Renault Duster issue

My car KA05MS1100 is giving continuous issue but unable to fix it. Initially hear was getting stuck in first gear which they changed the synchronizer.
Later steering had issue which they replaced it. They mentioned clutch is weak so I changed the clutch to new. After that clutch started giving sound which they identified as sleeve cylinder detached which they fixed. Now I again I get the same clutch sound and they are in the process of changing the clutch peddle. Not sure how I can trust my car anymore. My car is still under warranty and I don’t want to spend few more lakhs to challenge it. Pls give me a proper solution to it or compensation so that I can be of peace of mind

Renault faulty car given and servicing not provided

I have given my car for servicing multiple times with one specific complaint about the gear-shifting in the first gear. Every time it has been taken from me, kept for a longer time than promised and the problem not fixed at all. The problem that the gear gets stuck sometimes while shifting is a life risk on the road as I have faced multiple times. I have also raised complaint on the website before without getting any response on that. The service centre is absolutely unresponsive as I have asked them to bring this conversation over email multiple times. They even went on to deny the existence of the problem in some situations till I had to call a technician to prove this issue. They keep the car with them and provide me no alternate at the time or financial reimbursement for transport I have to make. Along with that they always promise to return it within a specified time and always fail to do that creating multiple other problems for me. On my last visit to the service cent!
re, I had recorded a conversation with one of the managers with his permission of course where he assured me that he would bring this up over email where I could track what was going on as I have taken the car to the same service centre on at least 5 to 6 different occasions now without any resolution to the problem. I have bought a product from renault for my daily use and using it now is causing me a life hazard.

Renault Renault Selection Used Duster


I bought a used Renault Duster from Renault Selection showroom in Whitefield Bangalore in September 2018. I was told that the vehicle has gone through 199 points inspection and I was provided with a 1 year warranty for the vehicle (attached).

I have been facing huge issues with this vehicle since last 6 months. In the last 6 months, this car has been sent to service center at least 6 times (may be more) and has been kept there for a total of ~15 days at least. Even now, the vehicle is lying in service center (AC was not working) and I am being told that some parts need to be replaced (Radiator Fan Motor, Relay, Resistor etc.) which will cost me ~30K and are not covered under warranty.

Below are some issues I have faced so far:

1. AC mode knob was not usable – replaced by service center last year – is not working again now

2. Wiper motor was making huge noise – left the car in service center 3 times for this issue. Finally, the motor was replaced

3. Vehicle steering not moving on left side – Power steering left side parts was replaced. I was told it was a major part costing 30-40k.

4. Noise coming when releasing clutch in stop and go traffic – Never corrected

5. Radiator fan stopped working (current issue) – they are asking around 30k for this.

6. Many other minor problems like noises from loose parts, from under the hood, driver seat moving etc.


Do they really do 199 points inspection before selling a used car? How can so many major parts get broken in such a short time if at all inspections were indeed done?

Please let me know how do I escalate this… I am willing to take up this matter to consumer court…

Renault Rash driving

TN 89 4567. The above mentioned vehicle number was driving so fast in a street next to star biriyani hotel, Palavakkam around 12.30-12.44 pm on 11th February 2019. He was driving so fast that he never mind about the vehicles coming on the opposite side and almost to hit me while I am coming on his opposite side. It is a residential area and a small street violating the speed limit. And especially people walking on the corner of the road. I literally have to go to the left corner and stop my bike and let him go. Unnecessary speed in that area. I request to take some serious action on this and penalise him for this action.

Renault Renault — renault fraud in cancellation of booking and refund amount

This is to inform you that i have booked renault kwid RXT O 1.0cc from solan branch on 17 feb 2017. After 1 month i have cancelled my booking. Branch executive said submit your receipt at branch. I have submitted receipt and they write down my bank account information and said. Within 2 3 months your amount refunded online. But after 3 months i called solan branch they gave me other numbers to contact. But no response from there side. I have also call on company toll free number many times and register my complaint. But they dont resolve my issue and said we dont know how much time company take for refund your amount. Approx after 2 years company not refunded my cancellation amount still company executives said we dont know how much time taken to refund my amount. I want refunded my money as soon as possible

Renault faulty new car

I bought new Renault kwid,automatic,amt model,from ncr motors,shona road,Gurgaon. Currently car is service center,Atul kataria chowK. purchased on 24th Feb,2017, car num hr26 dc 4771.
From 27th Feb,2017, we were complaining about this car,that running car engine goes off, which is highly risk y on streets of Gurgaon. till today, nobody from entire Renault tech team has been able to find prb. we gave them ample chances to rectify prb.
But now we too have lost all hopes,and hence dint want this faulty car.
I appeal to Renault team India,if you guys are so true to your customer,so this is the chance to prove your honesty.
Definately car us faulty,even your Chennai team attended it,but still no solution. hence replace the car or refund entire amount at the earliest. this is an appeal,kindly accept it.
or else will take legal path for such frauds by Renault company. Puneet bhatia
email : [email protected]