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Iam Ravi Ramachandran i registered my self in shine jobs . first i got a call from urside on 17.01.19 to pay 4696/- . i did that after that then my call transfered to some senior Shivam Agrawal ,he said that i have to pay rs 5575/- for job seeking vidibilty, which i paid and again anothrr link demanding 9558/- was sent. that amount i paid after that he sent another link demanding 16000/ odd amt, which i refused to pay and asked to refund my money ,which he refused saying there is no refund policy ,i had sent him msil also which was not replied. I denied for that Sir i this was not the right way to work . i told him plz refund my money back which i have paid. but that experience of mine was not good . my order id is ( IN20190117-############Rs 5575/-, ############Rs 9558/- and ############for 4696/. plz its my humble request u to refund my money.and i dont want any job from ur side . regards,
Ravi Ramchandran
9425603148 fraud and cheating with customer regarding job and other — fraud and cheating with customer

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amitrekha750 on Dec 19, 2018 Submit a Complaint
I am writing in deep pain and frustration against the way i am being misguided to avail the services of Please note the series of interaction happened.
1. Got call from front end executive that to avail the shine services i have to pay rs 4227. I insisted for complete information but it was not provided and i was kept in dark for upcoming future services payment.
2. After initial payment. I was told to pay another 16197/- education verification for which after lot of deliberation and assurance from mr. Atul that no further but sent another invoice rs.18000/- but not paid these amount.
These merchant not provide the services as per commitment and cheating with the customer, fraud and cheating with me. Fake job offer and fraud of depositing money around 91400

Sir, i have uploaded my resume at once i received call from shine to update resume and asking some rupee. i transected 1500+5500+11800+24800+24800+23000 = 91400 by instruction of shine executive. I have all call details of that person. phone number, bank account, transaction details and transaction proof. kindly help me sir. otherwise ill suicide. my contact number 7838923842 Shine. Com refund my 1,60,000 services not satisfied

Dt 06-09-2018

I. C. Jayapal Reddy from Hyderabad I paid 1,60,000 deferent purpose to shine. Com , I received service only Reistration, Resume writing .
I received service after registration, April 2017 only Resume writing, , LinkedIn, profile preparation collected around 11,000 I received only such service, other services not received. such as V skills course, job search, job links not provided, not a single job interview attended, only once job links provided, no service thereafter, 1,10,000 refundable security deposit amount was converted as invoices for certificate courses which I did not make such payment for such purposes.
I was informed that shine. Com provide interview coaching , v skills course and also do job search on my behalf and quick jobs can get in MNC companies.

I was informed that Mr. Atulkumar and Mr. Maheep executives who interacted with me through phone and e mail and informed me that they have ready jobs for me and need to provide refundable security deposit, refundable 1/3 in 4th month and 1/3 in 5th month 1/3 in 6th month, and my job is ready my resume was accepted. But after receiving payment 1,10,000 (55,000+55,000) thereafter raising new certificate courses required , I refuse to undergo such courses, but invoices were raised in such certificate courses, which I didn’t paid amount, I paid as informed me as a refundable security deposit.
I raise several times this issue to customer service department discuss over phone with shobha Kashyap Customer service executive but customer service department is believed working infavor of company staff despite complete knowledge of facts and information, through several emails.
I sent several emails to shine. Com and complaince department also, I always received routine reply I paid for deferent services, as per shine. Com records only, 1,50,000 ( v skills, job search not done except sending two books worth less than 1,000 , and refundable security deposit collected 1,10,000 but raised deferent invoices as paid for certificate courses, which was false invoices, not acceptable. Entire money I make payment through SBI credit cards
I placed phone recording conversation to shine. Com compliance department and customer service department, regarding the misleading information by shine. Com, more than a month there is refund of my money 1,60,000
The only satisfactory information from shine. Com is some response to my complaint to compliance department and customer service department but did not refunded my amount,
Shine. Com is having accountability of staff intentionally misguided and false information provided to me collected money from me on behalf of shine. Com and credited in shine. Com account or Hindustan Times Media account


I request to shine. Com management and customer service department to refund my 1,60,000 without delay pay immediately.
Thanking you

C. Jayapal Reddy
9573093627 4 Hours Back Amount taken now they people are saying we will not help till the time you take other services.


4 Hours Back Amount taken now they people are saying we will not help till the time you take other services.
They have taken around 5k and now they want more 8k for job assistance. Actually they are making fools to people.
I had already told to you and your senior i should not been asked for any other service to take after taking this service but again Pooja from shine has sent me an email saying that to purchase again a new service otherwise you will not receive any interview call or you will be given service.
Also, when i talked to her senior he also says the same thing.
If this is only the case then why you guys have lied me and if you are not that much capable to check the candidate profile then please don’t lie to the people only to have money from them.
Attached is the email which has been received from her.

I have all the call recordings with me who has said what. You guys are actually making a fool to people with all your false statements..
It is very simple i need my full amount to be reversed back according to your company policy.
If i am not getting any response from you guys with in 2 working days then forcefully i have to take this issue further with authorities.
Date Happened: 31 March 2017
Services Taken : Job Assistance

Resolution : Want my money back to my account.

4 Hours Back Amount taken now they people are saying we will not help till the time you take other services. 4 Hours Back Amount taken now they people are saying we will not help till the time you take other services. WANT MY MONEY BACK —

I would like to start discuss how I am cheated by ( {Recruitment}/ )
On 22-04-2017 I got a call from the no- 07838999713 / 8742944698 from Meenakshi ,George Mathew and Gaurav Mishra . They told that they are calling from Shine .com on the behalf of registered with As request they told company Pofileboost UAE recruiter interested in me and for that I have to registered first in They said that I have to make one time payment of Rs. 3103.85/-. They also said after verification this amount will be refunded to me by the profile boost in 24 hrs. Amount of Rs.3103.85 is already deducted from my bank account and now they are forcing me to pay more payment of Rs 8,000 , which I denied to pay, they are saying if i don’t pay more amount they don’t give my 3103.85/- rs back, nor I’ll get any call for the interview. Two days are passed neither i have received any job call nor my amount back, now they are not responding properly. I din know that its spam. Its completely trap, they fooled me. I blin! dly provided the same. But later realised that its all fraud business.
If possible please call me-09968687565 / [email protected] Please help me to get my hard earned money back. Taken Money by Misguiding by

Dear Sir,

I have received a call from Ms Preeti (Mob: 8368682636, from on dated: 23-Jan-2018 @ 10:50 AM. She told me to make one Time (and Single) payment of Rs 4,227/- for registration at for Life time on account of providing me platform for better Job opportunity. At 1st Instant, I had denied to register for the same, but on her instant/ promotion, I got convinced to make the payment of Rs 4,227/- as it was only one Single payment & was for life time.
She sent me a Proforma invoice with payment link from the E-mail [email protected] @ 11:01:55 AM for “Improved Visibility Package”. I made the online payment & received Payment invoice @ 11:05:30 AM in mail’s body from same mail Id with transactionID-IN2018123_80652_112047.
Then I received a mail from [email protected] @ 11:06 AM requesting me for sending a few details like Full Name, Number, E-mail, DOB, Resume, Designation, Address, Transaction ID etc. I replied back to the mail with required details @ 11:16 AM. Ms Preeti called me & told that provide an official to every registered candidate of the organization and asked that I will receive a call from a manager/ personnel of the shine firm in a few minutes.
I received a call from Mr. Ranjan (Mob: 9871277379, official/ Manager of @ 11:24 AM. He asked my requirement for the Job & also asked a few details, which I provided to him. During the call, he told that for further process, I will have to make a payment of Rs 6,101/-. I told him Mr. Ranjan to transfer the call to Ms Preeti and he did the same. I asked Ms Preeti that you told me to make a single payment of Rs 4,227/- for life time registration, then why another payment had to be made; and refused to pay the same. She tried to convince me, but I denied to make any further payments. Then she told that for creating good platform, it is required to pay a few charges. Finally, I was convinced and asked her that what amount I have to pay, tell me in totality at a single time. She confirmed that this is the only charges I have to make further.
Then I asked Mr. Ranjan to send me the payment link. He sent the link again from [email protected] @ 11:43:52 AM for “Job Profile verification Plus Package”. I made online payment from credit card & then received payment invoice @ 11:51:20 AM in mail’s body from same mail Id with transaction ID IN2018123_80677_120632 & another mail from [email protected] for same payment invoice @ 11:51:18 AM.
After making above payment, I received another link of Rs 10,259/- from [email protected] @ 11:52:10 AM for “Education Verification plus Package”. I called Mr. Ranjan for asking about the payment link. He told that there are 2 verification, you have to complete both. As I did not have another option, I made the payment online from credit card & received Payment invoice @ 11:55:34 AM in mail’s body from mail Id [email protected] with transaction ID IN2018123_80688_121104.
After making the payment, I received another link of Rs 13,995/- from same mail Id @ 11:59:46 AM for “Issue Focussed Negotiation”. I told him that I didn’t have the money to make another payment. To this, Mr. Ranjan said that I have to invariably make the payment within 2-3 hrs, as otherwise they would not be able to process my files. I got confused from the same and called Mr. Ranjan. He told that there were 2 verifications & 1st verification was having 2 parts and whichever payment was made by me (Rs 6101 & Rs 10259) were for the first part only. I had already spent Rs 20,587/-, so having no other option as I was totally stuck up in the mess (as otherwise the previous payments made by me would also have gone lost), I had to pay the same online & received Payment invoice @ 1:00:52 PM in mail’s body from same mail Id with transition ID IN2018123_80693_131605.

Thereafter, I received yet another payment link of Rs 18,998/- from the E mail id [email protected] @ 1:01:38 PM for “Management Essentials”. By this time, I had realized that I was completely trapped and this was a never ending process as I kept on receiving one link after the other just after having finished making the payment for the previous. I got very upset, angry and annoyed. I called Mr. Ranjan @ 1:33 PM & told that you are only sending payment links, but no action had been taken for providing me any type of service. You have taken Rs 34,582/- within 2-3 hrs in one single day but I could not find any action from your end. Therefore I required my all money back & don’t need any updation in resume/ service etc. He told me that the money could not be refunded as they had already processed my resume.
After that, Mr Ranjan again called me on 25th January 2018 one more time. This, after he had initially told me that the payment had to be compulsorily made within 2-3 hrs. I asked him to refund the money, but he refused.
I have recording of all the call as a proof.

You are requested to take necessary action & arrange to provide me my money back. Shine job portal company received 2500 Rs as a interview security for HDFC bank

Dear sir I PAVAN KUMAR PM from Mysore, one job portal company shine , they have received 2500 Rs as interview security with HDFC Bank for Operation Manager post and they said that amount is for only interview security and that amount will be refund so I paid through internet banking. They again asking for 6000 Rs for documents verification but they didn’t mention about 6000 and further process, so that means they intentionally cheated me. So I asked them to return my money of 2500 Rs but they are not ready to give. They are also cheating to other candidates also So please accept my complaint and take action against them, for further process I have documents like mail copy and recording clips of them… Regards
Mob: 7406903588