Skyking Courier No delivery of documents

Respected sir,
I have booked a courier of Skyking(details below) on 21st March, 2020 from Daltonganj, Jharkhand. It was an important document. They have assured that the shipment will go to destination (Mumbai – 400016) without fail, though corona was spread. On checking the consignment no, when I saw no information is being provided I have called Piyush Tulsyan(9334851025), the franchise of Skyking, Daltonganj. He said he didn’t shipped the document and it is lying with him. My question is why he didn’t call me in these 25 days. He abuses me rudely over phone. I know that it is tough to ship anything under these circumstances. But the way he abuses is beyond stand.

Please take necessary action.

Skyking courier :

Consignment no – 394182077(one envelope)
Date of booking – 21-03-2020(Daltonganj, Jharkhand)
From – Swarup Kanrar, Daltonganj
To – Hawkins Cookers Limited
Mumbai – 400016

Skyking Courier Consignment 93252493 lost

The shipment number 93252493 sent from Pune to Airoli was lost by Skyking courier. The status shown is ‘in transit’. When I asked the customer care, they confirmed that the packet is lot and they are unable to trace it.

This is the first time I had sent any courier through Skyking. My experience has been very bad. Their services are not reliable.

– Rahul Apte

Skyking Courier No Delivery Details

I booked a parcel from Raipur to Delhi of doc no 388199354 on july 10th around. When tracked it says parcel is in transit as of today. I called Delhi office, they say they have lost delivery slip they cant do anything. I enquired from reciever, they say they havent recieved. I am lost. Why should i bear the loss due to their silly mistake

Skyking Courier Parcel Not Delivered

My parents sent medicine from Dubrajpur (West Bengal) to Bangalore from this courier service. The parcel was received on 18th April in Bangalore, but still it has not been delivered to me. We have tried following up multiple times, but nothing has been done yet. Everytime we called the customer care they cook up with some new stories.
Sometime they say that phone the courier guy called but I didn’t pick call. HOwever I necer received any call. Other time they say that nobody was at home which is again false.
Contrary to all these, once they told that the area was out of their service zone. Plz help, as the parcel has important medicines which I really need.

Skyking Courier Missing Parcel

I have sent some very urgent documents to the ICICI Lombard Hyderabad office on 4th June 2018 through Skyking courier from the person Daya Sagar, and get the receipt with assurity of the delivery until 6th June 2018. I am tracking the courier from tracking number 375324450 on website since 7th June 2018, but it shows "No Tracking Information Available". I am contacting the person Daya Sagar, but he is also not able to track the parcel, and the parcel is missing since the time. I have confirmed through ICICI Lombard Hyderabad branch where the courier about to reach, but the parcel has not been delivered there till dated. Would you please help me in finding my documents as I cannot arrange the second copy of the sent documents.