SBI Unauthorized Transaction

I am intimated about an unauthorized transaction of Rs7900.0 on POS 212955000200925 at ITUNES.COM/BILL from my SBI a/c on 11.09.2019 (txn# ############). I have no Apple id, have never purchased an Apple product such as itunes. This fraudulent transaction has been happened using by debit card detail, without my permission, even no OTP was asked for the same. I demand a refund from bank for they failed to keep my account details secure.

To, AGM, SBI,CPPC, Chandni Chowk Issue of PPO disbursal portion

Dear Sir

My Pension was fixed by Pay and account Office Allahabad and for release of the payment It was sent to Pay and Account Officer CPAO Bhikaji kama palace New delhi .Pension fixation @ Rs 9000 after death of my husband was fixed vide letter no PAO(Pension)/C No .1945/92-93/65091dated 28.9 .2018 But the Delhi office returned the papers for want of PPO disbursal Porion of my husband.( which is available in their office only ) . Now as advised I applied for Disbursal Portion through Manager SBI Mohebewala,Dehradun on 12 July 2019 which was forwarded to CPPC Sbi Delhi on 22nd July received on 24th July by Delhi Office but No action till date ( after 50 days ) PL Sir Release the pension to 82 year old widow and oblige. Letter attached
Savitri devi

SBI Wrong report by SBI to credit bureau

Subject: Wrong report by State Bank of India to credit bureau

As per credit report an amount of Rs 45,657/- is shown overdue and there are 8 missed payment reported by SBI against my housing loan Account no 00000034093205677. However, I have not delayed any payment till date. Bank deduct EMI through ECS on 10th of every month. No payment delayed till date. I do not know for what reason they have reported Rs 45,657/- overdue and 8 missed payment. Bank has never communicated with me on this regard.

I have not received any communication regarding this from bank, no SMS, no phone call, no email, no letter. I came to know about this only from your credit report.

Following is loan Account details

Lender name: SBI
Account number: 00000034093205677
Account type: Housing Loan
Account status: Active
Ownership: Joint
Amount overdue: 0 As per credit report Rs 45,657/-
Date open : 29.8.2014

SBI PPF related

My PPF account in SBI was maturing on 1/4/2018. As per rules, I was supposed to submit the Form H to SBI latest within one year of date of maturity, that is 31/3/2019. However, I forgot to submit it.

Moreover, during the period from 1/4/2018 to 31/3/2019, I also contributed 1.5 lakhs to my PPF account. THE BANK DID NOT REFUSE NOR DID THEY INFORM ME THAT MY CONTRIBUTION COULD NOT BE ACCEPTED DUE TO NON SUBMISSION OF FORM H.

I came to know about this matter a few days back. As per my knowledge, even if FORM H is not submitted, the account is automatically renewed in no-contribution mode for next block of 5 years.

However, SBI officials are forcing me to close the account and withdraw all the amount.

I am ready to withdraw the ‘irregular’ amount of Rs. 1.5 lakh which I deposited after the maturity date, ready to forego the interest earned on that 1.5 lakh and also ready to pay fine/penalty , as per PPF rules, for this. Then why are bank officials insisting me to close the account?

SBI Cash deposited in cdm but not credited

I deposited 35000 in sbi cdm, saradapeetam branch vizag today morning at 10:20, in my sisters account, but amount not got credited, kindly please check into it make me justice. Thanking you. I have been waiting till now but I didn’t got any msg or the amount too not credited in her account, whom should I meet to resolve, and who are higher officials to meet to get my problem solved.

SBI Wrong tandition

Mai suresh paswan singrauli MP. Ke account no20249892179 IFC code no. 0210254 Se Rs5000+15000 wrong system se naam Vishnu Prasad sirvastav. account [email protected] sbin IFC code. 0003487 ke khate pr chla gya h. Krypa iss khate se mera paisa wrong tarika se jane ke karnd vishnu prasad sirvastav ke khate pe Date. 8/7/2019 time -13:23 ND 5000 paytm se gya nd khate so 15000 Date -24/7/2019 time -16:55 se chla gya . Krypa Vishnu
parasad sirvastav ke khate se total 20000 mere khate pe waps kiya jaay . suresh paswan ke khate me return kiya jaay .ac no. 20249892179

Address =railway morwa colony singrauli MP.
Acount .allahabad bank return krne K krypa kre .