Samsung not attending the complaint

Complaint no. 4238050207 registered on 06-06-17 for servicing the AC is yet to be attended. Neither technician visited nor called, but in the complaint tracking as per customer care, tried to contact on mobile, but no response. It is a matter of great concern for the consumers like me and this type of authorized service centres should be punished.

Samsung Samsung India — S6 edge bootloop

Hi. I have a Samsung S6edge SM-G925I . It was all working very good until 20th May 2017 when the device asked me to update to android 7. I downloaded android 7 and allowed it to install overnight. Morning i wake up to see that its stuck in boot-loop and i the phone keeps on restarting. I took the phone recently to Samsung authorized service station(Bill Number :4238389690) to my surprise they say that the mother board is corrupted and is not accepting any software. It will cost 12, 000 INR to repair it. This is completely baseless. This was all because of the android 7 update and they ask me to change my mother board. There is no fault or mistake from my side, why should i pay this large amount for the repair. After contacting Samsung, they say they cannot do anything and i have to get the repair done and pay for it.

Samsung Poor after sales service

We bought the washing machine and when ever we use it, It gives burning smell. we already logged three or four complaints and every time there technicians visited and they suggested different precautions but the burning smell problem is still the same nothing has happened till date, we want the machine to be replaced with the new one or change the parts whatever is burning.

Samsung Defective product

Team Samsung

Re: Refrigerator model no. RH80J81323M purchased on 25TH JUNE,2017
Dear Sir / Madam,

This is to place on record the extremely disappointing and unprofessional after sales service provided in respect of the captioned refrigerator purchased by us not more than 12 months back from 13 August 2018. We have been complaing about the problem since few months from the date I have purchased.
To ensure proper upkeep of the appliance, we went a step further and procured a 2-year Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) with IDEAL TRADERS on 18th may 2018 in respect of the captioned refrigerator, and it is appalling to mention that the service provided by the dealer KOHINOOR TELEVIDEO PRIVATE LIMITED as well as the maintenance contract personnel has been totally substandard and unsatisfactory, and contrary to the stalwart reputation that Samsung enjoys worldwide and as would be expected to be of its dealers / distributors as well.
There have been repeated issues with the refrigerator cooling and inability of the freezer to effectively perform its functions. We have had many cases of food spoilage due to this product inefficiency. Consequently, repeated complaints have been registered with the company. Pursuant to a couple of unsuccessful attempts of technicians to resolve the issues, where they even replaced some parts Main PCB, fuse and sensor etc now the technicians have stopped entertaining our complaints and require numerous follow-ups from our end before they actually attend to the complaints.
It was only when we raised hell with the dealer KOHINOOR TELEVIDEO PRIVATE LIMITED and threatened to register a complaint with the parent company that a senior technician Mr. RAGUNATH AND MR. ASHISH came to inspect and assess the situation. We have now been informed by the said Mr. RAGHUNATH AND MR. ASHISH that we have been sold a defective product by the dealer and the problem is a major one requiring a potential replacement of the appliance. But later he again visited on 13th August and asked us to wait for couple of more days. He also tells me that you open the fridge more than 10 times in a day thus therefore it is bound to have problem. He has also stopped entertaining our complaints and require numerous follow-ups from our end before they actually attend to the complaints.
We urge you to look into this matter and provide us with a new refrigerator of the same category as a replacement for this current defective one. We request you to deal with this matter in a manner befitting a company of your standing and we expect that you will ensure our utmost customer satisfaction.
Jitendra Jain