Not reconciled by bank

am facing problem regarding Payment, i tried to made payment using netbanking but it failed for some reason but when i tried second time it shows error of "Not reconciled by bank", now there is no other option to made payment, they should add alternate way to make payments, Resolve this problem as many people are facing the same! MY APPLICATION NO. 1608329618 LEARNERS LICENCE PAYMENT

I had done a payment for learners licence in sarathi service Apllication No:2980329518 dated 29/11/2018 for Rs. 955. While making payment it shown as aceess are denied thats why i made a another payment for same application number it was succeed but when i am closing my acoounts it was not tallying i found that cash was debited for two times in my acoount is there any way to claim a refund. My contact no. 0467-2204978