Reliance Jio Data uses

I am a Jio Sim holder and the number is 8240053429 and I am under Summer Plan ( 99 + 303 ) . I am receiving everyday a message early in the morning that all my Datas are used which is supposed to be 1 GB and at that time of the morning everbody sleeps. So the question of using Net at that time is unrealistic. Being fade up I started complaining without any result. What I understand that it may not be possible for Reliance to continue with the facilities it promised. If so they should come out and confess that "we have lost so many thousand cores and we are unable to continue" and should ask for some more money from the customer. Surprisingly I am not only the customer facing this problem there are lots of customers facing the same problem. Please help.

Reliance Jio Network signal and internet speed is very low

there is massive network problem in my area there is no or practically nill network at my house and everyone in this area are complaining about this problem sometimes i have to go outside my house to take a call big incovenince. And also net speed is very slow. I think airtel 3g service is better than ur 4g services. If u continue provide this kind of service than i think i will think for mnp. So kindly rectify the pblm. I belongs to near modinagar tehsil(ghaziabad)

Reliance Jio Complaint of Jio Vendor in Noida Sector 22 (PK Communication)for Fraudulent

Dear Sir / Ma’am,

My Name is Tarun Sharma and i live in Noida. I had applied for a new Jio prepaid connection on 17th July 2017 at P.K.Communication in Noida and they have charged me with (99 + 399 Rs) for Prime Membership and 3 Month Net Pack respectively.
On 19th July 2017 at 4:18 PM i received message at my alternate number which is mentioning about Order Number which is (NO00002YDEGC) after which i was regularly tracking it’s status through Jio app but it finally said that your number cannot be processed. By the time twice was the verification call was done through Jio Employee to my reference given of Mr.Sunil and once they failed to verify him, but on another chance they said reference is verified and connection will processed further.
After sometime when i coordinated with P K Communication they said your connection is gone under re-work due to the old photo given by me. I upgraded it also with new one then too no progress over my connection whereas now the order number which was raised is indicated as Invalid and the Mobile Number which PK Communication has given to me it is also invalid because on knowing about it’s status Customer Care of Jio is saying that we haven’t received any application with this number.
And now when i am asking for refund of the money which i have already submitted PK Communication they are giving an excuse that they have already recharged on the given number with Rs 498 i.e. 99+399 Rs, so they are not returning the money back.
Hereby i am mentioning some of the useful details for your reference Alternate Number- 7503661198
Order Number- NO00002YDEGC
Fake number provided by PK Communication- 8920078674
Complaint Number raised at Jio Customer Service- SR00000BEZ18
Kindly Look into this matter of Fraudulent.Hereby i am also attaching the photo of Form Filled at PK Communication.

Reliance Jio Slow 4G data speed

Sir…Mein Shekhar Yadav Mathura se hun…..mein reliance jio ka network use kr raha hu…or mujhe lambe time se bahut hi slow internet speed(10-20 kbps to kbhi 60-80kbps) mil rhi h…jbki company sabse fast data speed ka Dava krti h…jb mein 4g data speed k paise jio ko de rha hu to mujhe ye 4G speed k badle 2G ki speeed kyu de rhe h…..meine complaint bhi kiya but unhone 120days ka lamba time lene k baat kah k complaint ko close kr diya.. (Request Id-SR00000NRCTT)…to sir mein bas company se Acchi 4G speed chahta hu…

Reliance Jio ऑनलाईन ड़ेबिट कार्ड़ से रिचार्ज न होने के बाबत्

सर मैने 23 और 24 जुलाई 2017 को लिंक से ऑनलाईन रिचार्ज किया था लेकिन रिचार्ज नही हुआ और मेरा 399+399 रुपये बैलेंस एकाउंट से कट गया ! मैने jio care मे भी कम्पलेन की लेकिन कोई सही जवाब नही मिला !
मेरा जियो नम्बर 8005954148 है

ये मेरा sbbj bank account का स्टेटस्मेन्ट
07/8/2017, 12:16
Avail Bal in A/c xxx136: Rs. 24827.14 CR
24/07/17: 399.00 DR, by debit card
23/07/17: 399.00 DR, by debit card
26/06/17: 5057.50 DR, by debit card
26/06/17: 200.00 DR, ATM WDL
25/06/17: 332.00 CR, CREDIT INTEREST

मुझे ये मैसेज प्राप्त हुआ था
Thank you for using your SBI Debit Card 459XX6561 for a purchase worth Rs399.0 on POS RELIANCEJIO at RELIANCEJIO txn# JU5521866303.

प्लीज सर मुझे जल्द Refund करवाने का कष्ट करे

Reliance Jio Harassment by Jio Store employee

Today gone to show my Jio WiFi at Reliance Dx monk store. WiFi router was not working properly. Contacted one of the employee named Tushar. After seeing my router, he immediately responded in a worst manner and told me to throw the router. I asked him the reason then agin he behaved very oddly and told me “you don’t know the battery of your router is bulged. I calmly said, “Bhai, Ian unaware of it as I have never opened the router so how could I know about it. Even after that he continued with his bad tone. After that another employee came and asked him to keep mum. How can he behave so rudely with a client that too an old man? It was disgusting for me.

Reliance Jio new connection jio

jio ref no NO00002Y1EFI,
dear sir,
i applied for the jio connection by paying a cheque of Rs. 4500.00 VIDE CHWQUE NO 55542, ICICI BANK dated 15 july2017 and was cleared on 28 july 2017. i applied for the connection on the july 15, 2017.
thereafter i received sms on my mobile no 9314502933on july 17and july 18 that installation will be on 18-07-2017:14:00:00. i wish to inform that till today 10 aug 2017 no action has been taken by JIO. i request you kindly letme know the latest status.
best regard
sunit bakliwal
3-Ta-1, Jawahar nagar, jaipur 302004
mo 9314502933