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Samsung Industries

Dear Sir / Madam,

I regret to state that that I am very disappointed by my recent purchase of a Samsung refrigerator and it is getting frustrating to get the problem resolved with the company.
I purchased a Samsung 670L Double Door Refrigerator from SAHIL Electronics in Humayun Pur, New Delhi vide invoice no. ############/642Â dated April 20, 2017. It was delivered and then installed at my residence in #138 R-3 Huda Colony Cheeka, Distt. Kaithal, Haryana on April 30, 2017. Right from the beginning, the display screen on the door that shows inside temperature, did not work. Also, the refrigeration was low too. On our complain, the companyâs engineer visited and fixed the display but did not do anything about refrigeration.
As the cooling in the refrigerator was low, I complained again. The engineer who visited could not find any fault with the machine. The hot weather and having to drink warm water from my brand new refrigerator compelled me to call for help again. The guy who visited this time found a problem with some sensor that they replaced after a week. Even this did not improve the refrigeration. The fruits, vegetables and other groceries continue to spoil due to lack of cooling.
To add to the confusion, the different service engineers that come to try solve that problem have different diagnoses. One said that the machine is fine and we are paranoid !! Another told us that double door refrigerators always give trouble and buying is the same is not a smart choice. The last person who visited said that they will have to take the refrigerator back to the company to rectify the problem.
In the end, I would like to state that I want this ordeal to end. The company has a policy that they would replace the refrigerator with a new one if they can not find a timely solution and if problem is detected in the first month. I have been calling the helpline since May 2, 2017 and can provide you a detailed list of the reference numbers of my complains. I humbly request you to replace my refrigerator with a brand new one.
I am attaching a copy of my invoice.

Hope to hearing back from you soon with a positive reply.


Karan Bindlish.
#138 R-3 Huda Colony
Cheeka (Kaithal)


Me and my brother purchased Refrigerators from Samsung Dealer Sargam Electronic, A-3/183, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 vide Invoice No.SPV-04693 dated 08.11.2015 and Invoice No.SPV-04905 dated 11.11.2015. (copy attached) You will be surprised that both the refrigerators stopped working before completion of 2 years. When we called Samsung Engineer he told us that there is leaking in the Refrigerator. How it is possible that both the Refrigerators requires filling of Gas before completion of 2 years. They charged us Rs.1774/- vide Receipt No.68732 dated 21.06.17 and Rs.1881/- vide Receipt No.LWR-197 dated 22.08.17. (Copy attached). There seems to be some manufacturing fault otherwise we have 3 ACs in our house and similarly my brother has also 3 ACs. There is no issue of gas leakage for the past more than 10 years.
There is no drainage near to our residence. We have spent about Rs.1 lakh our hardened money and how can your world wide prestigious company can take lightly our complaint.
Looking forward your reply.

P K Juneja
A-3/60, 2nd Floor,
Paschim Vihar,
New Delhi-110063