Santosh, kamlesh, uma, Ramesh and william Financers pulling money from innocent people

Respected Sir,

We stay in karwan sahu. Here few financiers are not allowing people to live and are just pulling money from them.
Kamlesh aunty, Santosh, Uma and Ramesh Mittal are the financiers who lend money to the people and if Incase the jnterest is delayed they force people a lot and take possession of their house and other property. Many people have suffered because of these four members. People have lost their lives and were still unable to clear their debts.
Uma is the person who almost charges double Incase the interest is not paid on time. She charges interest on interest which is like compound interest. Santosh and Ramesh threaten people with their lives.
I’d also like to bright to your notice that there is another person from Gunfoundry whose name is William Anthony who is worst than all of these. He literally charges interest @ 10% per month and twice a month. He says that his partner is a police inspector and Incase the payment is delayed even by 1 day he threatens and abuses people. He says that the inspector can take us into custody and book us under false cases. I personally an paying interest to this guy from past 6 years and I’m unable to clear his debt because of the high interest. He almost recovered 8 times the amount he has given to me.
Sir, I honestly request you to look into this issue. You may also do the background check of the above listed people that I’ve mentioned. We request you to put an end to these guys finances.
My email is [email protected]

Thank you,
Yours Sincerely