Respected Sir,
I the undersigned ANIL KANHAIYALAL NAIK, Assistant Engineer (QA) was working in Central Proof Establishment, Itarsi,Pin-461114 Madhya Pradesh and took voluntary retirement on 30th Oct 2017. My Pension Order No.is ( PPO No. ) ############ , and PPO Suffix No. 0700. I am Defence Civil Personnel. All the relevant documents along with PPO received from Chief Controller Of Defence Accounts (Pension )Allahabad-211014 are forwarded by my above mentioned office ie Central Proof Estt, Itarsi, Pin-461114 MP to your Estt. vide CPE, Itarsi letter No. CPE/AKN/V/PEN dated 23rd April 2018 for payment of Pension / Gratuity / and Commutation. But still today I am not in receipt of any payment of Gratuity / Commutation and not receipt of any Pension. Almost 07 months has been completed for my retirement but still my pension has not been started without which I am facing very hardship to maintain my family day to day expenses, Children’s education and arrangement of my daug!
hters marriage. You are humbly requested to look in to matter and please do the needful. You are once again requested to start my monthly pension immediately. Thanking You
CPE, Itarsi, Pin-461114, MP
STATE BANK OF INDIA,( Bank for Pension )

To, AGM, SBI,CPPC, Chandni Chowk Non Payment of Arrears of pension

Dear Sir
Please refer to Revision of Pension of the undersigned, PPO No: ############ as per letter no.############/2345909/A2 dated 13-10-2017 of Revision Authority for Central Civil Pensions (Copy enclosed).
As per the said order of Revision Authority for Central Civil Pensions in accordance with 7th CPC, the revised basic pension of the undersigned has been fixed at Rs 91,350 with effect from 1st January,
2016. However, I am yet to get any arrears of pension with effect from 01-01-2016, till date, which has caused enough inconvenience to me.
I would request you to verify necessary details and particulars available on record and process the payment of arrears of pension to the undersigned at your earliest convenience.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
(S.B.I.Central Secretariat Br,A/C No:10314318015)
Pocket 52,House No 43,C.R.Park,New Delhi-110019,
( E mail:[email protected])

SBI atm

i am already given complain on 29 April 2018 and my complain no is 4242196052 but that complaint under process.
this incident happen in nepal sbi Atm mani pal counter on 06 April 2018 transaction was Rs 10000 thousent indian currency (16000 thousend nepali currency ) transaction ID is 4423. i already give complain in nepal sbi and Sbi but it was not w effective .

SBI Illegal transaction

There have been two in authorised and illegal transactions done by the SBI Credit card department, as the caller identified himself to be from the Credit card department SBI Delhi.
First a transaction of Rs 9980/- and second Rs 8400/- claiming to be the block security charge and Offer amount of voucher .. On 18/51/2018and 23/5/2018 ..

Today 25/5/2018 I got another call from the same person who told me that these were to be refunded and Transaction of 20,000/- for the same is required to be done…
He claims to have all the credentials of my credit card as he is in the system of the credit card department. The transaction has been declined ….
He called me up again for the OTP but I didn’t give this time.His mobile no is 7300854833
After a while a girl called me up again and introduced herself to be the Credit card executive of SBI … Asked me not to share any credentials to any one
She asked me to send her the SMS I received…

Please calirify whether the above caller no and transaction by are of SBI credit card department … I am confused and start loading the faith in SBI

SBI Wrong transfer

श्रीमान 2 मई 2018 को मैने imps transfer reference number ############ ,द्वारा मेरे खाता सं 61186520024, sbi b.n.gate bharatpur Raj. 9800 रु, खाता सं 43550100003520,
ifsc code BOB0NADBAI, को ट्रान्सफर किये थे।लेकिन बैंक की गलती से यह राशि हाजपुरा, अम्बेडकर नगर ,उत्तरप्रदेश की BOB. शाखा के खाता सं43550100003520, ifsc code BOB0HAJPUR को ट्रान्सफर हो गए। BOB हाजपुरा मेनेजर से बात करने पर उन्होंने स्वीकार किया और कहा कि होम ब्रांच से इस बाबत ईमेल कराने पर आपकी राशि आपके खाते में ट्रान्सफर कर दी जावेगी।होम ब्रांच से सम्पर्क करने पर मेनेजर और अन्य कर्मचारीओ ने ईमेल करने से साफ़ मना कर
िया और कोई संतोषजनक जबाब नहीं दिया।जबकि मेरे एक साथी द्वारा भी यही ट्रांजिक्सन किया गया था उसकी होम ब्रांच द्वारा bob hajpura को ईमेल कर देने पर उसका पैसा वापिस लौट आया।
अतः श्रीमान जी से निवेदन है कि उक्त राशि मेरे खाते में ट्रान्सफर करवाने की कृपा करें में बैंकिंग लोकपाल, bocomplaint,gmcomplaint,sbicomplaint,. को ईमेल कर कर के थक गया हूँ,अब आखिरी उम्मीद पहरेदार से ही हे जो मेरा पैसा वापिस दिलवा सके। With Regards.
Rajeev Lochan Sharma,
A/C no.61186520024,
Mob.no. 9828270138,
Email id ,[email protected]

SBI Regarding clarification of account no.032550159003650700

My name is VVJANAKI MANI, and my control no is:############and my date of birth is 08-08-1965 , my PAN card no is: AGZPV 9096J.
The complainant is there is an out standing of RS.6,287/- is showing in my account. My control no is ############.
Please clarify and what is the company. It is urgent please.
Thanking you

Tours truly