Shopping Zone Bobbin winder not working


I ordered mini Sewing machine in shopping zone on July. I received the machine and checked while it is working or not along with the thread and bobbin which is already comes with the machine. Then I am not using the machine.
Today I tried stitch a cloth and start to roll the thread in bobbin with the bobbin winder. It just slips off and not getting the thread in bobbin.
The company advertise that all the product has 6 month warranty. Please help me to replace the product. Hope you will reply soon.
Preethi N

Shopping Zone Refusing to exchange damaged set chudithaars


I have ordered chudithaar sets through shopping Zone. Once I received a parcel from them I seen that the materials are not cotton as they telecasted in channels.i have paid material cost and courier charges. Then I called their number and asked for exchange. They done the exchange but this time when I Stitched and weared the material. It got damaged within a day and very worst. All the materials are damaging if we pull in hand. Then I called them asking exchange for other material but they asking to send the material in advance buy paying courier charge our own and after one week they will try to change..why they are not exchanging the material as per policy that they showing in ads.
Material cost – 1300
1st time Courier cost – 400
2nd time courier – 400

Registered mobile number – 9994313020