self Poor network

Good point:

All paper work done digitally, no submissions of xerox paper etc. Quick and easy, within 5 minutes connections activated
Worse service:

Network sucks literally
When called customer care, they claim the network availability is very good however due to too many users the infrastructure unable to sustain
Customer care claim and advice to be patience but no guarantee when the infrastructure will improve. How come TRAI is salience
When asked to return and refund, customer care do not have answer except contact retailer The retailer advice call to customer care for return and refund
BIG ONE TO WATH OUT, as soon as service activated. Started receiving too many promotional text messages / AD on my cell number provided during application submission. Even my number is under DND. Conclusion:

Why no governance around telecom providers? It’s still running in old era or jungle raj government Why TRAI is silence and not helping on consumer rights?
Why no penalties on these network provider?
Consumer should pay based on service NOT for NO service
Reliance company is driving revenue on volumes not quality and experience driven service. When they know infrastructure vs user base. I was expecting they would come up with unique service such and customer satisfaction guarantee by return and refund policy etc.

And privacy policy is worse. They immediately start using or sale your personal data like phone / email ID.

I would rather recommend to user Airtel or Idea instead. I am with Airtel’s last 16 years and no complaints except network drop rate.

self street dogs

Regarding street dogs and chasing the people.

Respected madam or sir,

We are facing lot of trouble of street dogs in our area.They are so wild and chasing the small school going kids and also the bike riders who are passing through the way and this dogs are sleeping near Makhana Jewellers, Hence I humbly request you to consider it and take a necessary action to help us and please come in the morning before 9 am as they are 12 dogs at one place.

Please find the below address and attached the photos.

G. Naveen Kumar
Ashok Nagar, Takara-Basthi, Pot Market
Ph.No: 8978492039

self Amount debited but site shows non payment of fee & Refund unsuccessful

your centralised notification CEN 03/2018 on dtd 26.01.2019 I have made the online payment on registration number – 3240269040 & I paid amount 250/- and debited from account but your sites show non payment of fee amount is 250 Rs. till the date payment is "session expire" mention that I am taking follow up but transaction is not successful even refund also unsuccessful it’s reminder you kindly look into matter & please refund my amount which I have made online payment A waiting your reply.
Registration number – 3240269040
Payment – 250 Rs.
Date – 26.01.2019

self Rash driving

When i was going to hajipur by Mahatma Gandhi Setu and there was jam and a truck was coming fastly(exceeding the speed limit). It could have lead to a accident and some persons were successful in saving their lifes.No police men were present there.So i kindly request you to make some policemen stand on the MG setu after every 10-15 Pillars(payas) so that this type of things would not happen and precious lifes can be saved.

self Fradulent calls from 6291470294

Jai Hind. I am Jogaraj. Today morning at 0800 hrs, I received a call on my mobile from Mobile No. 6291470294. The guy who called didn’t disclose his name and started briefing " I am calling from SBI Main Branch, Bangalore and due some problem your registered mobile number is de-activated and we need some details to activate again". I understood that this is fraud call, with an intention of getting more information, I started inquiring about SBI Main branch address and bank account details etc". Since I didn’t part with any additional information which he asked, the guy suspected and started abusing verbally.
I request you to take this issue forward to avoid innocent people getting cheated at the hands of such fraud people.