Renault India Misbehaved, abused, job not done

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Suffered, misbehaved, bad dealing by the staff and engineers of renault service center benchmark jalandhar on jalandhar – amritsar road. I have spent about 3 waiting and the job not done. Mr. Harpreet is very very irresponsible person. Mr. Narinder (Denter) doesn’t have the proper knowledge of his job. He is very illmannered person. He doesn’t know how to deal with the customer. He started debating and abused. Even he challenged me by telling his name that the complaint against him may be submitted / raised anywhere, he doesn’t care and bother. Such people spoil the image of the big companies. It’s very very bad. A bad experience and a bad day for me.

I made a call to the service center on 16th march at 10.34am (At the numbers 7087013411, 7087013464, 7087013510, 7087013863) to know the workshop timings and the availability of denter. Mr. Harpreet confirmed me that the workshop will be open 9.30 ~ 6.30 & the denter will be available there & i can visit anytime.

I visited there at about 3.30pm. They asked me to wait for 1 and half an hour. Till 5.44pm, nobody properly attended my vehicle. I left the workshop at 5.50pm. I gave all the detail to customer care at 5.50pm at their toll free number between whatever the episode and show created by the staff and engineers is mentioned in the first paragraph.

In view of above, i suggest to all viewers / honours and the people who are thinking of buying renault product to be very very careful because they will not get better after sales services. Moreover, their agencies’ working staff and engineers are also very very illmannered. They start abusing and fighting with the customers.

GM of Renault Benchmark Jalandhar called me on 30.03.2019 at my mobile from the their contact number 09815022115 to know the facts which I have already explained a number of times. Moreover, I hope, they must have all the information recorded in the service agency and through the CCTV available there. Instead of taking any stringent action against the persons involved they are just killing time.

Renault India Grievances and Poor service response

Hello Renaults,
Our vehicle model is Renault Kwid(RXT) our vehicle no is TN 70 S 5447. Vehicle purchased date: 28.3.2016. Total km till now used 13855km.
Yesterday (14.10.2018), we have stopped our vehicle near one of the sweet stall at hosur around 7.35pm and wait for just 10min. Afterwards while starting the vehicle its not getting started. Actually we are struck in the very cruicial and busy area at hosur. There is no parking also.
We are not able to start our vehicle. Because of very difficult situatuation,i have called to hosur Renaults manager. He has given one toll free number. I have contacted that number around 7.50pm. One of your person attended the call and asked about all the details , i have given my details and what is the issue of our vehicle details and also I told him that we are in very crucial place and need urgent help. After asking all the details, he has connected the call to some other person. He was also asking the same details once again and also he was asking many questions about 20min., without understanding our situation. I told him we are in critical situation atleast u can check and give the authentication number of our vehicle. But he didn’t understand the situation and not responding properly for my request. Again asking many questions only.
After a long time, he told its sunday, so we are having issue for getting people. For this kind of stupid and poor responds, why should asking many questions without understanding our situation and wasting out time more than one hour.
In the difficult situation, later he has put a conference call to somebody from Bangalore, he was also asking again same details for long time, then after asking all the details he replied that he can come to the spot after 2hours only.
You people just think is it possible to stay in the crucial area more than 2hrs? Already we were waiting there more than one hour.
Finally after struggling a longtime more than one and half an hour, we have arranged ourself one mechanic from local area and resolved the problem ourself. Also that person taking time for resolving the problem is just 5 to 10minutes. Taking this time, i would like to thank that person for his kind heart to help us in the late time, we never know him previously. He is a stranger for us. Also he didn’t get any money from us,while we have given also. Actually instead of that kind hearted guy, you people should do for us. Feel very bad about your service.
We have received ref.Number from you is RE1819220670 by 8.10pm on 14.10.2018. And received message regarding service initiation by 11.35pm on 14.10.2018.
See, in the cruicial situation also, u people are taking time around 3 hours for just for service initiation also. I am having this reference With me which is received message from you.
For your information, local area, i mean hosur itself there’s a Renaults service center. Why you people can’t give service from local area, like this difficult situation? Ok, I understand that its sunday. But for difficult situation also, u people can’t serve means, why there’s a service center required? And also just 5 to 10min. Will take to resolve our problem, but you people simply taking nearly one hour for asking details and questions only. Then also you can’t resolve our problem !? Is it the response and service like reputed company? Because of you are one of the reputed company, so only we have chosen your brand vehicle. But totally i am not satisfied about your brand and service.
And also my wish, should not happened like this situation to any other people in the cruicial situation and also Requesting you people please don’t do like this With other customer.
I am writing this not only for me, Atleast other people shouldn’t get affect and shouldn’t get disappointed like this kind of service.
If possible you people do sort out and atleast customer shouldn’t get affected or frustrated about your response and your service. Take its impotartancy and do immediate action regarding this.

Renault India Manufacturing Fault of Engine Assy.

Dated: 05/09/2018

M/s Renault India Private Limited (RIPL)
Renault India Registered office, and South Regional office
ASV Ramana Towers, #37-38, 4th Floor,
Venkatanarayana Road, T. Nagar, Chennai – 600 017, Tamilnadu
M/s Renault India Private Limited (RIPL)
Sales & Marketing, and North/Central Regional Office
Plot No. 11, 3rd Floor, Sector 32,
Institutional Area, Gurgaon – 122002, Haryana

M/s Crystal Automobiles Pvt. Ltd.
Khasara No. 1336, 1337, Mainapur Industrial Area,
Ghaziabad – 201003, U.P.

Dear Sir/Madam,

This refers to my Renault Duster, 85 PS RXZ, which has been purchased vide Registration No. UP 14CY 5176 and further after purchase facing various issues due to several negligence by Car Manufacturer/Service center. Under given circumstances, I hereby put the following facts and seek resolution on immediate basis:-
1. That, I have purchased this car on 06th July 2016 from Groupe Renault/ Crystal Automobiles Pvt. Ltd., Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.
2. That at the time of delivery it was communicated that various relevant documents will be handed over within 3 days including RTO Tax receipt for issuance of registration certificate.
3. That on enquiring the same after three days as committed, the statement was changed and started taking due advantages. Further after various communication they have supplied the forged documents (Delivery Challan) which became a serious concern (A detailed communication attached as Annexure 1).
In this regard, I had informed the same vide my email dated 19.07.2016 to Renault Customer Care and complaint had been registered vide reference no. ID 4-02206162. Further, based on your assurance we confident that the car sold by Renault Duster is as per specified specification and in new condition.
4. That, the 3rd service for car was due on 7th July 2018 or completion of 20,000 KM and we sent our vehicle for servicing to Crystal Automobiles on 1st July 2018 @ 18868 KM (A Pre-Job Slip Report /complaint receipt attached as Annexure 2) which were well in defined period (within 2 years), with raised concern of Black Smoke and Poor mileage. After various follow up we received message that our vehicle was ready for delivery after service on 8th July 2018 and we paid service amount, further after payment and delivery of the car after 3rd service I observed that the raised problem i.e. black smoke was not resolved hence again made a complaint to Service agency and they took the vehicle on 10th August 2018 for test and found that our raised concern was not resolved.
5. That after several time follow ups, raised our complaint vide Service Complaint – 4-05451263 we could not able to understand the real problem. The team including Renault customer care are not in a position to respond the real cause of problem and rectification work delayed significantly. On 18th of July we informed by Mr. Harpreet (Service Manager of Crystel Automobile) through telephone phone that they have opened Engine Assembly and found some foreign metal object inside of engine, which cause several defect and they are taking approval to resolve it. Once again we received phone call from Mr. Harpreet on 22nd that they have ordered half engine assembly on TOP PRIORITY basis by air and vehicle will be delivered soon after replacing Half Engine Assembly. Further on 26th August we received e-mail mentioning that now they have ordered the part of Engine and will deliver the vehicle (Unknown delivery date).
Just to bring your kind notice that the Renault/Workshop/Crystel didn’t took any written consent before opening of Engine Assembly. Secondly, as we understood that these are new generation shield engineers and any major repairing work in engine will down grade the performance of the vehicle/market value. You will appreciate that, I have invested the huge amount for purchase of new vehicle, which includes new brand/shield engine not the repaired ones, which they are going to repair it.
Now, I have also a doubt about workmanship of Renault as the car was standing at their workshop i.e. 1st July 2018 to 8th July 2018 and further since August 10, 2018 to till date, but till now they are not in a position to tell the exact cause or not rectifying the same within time period. They are just making formalities by informing about general activities like half engine assy. has shipped or some part has to be changed, etc…… It shows very bad service experience about Renault as their engineers are not qualified or not well trained. I must say, in view of above facts, they are doing R&D on my vehicle.
On the basis of above various issues and facts, I, therefore, call upon you to replace my car.
In anticipation…


With Best Regards

Renault India Brake failure within 3 months of purchase

I had purchased a new Renault duster car vin no-MEEHSRCFFGA001871 on 16 jà nuary 2017.On 26 April 2017 while driving on State Highway I noticed my brake is not working.Luckily I survived a major accident.
Now dealer confirmed that it’s due to loosening of brake tubing system,brake fluid was leaked out.How a 3 month old vehicle can have such lossening in vital part of vehicle like brake.I think it’s due to defective parts of vehicle.I want a whole new replacement of the braking system which is defective.
Renault India is having a good name in this country.I request the company to take it seriously and make a detail enquiry into it . Customer care didn’t reply to my mail in this regard. Please do best possible thing for my new vehicle.Or else Renault india will be held responsible for any untoward thing happens to me and my family due to defective parts in future Hope a sensible reply from Renault
Thanking you
Dr Pramod Kumar Sahu

Renault India Not adherence to Warranty

Dear Sir,

I am owner of a Renault Duster Mar 2013 Model.

Veh No HR 26 BX 9962
Renault Duster
Warranty expired –18 Mar 17

In early Nov 16 i had observed slight mis-firing of the Engine (jerky motion very intermittently but not very often) and had taken the vehicle to the Renault Duster Service Center, Sohna road. The service engineer took a test drive and said that he was unable to feel any jerky movement. I told him its a slight jerk and would only be felt if observed very carefully. I requested him to connect a diagnosis tool on the OBD to see if there is any fault code observed. He said that such a tool was not available at the center at that point of time and advised me to take t eh vehicle back and return to the service station if the problem increases or persists.
In 25 Dec 16 (Sunday) took the veh to the service station as the the frequency of the jerks had increased . The service engineer took a test drive and acknowledge the problem, he further said that the diagnosis for such a problem would take a long time and asked me visit the next day (as there was a large number of pending vehicle for the day, it being a sunday).
I took the vehicle back , and the very next day 26 Dec, my vehicle got stranded in the middle of the road due to the same problem. The jerks had become so much that the vehicle stalled immediately after starting. I asked for road assistance, and a service engineer from Renault Mayapuri came to inspect the vehicle and finally the vehicle had to be towed to the service station.
The veh remained with the service station for 2 days. On inquiring the service engg said that the fault could not be localised. On the third day the service engineer said that the problem with the Software in the ECU unit and the same had be re installed. I insisted that installation on a embedded software may not be a final solution for this issue, and asked for a replacement of ECU. However, the manager of the Renault Mayapuri assured that the veh can be kept under observation and if the issue re occurs , they would resort to the repl,acement of ECU.
The issue again resurfaced after a few days. The same was conveyed as part of the customer feedback. This time i decided to wait for the issue to get aggrivated before reporting it to the service center. I finally took the vehicle to the service center on 23 Feb. The vehicle was at the service center for 3 days and the service center ppl claimed that the issue has been resolved. However, on asking how the issue was resolved, the replay was by checking the electrical wiring. However, the issue was nt resolved and the jerks was being felt. Was out of station for along period in the month of Mar.
On Apr 4 i escalated the issue to Renault Customer service. I received a reply from them promptly and Renault MAYAPURI was in action again. This time however, after keeping the veh for 3 days they localized the issue to Accelerator PADs. They informed me that the issue can be resolved by replacement of accelerator pads. I refused to do any payment for the same as this was a problem which i had projected during the Warranty period and so has to be resolved free of cost. Further i also expressed my concern at the diagnosis and said that this issue is not likely to be because of the accelerator pads. On assurance of the Service Manager of Renault mayapuri, that if the issue re occurs he would resolve it within warranty i took the vehicle back.
After this i got a feedback call from Renault customer service in which i expressed that the issue has not been resolved.
Due to busy schedule and work related travel, i could not follow it up and finally on Jun 5 i wrote to Renault Customer Service, but did not get a revert back from them.
On 03 jul i wrote back again and Renault mayapure swung back into action this time claiming that the the issue was with the High pressure pump an it would cost me 50000 Rs. On narrating the whole background the service manager asked for a days time to consult his superiors. The next day he called saying that 50 % would be borne by the service center and i would have to pay 50 %. I refused and insisted for changes under warranty. He again took another day to revert back and this time he came with and offer of 80% by the service center and 20% to be borne by me.
I refused stating that the issue has become worse as the fault could not be diagnosed properly by the service center during the warranty period. And therefore the issue should be resolved with no cost to the customer.
A day later, Renault Customer Service called me for negotiations. But they failed as i was not ready to pay any part of the repairs as the issue had been projected repeatedly during the warranty period and it was the fault of Renault India that the issue could not be resolved in time during warranty.
I have the following to submit

1. The problem of Engine Missing has been reported by me on a number of occassions since Dec 16.
2. The same problem was supposedly resolved by the Renault Service center once by reloading of Software of ECU, Once by Checking the wiring, once by replacing the Accelorator PADs.
3. The same has been ascertained by the Renault Customer Service during a teleforn conference call between me, Service Manager of Renault Mayapuri and the Customer Service personeell.
4. The issue is attributable to material failure( HP Pump) which could not be diagnosed since Dec 16, and therefore the issue has got aggreviated. This is attributable to poor fault diagnosis procedures of Renault. It could have been easily localised by connecting a OBD diagnosis device.
5. if the issue wasnt because of faulty diagnosis, renault would not have offered me a discount of 80% of the cost of repairs.

In view of the above submission, it is requested that the defect rectification may be covered under the warranty.
Further, considering the repeated occurrence of the issue, the issue may be kept under observation for 6 months from the date of resolution. Any occurrence of the issue during the said period should be resolved free of cost.

Renault India Renault Duster RXL AMT

Hello friends

I bought a Renault Duster AMT RXL in May, 2016. Love the car for its handling, drive quality and road presence but 1 major problem and few minor annoyances. I expect more for something worth 15lacs on-road. After 6000 kms i started noticing shuddering/stuttering at low speeds (1st & reverse gears). This shuddering/stuttering results in dramatic vibrations and jerks at speeds just above 5km/hr.. After multiple visits to Renault service station and few basic trouble shooting performed on the car, the problem did not go away and it had become strenuous to drive in the city. So after 6000kms and multiple visits to the ST they replaced the Clutch kit, Crankshaft Seal and Clutch Fluid. So the issue was fixed and i was satisfied with results – no more shuddering and I am pleased with the service, professionalism of the Trident Renault Service centre at Indiranagar, Bangalore – in particular Mr.Manohar who was talking to Renault India to fix this issue (manufacturing Defect). !
Also, it was covered under warranty(obviously) so I had to pay Rs.0. The shuddering had disappeared.All was good – enjoyed few long drives without a hiccup… Until a month ago. The car has clocked 14000kms and the shuddering is back!!! it creeps(amt feature) then shudders/vibrates/jerks around vigorously.. The same problem we had at 6000 kms is back at 14000kms.. Seems like a trend. The replaced parts hold on for about 6000 kms and then go bust. Very disappointed with this issue.. I have taken it back to the service station and the guys did some basic check ups(same as last time).They have suggested i step on the accelerator and build speed where the shuddering is gone. But, how is that possible in todays traffic in Bangalore. Its pretty much bumper to bumper traffic from my home to my workplace in whitefield. I am distressed by the fact that this is a defected car or engine/amt gearbox problem or a faulty clutch system. I will monitor the vehicle in the next few days and ! surely return to the service station to get this fixed. Renau! lt India, please take note. This needs to be sorted ASAP.
Other annoyances are the interiors – pathetic and cheap materials shows by the constant creaking sounds from the dashboard. The car is so smooth over potholes and the worst of roads – its a joy to drive even on the worst roads in Bangalore, but for the interiors being unable to hold it together, which ultimately spoils the ride.. I can live with the shitty interiors but the engine shuddering/jerking needs to be addressed immediately.