Sithalapakkam Panchayat Garbage Dump opposite to Rajparis Apartment

Dear Sir / Madam,

Even after multiple case filed and we had a court order as not to dump the garbage opposite to Apartment and in the lake. But even now the dumping is happening and we do have photo evidence. Now they are getting burnt and unable to be inside the house as lot of toxic fumes coming inside the house. Kindly don’t dump and we should oblige court order. Thanks

Sithalapakkam Panchayat Panchayat water issue

Name : Vijay
Address: Sithalapkkam TNHB colony, No.811 7th Main Road
Subject: Panchayat metro water no supply.

Panchayat water is illegally taken by many house though direct motor connection and lower pipepline .directly connected to water tanks because of this many houses in my row not receiving metro water through line.

Please inspect and take necessary action.

Sithalapakkam Panchayat Drainage leakage

Dear sir,
During the 5 days of my street is very suffering to drainage problem.From Near samaritan school ,TNHB colony sithalapakkam, chennai 600126. . people no body did not taken any action and people was suffering few days.. i don’t know what do next. please reply me i will wait for your is attached Thank you.