SBI SBI Fraud ATM Withdrawals

Someone called me and said he is calling from SBI and asked my SBI debit card number and OTP to renew new card . I said i will come to Office and didnt provide my card details . Later I saw one withdrawal message started coming on my phone with bellow description POS ATM PURCH 04292 ATM SWITCH. Before I understand and blocked the card they withdraw Rs 49000 from my account .

Please help to recover this money.(email id: [email protected] and mob:8617759058)

SBI Harassment by SBI personnel

Hello sir,
This is M Venkata Sravani with loan account no. 00000062077621983. This is regard to continuous harassment phone calls from SBI head office, Hyderabad about loan repayment even after my payment was regular since April 2019 by the same person who never reveals his identity. I have never received phone calls before April for such confirmation and my phone no. that has been in bank records is different from my personal number but still keeps calling my personal number. I have confirmed him many a times that my payment was regular and in case if there was any irregularities I used to confirm it with branch manager and pay on date which you can confirm from the corresponding branch manager. The personnel calling from SBI head office never reveals his identity and uses foul language quiet often which is not acceptable to me and I can’t trust some random person calling me and saying that he is calling from SBI headquarters. Being a dignified and reputed doctor, this kind of h!
arassment is unacceptable to me. In case if there is any irregularity in payment I would like to deal with the local branch manager who is updated with my payment details or send a message to my mobile number. Please take necessary action on the officer on duty and stop interrupting my work by these confirmatory phone calls. If action has not been taken against the officer then I would like book a case on the officer on duty.

Dr M Venkata Sravani


I was transfer Rs.3150 from SBI to BOM through PhonePe app using UPI. The money was debited from SBI AC but not credited to BOM AC. TRANSACTION DETAILS:-
Date of transaction :- 04/07/2019
Time of transaction :- 10:17 PM
Transaction amount :- 3150
TRANSACTION ID – P1907042217110678541313
UTR:- ############
Please refund my money….

SBI mails fromĀ email protected

Morning , i have getting mails from this [email protected] on regular basis , showing various transactions. This is not my account. This kind of mails showing below.

Dear Sir/Madam,

INR 27,318.00 credited to your A/c No XXXXXXX3934 on 01/07/19 through NEFT with UTR RBI1831954338128 by ODISHA STATE TREASURY WITHDRAWAL AC

State Bank Global IT Center
NOTE: This is system generated mail.kindly do not reply. This email ID was provided by remitting
branch at time of originating NEFT. Kindly ignore the mail if you are not the intended recipient

SBI Fake call asking for bank and aadhar details

Dear Sir

I got a call from SBI branch manager and is asking for bank details and aadhar card no. and he told that he would update my details then I was telling Aadhar no. and told wrong in the middle of conversation.So suspecting it as fraud .Please take action against such intruders so that noone should dare to do it again .The call from the no. was 8864024446

CPPC,SBI,Samriddhi bhavan,kol-1 pension arrears

The Manager, CPPC,SBI,Samriddhi Bhavan, Kol-1

Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Mira Chakraborty, w/o(Employee Name) Late Tara Pada Chakraborty, My new PPO no is 20097070400534 and as per my new PPO my enhanced family pension is Rs.13200 effective from 01.01.2016 but it is very unfortunate to inform you that I am still getting my older normal family Pension @ Rs.9000 and deprived from pension arrears effective from 01.01.2016.
So sir my earnestly request to you to kindly look into the matter and try to release all my dues at the earliest as all other older pensioner got their pension as well as their new pension.
My SBI A/C no is 31016062164 my email id is [email protected] Thanking you,
Mira Chakraborty


Dear sir, i have opened a ppf account no. 01P00902818 on 30/07/03 in sbi bank kasargod kerala ,bank road branch with 18000/-.after some time i requested to transfer this account to SBI madhuvan branch udaipur rajasthan. I was then given new account no.10450150061 on 11/05/07 ,I remmited 1500 for years 04/05_ 05/06_ 06/07. Rs 500 each with penalty 150/- for none disposition in 04/05; 05/06; 06/07 each year 50 2018 i approached bank official for withdrawal with old passbook.he told me that it will mature in 2019, also to do kyc and account linking with saving account no 30058548616 and transfer it to my home brach at sbi bhuwana udaipur rajasthan.all i done .in January 2019 there was a marriage function in my home ,in all this i lost my old passbook.but i managed to find some of diposite slip.i showed all this to official at sbi madhuvan udaipur and my home branch at bhuwana udaipur but no any positive response from madhuvan sbi branch.i got some assistance from my home branch SBI bhuwana udaipur. Official from sbi bhuwana udaipur tried hard and told that this was a error while migration.but it been 4 months since then ,i also visited sbi kasargod kerala but they told me that they have destroyed all records more than 10 years. Pls help me . current status of my account is AOD 07/05/2004 and amount is zero for any withdrawal when requested. I need this amount very badly to remmit fee for my son’s college admition. My name Naresh paneri 9887000600. email id [email protected]