Religare Health Insurance Rejection of claim settlement

I am holding religare policy for me , my wife and kid , and this is my 2nd year of policy year. 2 days back my wife was admitted in hospital sue to sudden onset of repeated vomiting and loose motions and she was not able to eat anything and was severe dehydration fir which the doctor advised urgent hospitalisation . She was treeated at hospital with injectavle antibiotics and saline injections.she had loose motion for about 50 times in one day and was so weak that she was not able to walk . Still they did not consider her coverage under health insurance just saying that she didnt want admiaaion.i have send her letter from the treating doctor and also the hospital authority regarding her condition still they just said no.watis tge use of taking health policy than.please help me . My e mail id is [email protected] and my phone number is 8638165152

Religare Health Insurance without any intimation they done the cancellation of Health Insurance

Hi Team

Difficulties faced in Religare Health Insurance

Issue No 1 : Without informing to the customer attached policy is got cancelled on 18th Jun (Note : No Message/Phone call or E Mail confirmation provided by Religare regarding the cancellation of the policy )
The above statement is given by Religare customer care ( Representative name Mano and date of calling 26th Aug 18 time 6.15 Pm) but our Representative saying that the policy is still active (Religare Representative Name Raj shree Contact No 9205620352)
Issue No 2 : Payment refunded on Rs.21939 on 01st Aug 18 without any intimation and directly credited to my credit card and i am attaching the screen short as well for your ready reference.
Issue No 3 : Total payment made for the policy is Rs.23939 but received Rs.21939
Note : Policy cancellation happened on 18th June but payment refunded on 01st Aug that to short fall. I am really not able to get the clarification for the refund when i have asked the representative regarding the difference amount.
Issue No 4 : On 18th Aug reliegare Representative came to know, only when customer ( that is me ) saying that i received the refund on 1st Aug 18 and Religare representative saying that please make the payment once again. As a Customer i have asked some discount while making payment. Our Representative said we will check with our IT department for sending the payment link for making the payment once again.
Issue No 5 : Last but not least i have not received any Incident/complain number through SMS which i have called to the customer care people (Representative name Mano and date of calling 26th Aug 18 time 6.15 Pm)
My Concern

I have associated with Maxbupa for past 7 years i have not faced any issue with Maxbupa. After migrating my policy from Maxbupa to Religare the above mentioned issue is happened.
My question is very simple if something happens to the insurer who will take the responsibility and i am not sure Religare will take care of my family or at least the insurer.
Please connect with People after getting the policy.

you can reach my mobile no 9841711194 any time

Religare Health Insurance Claim not settled in 3 months

Customer ID 54725039

Policy No- 10829986

Claim File has been submitted on 3 September 2017
No query raised till oct 27, 2017 Untill end customer made inquiry follow up. All executives are having different excuses for reason of delay.
Every week new query is been raised now since last three weeks, Why cant file can be checked once as a whole ?
Three time payment commitments made by mail from [email protected] mail id every times fails with new query? Even writing series of mail to religare REASON FOR DELAY IS UNKNOWN

Who is responsible / Accountable / for delay ?

Religare Health Insurance No update on my new policy

Hi Team,

I am highly disappointed with the services provided by policy bazar/Religare health insurance. I purchased a health insurance policy on 23/01/2018 and I was promised that I will get my soft copy documentation within couple of hours.
I haven’t received any documentation till date and now you are asking for hard copy of the documents, which I have already submitted via email.
I have tried contacting you multiple times, but everytime I am promised a call back and nothing happens. If this is the kind of service you provide to your customers, I am really annoyed and wish to cancel my policy.