Revv cars Worst customer Service and putting the customer into trouble

I booked a revv self driving car – Maruti celerio automatic.
What was delivered to us was grand i10 manual , without even checking with us if they can change the car. Adding to this, the car was delivered late by an hour and the delivery boy troubled us a lot for documentation that was provided adequately . He was insisting to take photographs of us using his mobile phone which we denied. During all these trauma, when we tried to call revv customer care to check why they’ve changed car without informing us and why are so many problems created today because of their poor management, the line was not available to talk to them at all. All we heard was that the executives are busy at the moment and to try to call back later . When we tired to cal using the ‘accident’ option and also requested a call back, none bothered to check with us about the issue. The delivery was also not picked up from us on time and was delayed even after following up with them many times. They charged us for the worst experience we had today and will neve!
r use their service anymore . Shall also ensure that we don’t recommend REVV to anyone else hereafter .

Revv cars Fake bill

I damaged cal a little bit. N dey made fake
Higher bill of 9000 rupees.
Which dey collectwd before repairs stating remaining will be refunded. But after repairs they exactly made 9000 rupees bill n sent it to me.
Below bill is written that it is approximate bill.

After repeated calls they are saying thats the final bill. They over charged me.
I called maruti service centers they said max 7000 rupees. And other dealers. They aaid they repair both front amd back in 6000 rupees .
They overcharged and to give proof they faked the bills. Its very bad. We consumers are paying tax legally and we get fake bill in return.

Revv cars Refund not received Booking ID 10178546

1st Mail to Revv Care

Kindly find the attached booking cancellation mail copy and booking invoice.
Reason for cancellation :- We have an emergency so we need to go urgently to Mumbai due to had booked cab from your site approx 6.30 pm and after the booking done will get to know that the cab is available at 9.30pm hence will cancelled the same within 5 min due to we have to reach Mumbai ASAP.
Hence request you to kindly understand the situation/case and refund the amount.
2nd Mail

Dear Team,

In continuation to below trail mail I have tried to do again booking for more clarification and found below confusion point which is you guys doing misguide to the customer.
Step 1- I have to enter location
Step 2 :- I have to sign up
Step 3 :- I have to put my details as ID Proof Etc..
Step 4 :- On page left side showing your documents submission details fuel policy etc.. and on right side its showing tariff plan etc⦠than we have to click on Pay Tab. Step 5 :- I have enter my card number and details etc⦠and click on Pay Tab.
Than amount got deducted and transaction was completed however there is nowhere your terms and condition mention during the transaction.
Conversation regards trail mail issue with your employee as below :-
I have received call from number 01243864608 ( I have record hole call conversation on my phone ), firstly your employee is not understanding the customer needs and arguing with me that â Sir you have to read our terms and condition there was separate wall for that on our web site than you have to booked cab we are sorry we will not do anythingâ
See I completely agree and respect your terms and condition however there was nowhere mention during the cab booking transaction or before the payment final step to clarification of transaction or we agreed with this. Mostly no one has read your entire web site Offers, Discounts, Terms & Condition etc⦠if an emergency however while final transaction of payment if it is mention than anyone can easily read it by default if customer is in an emergency situation hence it clear case of misguiding to the customers.
Attached is the example transaction snap shot which I have done today for your reference.
Note :- Also when Iâm checking/doing example transaction and I have not enter anywhere of my card details Nevertheless I had received massage and mail saying that in case your money is debited bank will credit it back within 7-14 days. Again you guys scaring customers and after receiving this type of massage any one can shock.
This is not done your entire booking process is confusion and misguiding hence my humble request to you kindly change it as customer needs.
And as per the above entire scenario my humble request you to refund my money back or else forcefully I have choose next option.
Rohit Mhankale