SKODA AUTO INDIA PVT. LTD Skoda Superb Infotainement system

I have recently purchased the Skoda Superb L&K TSI on 8th Feb 2019. My car is still on the temp number plate and the car’s infotainment system has started giving problems.
Most, if not all times, whenever I start my car, the infotainment system turns on and connects to my phone but I am unable to hear music or phone calls. The system shows that the music is playing or the call is in progress but I cannot hear it (volume turned up) whether just the music or the phone cal. I disconnect my phone and tried to play the radio, it selects whichever channel I want, but yet again I cannot hear anything.

I have to switch off the infotainment system of the car repeatedly, several times and then it starts working.

At first, I thought it was a random, seldom error, however it has become a frequent habit of this car.

Its SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT that after paying such a price for this car, with less than a month of this new car, I have to face this. God only knows what I dare expect after 6 months, a year or two.

Also, the L&K door silt logo came with some defect. There is a print defect of some sort on it. (this is the logo that is on the car floor and can be seen when you open the door. )

Nick Mehta

SKODA AUTO INDIA PVT. LTD service dealership fraud

Its was my mistake that i bought a skoda rapid around 2 years back which i had never thought that a german brand has so poor quality of their products that every year after service that your car battery has to be changed as the car has to be jumped start, within 45000 kms the steering rack and suspension has to be replaced . it feels like i have been cheated by the dealers or the company and just to get their good rating then they will send free gifts . i got my car services last week and i complained about some noise at steering end so they said this has to be replaced under warranty then they said your suspension also has to be replaced then they said right side shocker is also leak and when i argued with them that that shocker should also be covered under warranty then they said no sir it is ok and it will work properly but for the suspension work u will be charged and i approved it. Then after some time they called me and said that sir your car is ready but your car batt!
ery is not working it has to be replaced and you have to make the payment for the same as their was no problem at all in battery they are just making fool the me . it seems like service dealers are only doing frauds with customers by just replacing perfectly working car parts with some other used or faulty parts and put the blame on customer or skoda itself that what can we do in this case we are helpless but it is our duty to let you know about the fault and on other hand you have no other choice to get the problem solved so u have to pay for the parts and the labor charges .