I am holder of saving account no 62099775664 at SBI Adalath Court complex hanamkonda Warangal , today i.e. 29/07/2020 I had received a message that my cheque no 730417 in favor of HDFC LTD received n clearing will be paid if found in order, if not issued by you contact your branch by 12.30. There after I received another message stating that cheque no 730417 issued from a/c no xxxxx775664 dishonored. chrg INR 177/- deducted. I had visited the bank and enquired in the enquiry as to why my cheque is dishonored when at that time I had sufficient balance. I was told that the same has been disallowed at the clearing and I will have to enquire with HDFC LTD only, when I returned home and opened my account on net I found the legend CAS CORR PR CHQ against the entry for Rs 177/-. explain what this legend means and since the fault is not on my side kindly credit the service charge of Rs 177/-

Thank you P RAVINDER
A/c No 62099775664
My mail Id
[email protected]

SBI Insufficient balance charge

Dear sir,

Rs.23.60 is debited from my account many times as a subject Insufficient Balance ATM decline charges even I did not use my ATM in the month of December 2019 to January2019.

Could you please review it and process my refund.

My AC no 00000020175153719

Waiting for your positive response. thank you

My email [email protected] Contact No:0894029337

SBI SBI credit card fraud

Hi SBI Team,

I had blocked my SBI Fbb card citing suspicious activities being planned on my credit card.

I am continuously getting calls from multiple numbers and now some lady called me and offered me to apply new card on behalf of me with updated card limit. after call, I got one SMS from VM-SBICARD with text "XXXXX is your SBI Card app code.Please enter this code in the online form to authorize access to your bureau record and SBI accounts info". I declined to share any thing pertaining to above message.

Please stop these suspicious activity as it hampers SBI brand reputation.

Phone numbers from where I got the call :- +91 9606038257, +91 7204729170, 01243562346,0124 3500555.

Please stop all these nonsensical activities.


SBI Home Loan – your kind intervention in my matter, to help to resolve my issues and provide me with appropriate redressal under the law

Kind Attention – Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, Finance Minister

Dear Madam,

I came to Mumbai from small village, to pursue a career in my chosen field.

Sometime in 2011, when I was employed with Hindustan Construction Company Ltd.,I purchased a flat in Mumbai on a home loan from State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur (SBBJ), which subsequently merged with SBI.

I am taking the liberty of now approaching you to draw your kind and immediate attention to my travails, grievances and sufferings as a consumer of the SBI’s home loan, which has been a dismal experience for me.

Attached herein is the legal notice I was finally compelled to send to them, their counter statement and my rejoinder to the same and Mr. Gulab Singh’s, ( Secretary of Ministry of Finance), instructions to bank ombudsman and SBI DGM to resolve the matter, which will provide you with the necessary insight into the entire background of my case.

Through my many mails and correspondences, highlighting the serious lapses and deficiencies in their services, I have approached them again and again to resolve my issues, but to no avail. My issues continue to remain unaddressed to date, though certain officers in the Bank have orally admitted to the lapses.

I request and seek your kind intervention in my matter, to help to resolve my issues and provide me with appropriate redressal under the law.

Note – On 25 March 2019, I had submitted complaint documents (letter dated 17 September 2019 and 8 March 2019, SBI Advocate letter date 9 January 2019) to Ministry of Finance secretary, RBI GM, Mumbai Bank ombudsman.

Till date justices are pending from them.

Hence again I am attaching my detail letter dated 17 September 2019 and 8 March 2019 letter for justices

Thanking you

Note – Hard copy of letter and documents Submitted to your office on 28 August 2019 through speed post to Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman FM (Speed post tracking details attached)

SBI Rude behavior of brach maneger

tried reaching out regional manager via email and and given phone number about the rude behavior of branch manager. Neither my call was picked up nor email was answered. Then I posted at every where needed but I didn’t have any reply or acknowledgment yet. In such cases where should the customer go forward.? Is that the reason those arrogant sbi staffs are more confident on misbehaving customers? There are more than 1000 recordings available in social media – where staff even branch manager looking into camera not obeying RBI guidelines. Is there any remedies to this problem or we customer continue to suffer!

SBI Ni refund for failed transaction done via amazon upi with my sbi account balance regarding..

Respected sir,my account number is 36832137965.
On 27th april i recharged my vodafone mobile number via amazon upi through my sbi account balance I recharged for Rs.399.
In my account statement I noted that Rs.399 was deducted twice and when I enquired the vodafone customer service they told me that they have received the amount from only one transaction and to contact sbi.
Its been almost a month after multiple efforts I raised a complaint (Ticket no-6375498065) but still not resolved .. I kindly request you to consider this and help me getting my money back.. Thank u sir/madam.