Extra stores, Saudi Arabia Order not received

I ordered a cell phone on 13th April 2020 and the expected delivery was 30th April but on 29th April I received a text saying that I will receive my order on 26th May and when I received the store to enquire about the order they said go to the other store and the very next day my order was cancelled and the reason was payment not done but I made the payment on the day I placed my order. Now when i went to the branch they had told me to go they say that we can’t do anything go to the head office. How ridiculous this is. This is the worst ever experience i have had with Extra and customer care also doesn’t take the calls. Please help me out to get the refund as soon as possible..

Order number: WEB901910240
Date of order: 13th April 2020..

tahweel al rajhi Al rajhi Tahweel Mobile application

Dear Sir

E – Remittance Card # 9682050984900012188
Iqama # 2190328621
Email – [email protected]

My Al Rajhi Mobile application is blocked due to using wrong PW, i changed my PW through ATM but still am unable to access the mobile application , it says profile suspended. I call customer care 920000084 but it’s no use , please help to re activate my profile.


saudi airline Worst airline

Hi I travel on 3rd of Jan 2019 from Jeddah to dubai through Sv 594 along with my wife and two 8months old infants. It was really bad experience at Jeddah Airport. When I see checkin is open I came in the queue for check in counter which are I believe counter # 15 to 27 and queue was very long but I along with my family wait in the queue and when we reach next to check in counter supervisor there start yelling for Cairo flights and they stop passengers of all other flights even who are standing in the queue and calling for passengers for Cairo even who are not in the queue are going for checkin I request him that as I am with my family and I am in the queue plus it my turn for checkin so let me go but he stopped me I wonder what is the benefit for standing in the queue for so long I fell I am rubbish as I stand in queue for so long than on check in counter I come to know that I can not travel on my confirm seats for which I pay extra and which was booked by saudia staff and t!
hey confirm me that I can travel on these seats with infants my confirm seats are 30 b and 30 j for my wife but person at check in said I can’t travel with infants on these seats and they change our seats to 55k and 56 l with out giving any option now it’s more than one month I am writing emails to saudia airline for refund of extra payment which I make for seat selection but they refund only for one seat and one seat payment is still pending and now even they stop replying emails

Panasonic Not able to repair

Dear customer service
I have purchased a national Panasonic P100 from extra Khobar to present to my friend in India.on 17 Dec 2018
When we started the phonein India on 30 Dec 2018 it was keep on vibrating through out till drain the batter y.
I returned the phone for repair 8 Jan 2019 to the extra store .the customer care guided me to go to Panasonic service 10 km far from there.at Hail center .but they refused to take the phone .
Then they gave me another number to call .when I called that number he was shouting bad words at me as he left Panasonic service long back and don’t wish any disturbance from extra
Then I went back to the shop for the third time .again they gave an address .I called them but not picking up .
As I am fed up with this phone I left the phone with the shop even though they refused to accept .
Please help me as I already spend time and money a lot for taking this phone to many service centers . Please help.
Thank you
Dr Abdul Majeed Kavarodi
King Fahd military hospital

Namshi NAMSHI – Promotions which are never fulfilled and cancelled

The other day NAMSHI gave a online promotion offer to buy one and get one free. I purchased two items from them and was given the promotion. Later, after 48hrs of struggling my shipment got shipped only to see one of the item was cancelled.
I contacted them regarding this and they said it was cancelled with no reason. My card was charged fully and they are saying its partially charged.
I am not concerned about money but this website lure people with fake promotions and never fulfil it. It should be punished for its non-complacency. I consider other websites rather than Namshi for every people for online shopping.
ORDER # SA6B1805208

Tahweel Al Rajhi Bank Remittance money not credited

Dear sir, please note that I Durga Charan Behera from India sent money 3732 Saudi Riyal to my ICICI Bank account through Tahweel Al rajhi bank on date 07.10.2018. my references no is 230409956. But money not credited. I have complaint my ICICI Bank. They are requested swift copy from Tahweel Al rajhi bank. please take a immediate response because I need money very urgent for my family expenses. Thanks and regards
Durga Charan Behera