transaction through JioMoney, in case the transaction fails and the amount is debited from your JioMoney account, the funds will be auto-refunded within three working days from the date of transaction. If you have made the payment using debit/credit card or netbanking, the amount will be auto-refunded within seven working days from the date of transaction."
… and advertisements of their services

So I can or will retry to subscribe prime again after 7 days & I will succeed !!!!!
I don’t need their service anyway, not now & not even then.

Worst service & support Worst service & support Worst service & support