Renault India Renault Duster RXL AMT

Hello friends

I bought a Renault Duster AMT RXL in May, 2016. Love the car for its handling, drive quality and road presence but 1 major problem and few minor annoyances. I expect more for something worth 15lacs on-road. After 6000 kms i started noticing shuddering/stuttering at low speeds (1st & reverse gears). This shuddering/stuttering results in dramatic vibrations and jerks at speeds just above 5km/hr.. After multiple visits to Renault service station and few basic trouble shooting performed on the car, the problem did not go away and it had become strenuous to drive in the city. So after 6000kms and multiple visits to the ST they replaced the Clutch kit, Crankshaft Seal and Clutch Fluid. So the issue was fixed and i was satisfied with results – no more shuddering and I am pleased with the service, professionalism of the Trident Renault Service centre at Indiranagar, Bangalore – in particular Mr.Manohar who was talking to Renault India to fix this issue (manufacturing Defect). !
Also, it was covered under warranty(obviously) so I had to pay Rs.0. The shuddering had disappeared.All was good – enjoyed few long drives without a hiccup… Until a month ago. The car has clocked 14000kms and the shuddering is back!!! it creeps(amt feature) then shudders/vibrates/jerks around vigorously.. The same problem we had at 6000 kms is back at 14000kms.. Seems like a trend. The replaced parts hold on for about 6000 kms and then go bust. Very disappointed with this issue.. I have taken it back to the service station and the guys did some basic check ups(same as last time).They have suggested i step on the accelerator and build speed where the shuddering is gone. But, how is that possible in todays traffic in Bangalore. Its pretty much bumper to bumper traffic from my home to my workplace in whitefield. I am distressed by the fact that this is a defected car or engine/amt gearbox problem or a faulty clutch system. I will monitor the vehicle in the next few days and ! surely return to the service station to get this fixed. Renau! lt India, please take note. This needs to be sorted ASAP.
Other annoyances are the interiors – pathetic and cheap materials shows by the constant creaking sounds from the dashboard. The car is so smooth over potholes and the worst of roads – its a joy to drive even on the worst roads in Bangalore, but for the interiors being unable to hold it together, which ultimately spoils the ride.. I can live with the shitty interiors but the engine shuddering/jerking needs to be addressed immediately.

Renault India Grievance regarding my Renault Duster Paid Service

Hello Sir,

I use a Renault Duster car and on 11/12/2017 i had given my car for a paid service. I got my serviced vechile back on 12/12/2017, but at the time of delivery the front windscreen glass was damaged (had a crack). This issue was addressed in front of the respresentative that had come to drop the car, also i have his signature on the quality certificate. As per the quality certificate when the car was taken by the service guy the windshield was marked as Green (Checked & Ok at this time). But at the time of devilery the windshiled was damaged. This was also told to the superviser at the service station, after which he agreed to come and have a look at the windshield which never happened. With almost 2 weeks passing by the crack is increasing and has started to spread.
Also, the representative had adviced that you can use your insurance, as a customer i am very disappointed with the service and not at all ready to bare any more charges or file claim on my insurance.
Please let me know what can be done to handle and solve this situation, as it is very dangerous and risky to drive car with a cracked windshield.

Renault India Low mileage for Kwid Auto RXT 1.0

I own Renault Kwid Rxt 1.0, Easy R. I purchased the vehicle in Dec 2016, I have a problem with the mileage. I have reported this concern to Renault service center in Hyderabad several times. But the mileage has not improved. Current mileage is 14.8 Km/L.
I travel approximately 70 Km per day, it which 20 km is in City traffic and 50 Kms is on highway.
Even after 2nd servicing at 10,000 kms my car mileage has not improved.
Main reason for me to purchase Kwid was the commitment on mileage. Request you to address my concern immediately.

Preethi Kasiraju
Mobile: 9246309394

Renault India Car stops all of a sudden


My Renault Kwid stops suddenly and it happened at least 5+ times in just last 2-3 months. It gives an alert of Electric issue and without any intervention it starts normally after an hour or so.
This is completely unacceptable for a company of such repute. Without knowing anything about this car, we bought it for the name of Renault and keeping their European quality in mind.
In addition, the car’s advertised mileage is a big joke. We are lucky if we get 50% of quoted mileage.
Car is driven by my wife for the most part to get my kids to different places. They are scared to go any where on this as it’s so unpredictable. Twice they called break down service when it stopped in middle of traffic and by the time they turn up car starts again.
I hope Renault helps me with this problem as the service center has no clue on what to do with this issue.