SBI SBI Credit card

I was applied for sbi credit card application no 1329660001138 in September 2017 till date I was not received any credit card but my a/c no 20035990984 was debited rs 295/- on o5 September 2017 and 06 December 2017 transaction I’d 000000 SBI 0000002315 SBI Credit card payment respectively That time I was given an application to stop the same in branch to credit card representatives . Again on 06 May 2019 Rs 292.87/- was debited transaction I’d 000000 SBI 0000002315 sbi credit card payment. It is requested please block the card and refund the amount in account.



Fraud transaction from my account number 20108560654 with particular OTHPG############GOOGLE*Mobi Tech on 12.04.2019,18.04.2019.25.04.2019 and 02.05.2019 of amount INR 4300/- each time. Total amount deducted INR 15,200 was made without my knowledge and permission . It was made without any OTP and debit card pin transaction as I had not given anyone my credentials. Also the transaction message was not received on my registered mobile no. .Kindly check what had happened and pls return the amount as early as possible. If any other information is required pls reach me on.


Ph.- 9163612771