Fraud job calls and money not refund

After registration on fake calls are coming on my number. Giving me shine profile id and saying don’t tell to anybody. They are saying to submit fees 2650rs. on sbi account. After paying this money thay are agian telling to submit 7000rs for interview and training module which they both arr refundable. After that am know about thrm bit they are not refunding my money.

SHINE .COM Fake job frauds

They say that they are from
They called me and said I’m shortlisted for Tata Chemicals and asked me to pay 1500 rs to paytm number to appear for the test. Then they asked for documents so I uploaded all the scanned documents. They had a fake interview of mine and said I was selected and I had to pay 7500. Just after that I realized that it was all fake and told them to cancel my job profile and refund my 9000. It’s was yesterday I.e. dated 18-07-2017 and they are not refunding my money back. I was dumb at thar time but what could I do now. their names as they told me are Vineet Arora mob no. 7834847827, divya(7065428235), Ramkumar, Pooja and they said we are talking from noida delhi.
Main thing is that I have read so many complaints about against these fraudulents still the police and the government doing nothing because they all are busy taking money through corruption. I just lost 9000/- but they are making more and more victims day by day. If there is a one true police officer who can stop these frauds I will regain my faith for the system or you all are frauds for me. My name is Chetan Sahu
mob no. 7506134672 Need a refund

My email address – pallavi. [email protected]

I have made the following transfers to shine on 03/8/17:

Rs. 3780.00 in20170803_38867_142809
Rs. 5200.00 in20170803_38900_153728
Rs. 6099.00 in20170803_38904_154055
Rs. 10350.00 in20170803_38905_154544
Rs. 10446.00 in20170803_38910_155104
Rs. 11350.00 in20170803_38912_160027

Total rs. 47225/-

I want my money back as shine has made me a fool by sending payment links in piecemeal and never told the lump sum amount instead of asking many times.
You are requested to resolve my problem. I have attached the images for the payments i did.
Please help. Fraud job call

Dear sir,
I got call from on 25th August for getting job in Tata Motors. They take near 75 k from me. Then they want more then i can not arrange and I want refund all money. I also submit GST but they not want to refund money. I submit the money on the number is 9761863250 by using paytm. Kindly do something and give me my money returned. The name of the fraud person is Kunal Kohli and the contact number is9758927331. My name is Sudipta Halder. My contact number is 9836657336, my mail id is [email protected] Kindly send me what can i do for getting the money returned. cheaters..totaly fraud never believe them

They are the big cheaters who takes all money and doing fraud.waste management and completly shit one believe them.
They had sent me a mail and caled me teling about them and asked us to pay money after all my doubts they asked us to pay.after paying they told i wil receieve cal from recruiter but i dint received any cal and now if i am caling them they are not taking cal.
And i already gave customer care complaint and they also dint respont to this .
Such a waste reaponsible persons cheaters are working there.they are making people go in wrong way had to make complaint on them and cancel there licence. Bad Service –

I have got call from that we provide service to get interview calls through our references and was asked to pay 5000rs. When i showed the interest and said cannot pay this much the price was reduced to 3100 rs after multiple round of discussion. And was given very high promising aspects of service that within 24 hours we will activate account.. You will receive 3 references everyday 3 hour calls of interviews. Tilll i have made the payment got 7 calls in 3 hours to make payment thsi is special service as pe manager approval only for you. And after the payment is done… Thats when the real picture of service starts. 3 days regular follow-up i had to do to know the status… And everyday i am told 1 more day to go.. Finally, when i lost the temper and said i do not need service i am told we did welcome call for your account and i did not received and when checked it was found that the missed call with one ring was done from the department. I called them again to com!
plaint and i was asked to pay 5000 rs as they will be negotiating with recruiters for hiring. I got the sense it is suspicious and sales trick. I immediately went online and checked customer reviews and thereafter called them stating i do not need any service and need the complete refund back. From there on i have been run around like a fool. On call i am advice to send email when i send email i am informed the respective department will call back. And then i receive call from same sales devision and they will say nothing will be done. Again i am asked to send email and same repeats again and again from last 4 weeks i am sending email getting calls nothing will be done and asked to send email again. Fruad recruiter

One day they send me mail for Australia work permit.abhishek inform me your profile so will get a job within 1 to 1 and half month.then fast he told me to deposit few amount for creat a profile in careerplus one by one i pay them more then rs 56000/.i pay this amount to them.again and again i asked him.this job is confirm.
So many time he inform me " i work here for Australia last 10 years you can believe me.then i pay them 56000 amount. I don’t know after then what’s going with my profile.
So many mail i receive everyday i have to do different different thing .they didn’t inform me before for this will be happened.
After few days i received a mail from vskill i have to give a exam for leadership, restaurant manager skill.that time i work in out of india. I didn’t study any thing with this.
After few days i received a mail from aspiration consultant they inform me we are Attach with
So we will creat your profile and we will send your job application to employer.they send my application to only 15 employers. Which one they find from LinkedIn,
And they infrom me you have to creat a account in different job portal. I creat and i send them my user name and password.
But they didn’t update any’s already 6 months. Until now i call abhishek but he didn’t received my call.
It’s a fraud consultacy .Request to all please don’t pay any amount to
If you need more details call me. 8967630032