SMART CHIP LIMITED NOIDA micro atm is not working properly


MICRO ATM SR NO- 16129WB20037451

ADHAR NO- ############

micro atm is not working properly since today. i have contact toll free no also but the problem is still remains. please help on my contact number 9984179277 .
EMAIL ID- [email protected]


I got massage dated 18/05/2016 on my Mobile No. 9971972074. The massage is that my card will be ready within a 10 days . But till I do not received it.So please convey my regards. Now a days my old CSD smart card block and not work. Please ensure my case and remedies my problem as soon as possible.


I, Col Subodh Garg, SSO , Stn HQ, Uri, IC-43000N. Had applied for canteen smart card this HQ letter No 5505/05/Camp dt 31 Jan 2018 alongwith Bank Draft No 383591 SBI for Rs 270 (Rupees two hundred and seventy only). Resubmitted the same vide this office letter No 5505/05/Campt dt 13 Mar 2018 in response to your office letter No RPMC-SCL/N/Gen10701 dt 26 Feb 2018. It is with concern that I have to Say that despite my Bank Draft being credited in your account for last seven months, I have not been given my Canteen Smart Card. It is now being told by Executive at Srinagar to apply again as previous application is not traceable, this is very unprofessional approach. Not withstanding I am again forwarding my application as desired but I would request that this complaint of mine should be perused by senior Managers/Executives in the helm of affix who can take corrective actions towards resolving the issue and also towards concerned staff who is responsible for causing inconvenienc! e to customers who are asked to pay before the services has been provided.

SMART CHIP LIMITED NOIDA Canteen card not received and message

1. I have applied for ex servicemen canteen card through 11 inf div postal unit on 14 june17. The application SE 1591271 has been forwarded to you on 14 june17
2. My particular as follows : 8431342_A NK Dharmendra kumar Limbachiya DATE OF DISCHARGE : 01 oct2017. My mobile no.7572995408 sir no message received and card not received i am request card despatch to Aps centre kamptee Email address [email protected] 3. The DD no.950448 Amt Rs 270.00 date 13 june17
4. It is requested to despatch the grocery as well as liquor card at the earliest.
5.Thank you for need ful and early action. .
Yours faithfully
Nk Dk Limbachiya

SMART CHIP LIMITED NOIDA Forward of application for canteen smart card no. NE-0596377 march 2018 in r/o JC 668949W sub Hong Lt Ananjay Prasad Yadav

Ref 5014 ASC BN(MT) c/o 56 APO letter No 953/A/ST_12 DT 07 Mar 2018.
sir, I JC 668949W sub (hony LT) Ananjay Prasad Yadav have been retired on 31 may 2018.
Canteen smart card application no NE-0596377 in respect of JC-668949W sub hony Lt AP Yadav was forwarded to your office through IHQ DY DTE general canteen service New Delhi along with draft no.165129 and 165130 DT 06 march 2018 for Rs 260/- .
Approx five months likely to be expired no information have been received till date on my Mob no.9939627921, which is mentioned in an application
Hence it is requested to take prompt action to issue canteen smart card through smart chip ltd noida at the earliest to the individual.
Ananjay Prasad Yadav JC 668949W
Mob no.9939627921 Email – anajayprasadyadav @gmail .com

SMART CHIP LIMITED NOIDA Non receipt of canteen card

Myself NR-19009K Lt Col Laxmi Priya Parida retired w.e.f 31 Aug 2017, applied for canteen card through my last unit AFMC Pune vide Letter no. 3518/C/Est-I dated 24 Aug 2017. Kindly forward the same through address mentioned below.
C/O Principal, CON, AFMC, Pune-411040

Looking for an early response.

My email id- [email protected]
Mobile no. – 9405535780

SMART CHIP LIMITED NOIDA Non receipt of message regarding issue of CSD smart Card

I, MES No. 122433 Pravin Shridhar Ingle, Asst Adm Officer (Retired on 31 Aug 2017) from GE Nasik Road. I was submitted my smart card application on 06 Nov 2017 from CSD Canteen, CWE Deolali 422401 alongwith other staff of this office, All other individuals have received message regarding issue of Smart Card like (S/PUN/61715) in respect of Shri DM Bhalerao, SAA. So far I have niether received any message regarding receipt of application nor received the Card (Grocery Card). So I request you to look into the matter and THE CARD BE ISSUED AT THE EARLIEST. Please intimate me over my MOBILE No. 9422760831.
Thanking you and expecting a line of confirmation.