SBI Card Amount deducted fm cradit card

Refund the amount transaction of Rs.999.00 made on SBI Credit card XX226 on 10-12-2019 without effecting add’nl factor of authentication mandated by RBI, at AMAZON STANDING INSTRU. This transaction is processed without One Time Password, as per your instructions and confirmation to the merchant. To report fraud or raise dispute.

I want my refund as soon as possible

My registrared mail : [email protected]


SBI Card My settlement

Dear sir.,

This reminds me a proverb in Tamil

கொடு கொடு உன் மடியைக்கொடு மாங்காய் தர்றேன்னுட்டு
குட்டி குட்டி பணத்தைக் கேட்பாங்களான்

Come show me your bag I put mangoes (As if it is free)
Then they ask for money hitting your head, again and again,

One day I was filling petrol to my bike at that time one SBI salesperson came to me and asked for my other credit card statement saying that I will get you, credit card. He did not even collect any application from me for that card.

Then they created an account and I was paying the bill s received but how they have shown due I don’t know Almost 20 years back, for a small amount of due
Collection agents called me, visited my house and tortured to the most. Remember in those days there was no mobile.

Then at Annanagar one collection agent collected money and said this is Settlement – at that time I was not knowing what is settlement means. In fact, the settlement word itself I came to know that day only. He collected cash and then there were no calls, no visits and I thought It is over.

After 20 years someone is calling saying they are calling from sbi and Says that account is not closed.

1. Why they did not inform me earlier?
2. What happened to the money I paid?

How to trace the collection agent who collected money?
And what is the way out for this?
Please guide me.

Chennai right survey

SBI Card Sbi Credit Card Freud

Dear Team,

Name: Siddhartha Sinha
SBI Credit Card No- ################

I Got a settlement letter on 24th Aug 2019 From this email id [email protected]
in Settlement letter clearly written as amount of 6000/- and due date 23/08/2019. for my settlement of sbi card.

One Sbi card executive name Amir ( mobile no- 08299004901) and his senior Person ( mobile no 07309899620) call me Several times to pay this 6000/- and when i asked him that the due date was over this two Person told me the grace Period of 7 days after issuing this settlement letter and from 24th Aug 2019 they Force me to pay this settlement amount and request to don’t share me this to anyone from sbi card dept. how can i pay for this settlement amount before verifying this matter?

I requested to your Authority to verify this letter. and reissue a settlement letter and due date of 5 working days from issuing of settlement letter because now i am jobless and due to my poor financial condition i needs time to collect this 6000/- which i can pay for this sbi card settlement.

Please find the attached file . And Do the Need full.

Siddharth Sinha
SBI Credit Card No- ################

SBI Card Unwarranted collection of payments

This is in regards to SBI cards . I was given a credit card from SBI saying this card is free . However as I got the card an annual charge of inr 500 was levied. I called SBI and asked them to close the card however they asked me to first pay inr 500 else the card will not be closed . I told them that I was I was told that this is free card then why r u charging me for it and why should I pay when I don’t want this card. However nothing happened and they levied late payment and other charges and are asking me to pay inr 7000 now. And they have spoiled my cibil score as well and are insisting to pay 7000 . After complaining on their portal they asked me to pay inr 1000 and they will close the card once I confirm by transaction .I paid them on 8th July and send a receipt however I am still going calls to pay up the entire money else they will not close the card. This is loot being conducted by bank on customer. This is a harrasment to customer.

SBI Card about credit card

The Branch Manager
State Bank of India
Nilokheri, Karnal.

Subject:- Complaint regarding Credit Card.

Dear Sir/Madam
Myself Simerjeet singh, Iâm resident of nilokheri and I have an saving account in your branch last 7 years, some day ago I have received a phone call for SBI Credit Card then I went to my bank branch for applying credit card and form filled by vikshita mam, then after one month (29-05-19 ) card reached my home, then i have try 2-3 for activate my card, but card show incorrect detail. after that my card not activate. then next day i have call to vikshita mam but she can’t pick my phone call.after some time i receive a text massage to contact on this no. 8572098198 poonam mam.then i call and ask my problem regarding activation of my credit card, then she told me your date birth issue,then she told me your addahar card and pan card click photo send to me on my whatsapp no.8572098198.but the hole process take 4 days. but still my card is not activate, i’m asked her why my card not activate till date then she told me i call my unit manager mr. Manoj and after that she put on a conference, in this conference took 6 to 7 minutes, after that Mr. Manoj Unit Manager asked me just wait for few minute we call u back, after 7 minute i received a call from this no. 7055957332, and my true caller app shows me SBI Credit Card, i picked up the phone call, calling person is a female by name Riya Sharma and asked me i’m call from SBI Credit Card Department and she told me about tell me your all personal details with card then after i help you out from your problem, i give all my detail along with card then she checked my detail and ask me your DOB in put incorrect, here our system showing me 02-02-1988 .then i shocked i told my D.O.B is 02-12-1988, on this call she ask me full confidently i’ll resolve your card problem after 5-10 min i received a message of Rs. 26569.00 two time Deduction in favor of Mobikwik on dated 04-06-2019, total 53138 deduct to my credit card. i request to you plz solve my this issue as early as possible and kindly block/close my Credit Card.

Thanks & Regards

Simerjeet Singh

SBI Card Received more than 1 card

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I applied for SBI card and i received, and i using that but later 20 days, I received one more card that i not apply,

I tried to stop the cad but i can’t and there have no options in complaint via toll free and customer care, and the bill also generated

still i not open the cover also, Please take as a serious complaint and take back that card, or call me to my number +91 9842467404 for more details

Looking for your reply
Thank you

Vinoth kumar