Samsung Unprofessional behavior and lowest service skill and quality.

I am a senior citizen and a devout user of SAMSUNG product. I have four samsung mobile in use in my three member family. Unfortunately two of my mobiles suddenly started behaving abnormally. One of which is an old Model (GT-5253) used by me solely for Phoning purpose and the other one is ‘samsung note’. The problem with the GT-5253 model was ‘Auto Restart’ (the phone was getting restarted automatically after a certain interval). I took the phone to the nearest Samsung Authorized Service Center ( BABLI MEDIA CENTER, 128/D Raja Subodh Chandra Mallic Road, KOLKATA – 700047). Your customer service executive accepted the unit after checking the unit and registering the defect description.
I received a call after two days and the service center explained me that some circuit is completely damaged and the repair would cost me Rs 3320/- . That sound me too much and I disagree to continue for the repair job and took my set back after paying Rs. 177/- as inspection change.
After returning home while trying to switch on my device I noticed that the power switch is completely damaged and I am unable to start the unit. I immediately called your service center back and informed them about the situation. They asked me to bring the handset back. On approaching there, I have been told that the concern person is not available. There after I had to visit the center a couple of time more just to catch hold the appropriate person, and he completely denied the damage cased at the center and argued with me. fest disgusting and quit the argument.
Ultimately I took the phone to a local service center and they rectified the defect within a day and charged me only Rs.550/- I am utterly disappointed with your service center on the following ground. 1. Absolute unprofessional attitude of your employees.
2. Disgustingly illogical argument to prove a senior citizen as falsifier.
3. Repulsive behavior with a senior citizen by calling him again and again in this summer for no reason.
4. Absolute novice technical knowledge with zero efficiency. I am sorry to say that your men are not even capable to handle a phone properly.
I am not at all hopeful that you will be taking any action against my grievance. However, I am writing this just to make you aware of the quality of your service centers. I believe it would not be too much to request you to train your people some technical and behavioral skill.

Tuhin Sarkar.
Mobile # 9830554333

Samsung Defective mobile

I have purchased my Samsung phone J7PRO SM-J730GM/DS 64 GB in September 2017. In October only there come a black spot on the top left side of phone screen. When approached your service center ( okhla service center, new delhi) they said screen was destroy, so we have to pay for change the display. After arguments of an hour they were satisfied that when there is no sctrach on the the face of phone what was fault of us that display got damage, they change the display without any charge and make us purchase the extended warranty for two years so that if any damage done in future we will not have to pay extra money.
Then in April 2018, we face the same issue, the phone stop working, when we approached your okhla service center , new delhi, the store manager said as this time there was a small sctrach on the face of phone ( which was existing from last two months) the display got damage due to those sctrach only.The phone stop working without any fault of us and even after purchase of extended warranty they made us paid rupees 5000, as per them display is not a part of extended warranty, which were not explained to us at the time of sale of that warranty by same service center.
As we are at fault because we purchased Samsung phone, we were made to pay penalty of 5000. And yesterday also suddenly phone stop working, we are unable to start the phone, don’t know the reason ( images are attached for your reference) . This Time we are not in a condition to contact your service center as it is really humilating to approach them and mere wastage of time and money.
Sir, it’s beyond imagination that a phone get same problem thrice within a span of 7 months. We decided to go for Samsung only because of brand else there are number of phone available in the market with add on feature at less price.
We understand that sometime technical manufacturing defect may occur in phone, so we urge you to exchange our phone as we are not in position to spend our harden money and time on the same phone thrice without any fault of us.
Waiting for positive and immediate reply to avoid any further legal action against the company
Rahul Gulati

Samsung , fridge fridge

This Divya Jyothi from Hyderabad. We want to share the problem we are facing with the fridge we took lately.
We bought a fridge from realiance store on 3-06-2016 with the brand Samsung. Model no Ff2531 Rt28K3722ut pbl Bl, Ssrial no -09DZAH501434 . After using for 5 months to till date fridge started Mal functioning like over cooling, foul smell, vegetables spoiling etc. Inspite of contacting customer service there is no permanent resolution to our problem. Above all a defect has been delivered. It’s very irritating and giving us an impression that you commitments are very poor. Though we have a warranty of 2 years, issue still persists. Service manager Gurudeep(9502650448) is very irresponsible and negligent, he delays our response by giving false response.from Past 1.5 years service manager is wastingour valuable and precious time. Though it’s a branded company with top ratings, cheap products are sold, and You’re just looting pockets.